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Welcome to Scotch 100

Welcome to Scotch 100


Welcome to Scotch 100


Preparations for the Scotch College Centenary have been ongoing for a number of years now, and we are delighted to present to you a collection of events that will celebrate all that Scotch means to every member of our community.

I encourage you to visit the Scotch 100 Event Calendar often to see what we have in store for our community. There are, of course, a number of incredible stories from our Old Collegians both young and old that will captivate you. I also encourage everyone to scroll through a brief timeline of Scotch's magnificent history and key events that have helped shape who we are today.
We do not see these Centenary events as simply an opportunity to look back. We believe that 2019 is a chance to launch our College into its next century as a thought leader and high impact player on the education scene.
Therefore not only will we celebrate all the many aspects of Scotch life over the years, but we will also look ahead so that the next 100 years are as glittering and meaningful as the last.
I am most grateful to Andrew Saies for his commitment and hard work to make 2019 both memorable and inspirational. His dedication as Chair of the hard working and imaginative Scotch 100 Implementation Committee has been relentless so that we make these many events work for you.
You will be most welcome back to every event we put on. Come and enjoy the memories, but also be inspired as we reveal more about how we are moving Scotch’s educational provision to another level so we begin our next 100 years with confidence.

Dr John Newton



Scotch's 100 year milestone is a fitting time to reflect on the history of the College and celebrate its evolution into the highly respected, dynamic, and socially relevant educational institution that it is today.

In 1919, in the aftermath of WW1, benefactors and elders within the Presbyterian Church in South Australia came together to fund a new school that would be a memorial to the "Sons of Scotland" who lost their lives in the great war. The school motto of Knowledge, Humanity and Religion made for a solid foundation for the the school that would become Scotch College. Since its establishment, Scotch has been at the forefront of educational innovation, building fierce loyalty and a strong community between students, parents and teachers, both during and beyond their school years.

Scotch has been co-educational since 1972, a decision that launched a new era in educational practices, helping to foster gender equality and inclusivity to meet the rapidly changing needs and demands of society. The College of 2019 is vastly different to its humble Kyre College beginnings of 1919, but like those before them, Scotch's leaders continue to look forward and outward, striving to educate and challenge students in preparation for the new world in which they will live and work.

Our Scotch 100 Committee has planned a program for 2019 that both commemorates our past and celebrates our present. We will recall memories and share stories. We will showcase the College, its staff and students, and some of the amazing things that happen here. We will get a glimpse at what some of the next century of Scotch might look like. 

The unveiling of two commissioned sculptures, Scotch 100 Festival, Centenary Gala Dinner, Business Leaders Breakfast and Student Educational Forum make up the key events of 2019. Our entire community is welcome and encouraged to attend all of these functions and join with us in celebrating Scotch College. More details about each of the Centenary events can be found here. I look forward to joining you all in the celebrations.

Dr Andrew Saies ('74)
Chairman of Scotch 100 Committee

100 Years of Scotch

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