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09:15AM 09 March
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09:00AM 22 March
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05:00PM 26 March
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Scotch: ConnectED

Scotch: ConnectED

Our Virtual Campus

Scotch: ConnectED

Our Virtual Campus

Welcome to Scotch: ConnectED, our online education framework.

Wellbeing is at the very heart of what we do. We know that regardless of where and how learning takes place we need to deliver quality and value to a high level.

We believe our students, whether online or on campus, whether in term or out of term, whether indeed at Scotch or heading into university and adulthood, need to be Scotch FIT: academically FIT, physically FIT, psychologically FIT, socially FIT.

An exceptional educational experience informed by the core goals of Scotch FIT creates belonging, celebrates identity and provides purpose to our students and our staff. The leaders of tomorrow deserve the best education today.

Scotch: ConnectED is our virtual campus. It is an area where Scotch students and staff come together to fulfil this great Scotch educational mission. Our teaching and support staff have experience born out of a 25 year journey of innovation and use of the most apt technologies. We are ready to go.

We know that students require a sophisticated and engaging learning environment to achieve numerous educational outcomes. We just don’t deliver a curriculum at Scotch; we nurture an exceptional educational life and we have committed to do this if physically at school or learning away from the campus. We are preparing students for the world of tomorrow, that is now with us today. There is a change in how we will do education and we are riding the crest of the wave. 

We know the key to success for the Scotch community is the ability of our staff to know the whole child. Our Scotch: ConnectED experience creates the gold standard in opportunities for our staff to work with students in an all-encompassing manner. 

Visit (coming soon) for a comprehensive look at Scotch: Connected, including a wealth of resources to assist parents at home to support their children's learning.

Visit Scotch: ConnectED


ConnectED Parents

Our partnership is vital for your child to thrive in the online learning environment. 

The technology that supports teaching and learning also provides a valuable tool for keeping children connected with each other, and keeping you connected with their learning, their teachers and the wider Scotch community. Our teachers will remain responsible for the teaching and learning and your role is to assist us by creating an ideal learning environment at home. Your level of involvement will depend on the year level of your child and the level of independence and autonomy they have as a learner. Visit via the red button above to learn more and find a wealth of resources and helpful information to assist your child's remote learning.


How will Scotch communicate with you?

Our primary methods of communicating with families regarding updates to the school educational provision and arrangements will be through enews, email, SMS or SeeSaw. Please be sure to update your details to ensure we have your correct email address on file, and if it is applicable to you, please ensure you have downloaded and can access SeeSaw (Mitcham Campus/ELC).


Together we thrive

In response to this period of isolation, we have created a private, closed Facebook Group group to allow Scotchies to connect, support and offer their services to one another. Scotch is a wonderful community and we'd like to continue supporting all of you in as many ways as we can; we won't let social distancing get in the way of friendship, support and Scotchie love! You are all encouraged to invite fellow Scotchies to join the group, and share details about your business or how you're coping!

Visit the Scotch Community Facebook Group


The Scotch community is amazing, supportive and resilient. We expect the next several months to be a great challenge, but one that sees us emerge stronger and united.


John Newton

Early Learning

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