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Wellbeing and Positive Education

At Scotch we believe that education of the whole child involves a mix of traditional and innovative academic instruction for life long learning and the nurturing of the moral, physical, social-emotional and spiritual elements of human development. We maintain that wellbeing is central to learning.

Scotch is committed to Positive Education and applying the principles of positive psychology in all areas of the organization. We are committed to ensuring that all staff and the broader Scotch community also have access to information about positive psychology and its impact on the culture of the school.

A growing body of research supports our belief that we can and must teach skills and provide opportunities that increase positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning in life and accomplishment. Dr Martin Seligman's model is called PERMA.

(P)      Positive Emotion

(E)      Engagement

(R)      Positive Relationships

(M)     Meaning

(A)      Accomplishment

In adopting PERMA we:
  • Improve the wellbeing of our students and staff such that individuals and groups flourish
  • Adopt a comprehensive range of signature positive psychology  practices within the classroom
  • Use a strengths-based approach when working with children, focussing on what is right with them, acknowledging their abilities and taking an interest in their aspirations (see Strengths at Scotch)
  • Motivate our children and help them to improve in school by encouraging them to embrace a love of learning and the resilience to remain optimistic in the face of adversity.
  • Promote the optimal functioning of young people.

Providing opportunities for our students to experience positive emotions such as inspiration, pleasure and peace is important to their wellbeing. So too is a sense of engagement. Students can experience a deep sense of engagement when working on projects that genuinely interest and challenge them, participating in sports and learning new skills. Feeling connected in some way to a cause bigger than oneself and having a sense of purpose is also integral to student wellbeing. So, volunteer work and performing acts of kindness are part of the broad school experience. Finally, accomplishing things in life can contribute to a sense of fulfilment. Scotch values this and encourages its students to achieve in a range of areas and to strive to reach their personal best.

See our FAQ on Wellbeing and Positive Education for more information

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