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Outdoor Education

Scotch College has a comprehensive program of Outdoor Education. The College has excellent resources, with many experienced staff and modern equipment suitable for a wide variety of activities.

From Year 2 to Year 10 Scotch has a camp program that is a compulsory part of the curriculum. There are also a variety of voluntary camps and expeditions offered in holidays. Year 11 and 12 students have the opportunity to take Outdoor Education as a SACE subject at Stage 1 and 2.

Scotch Outdoor Education aims are:

  • To develop independence, self reliance, confidence and social awareness
  • To improve physical and mental health through development of interest in Outdoor Education as a non competitive and individually fulfilling activity
  • To develop skills and knowledge for the safe use of the outdoors
  • To develop a sense of responsibility to others and an awareness of the need for group reliance
  • To develop positive attitudes towards conservation and a sense of stewardship of all Australia's natural environments
  • To develop pre and post camp activities that provide opportunities for integration of studies from the classroom to the outdoors and the outdoors to the classroom

Scotch Environmental Education major aims:

  • To develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation of natural environments
  • To develop positive attitudes and act on knowledge gained about conservation and conservation issues

Junior School

Every Junior School student participates in the Outdoor Education program providing a range of activities and experiences from bushwalking to aquatics. Outdoor Education in the Junior School is integral to the total school curriculum. It focuses on four major areas: 

  • Learning about the outdoors, to be in the outdoors, through the outdoors
  • Enjoyment of the learning process, of the socialisation process with their Homegroup peers
  • Adventure through a wide range of activities related to both the needs and past experiences of the children
  • Safety through acknowledging the need for appropriate adult/student ratios, a safety officer and suitable first aid equipment

"Camps provide a unique opportunity for students to develop relationships with each other and learn more about themselves. Our program offers a progression of experiences as students move through the Junior School."

Reception students venture out of the school grounds on bushwalks, beachwalks and farm visits. The Year 1 students get accustomed to a night away from the comforts of home through involvement in an extended day of fun activities at school. Warrawong Sanctuary provides an exciting tenting experience for the Year 2s with a night walk to see the animals. Year 3 and Year 4 head for the south coast for their camp. Narnu Farm is visited by the Year 3s and the Year 4 classes spend their time at Victor Harbor. Year 5 students visit the Murray river on their two night camping experience. They study the environment and are involved in a number of activities including some aquatic activities, at Wellington. Year 6 experience is aquatics. The camp activities take place at Port Noarlunga Aquatics Centre. Later in the year they also experience a day of sailing at West Lakes Aquatics Centre.

Middle School

Outdoor Education (and Environmental Sciences) in the Middle School offers great challenges and personal rewards to our students.

In just three short years your child can get involved in camping and:

  • surfing at Port Elliot
  • climbing at Morialta Gorge
  • biking on the Mawson Trail
  • sailing and kayaking at Clayton Bay
  • snorkelling the Port Noarlunga Reef
  • caving at the Naracoorte
  • trekking in the Grampians
  • kayaking on the Murray
  • climbing at Mt. Arapiles in Victoria
  • walking in the Flinders Ranges

This program aims to develop:

  • an understanding and appreciation what is required to sustain the natural environment
  • the need for its conservation and preservation and stewardship of the land
  • outdoor living skills so that students can successfully undertake up to 5 day camps with minimum impact upon the natural environment
  • personal resilience
  • a sense of responsibility towards others
  • co-operation and an awareness of the benefits of group cooperation and unity

These exciting adventures await every Middle School student at Scotch!

Senior School

The Goose Island Conservation Park lies to the north of Wardang Island in the Spencer Gulf, 13km from Port Victoria. Each class spends five days on the island. The physical activities include sailing, snorkelling, kayaking and visiting the interesting shipwrecks in the area.

These activities are intended to enable all students to gain a better appreciation of the natural environment in and around the island. Students are expected to be fully involved in all activities and maintenance routines whilst on Goose. Students have the opportunity to learn important marine safety skills and sailing skills.

Goose Island provides all who attend these camps with some significant challenges. It is an inshore island but the passage to the island is exposed to the weather. Students should prepare for glassy seas and hot weather through to rough, windy and cold. Such are the variations of the South Australian spring!

The journey to the island is completed in two Austral 24s, a Yamaha Southwind 22 and the dive boat Achilles16. All students undertake a comprehensive training program in the lead up to each camp, including hands-on opportunities to use the skills required for the successful completion of these camps.

Everyone camps in tents, while the hut has a kitchen, eating/recreation area and store room. Students are put into cooking/cleaning/activities teams taking turns doing the meal preparation for the entire camp group.

Within 100 metres of the island, on White Rocks, lives a small colony of sea lions students can visit by boat. Being a marine sanctuary, snorkellers see much fish life around the island and dolphins are often seen in the area.

The island is an important breeding site for many different types of sea birds, eg. crested terns, fairy terns, pacific gulls, seagulls and oyster catchers, providing a unique opportunity to observe and study these birds in their natural habitat. Of an evening, students come across fairy penguins waddling back to their burrows after fishing trips. The cacophony of sounds from the nearby nesting terns and penguins relentlessly carries on through the night.

Goose is a unique and special place for all students who visit it. It teaches the students not only marine skills, but teaches them about nature, providing them with an invaluable perspective of the natural environment.

This puts them in good stead for the modern world, where environment and progress need to be constantly considered in relation to the decisions we make.

Goose Island is another of the unique and excellent facilities available at Scotch College through the Outdoor Education department.



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