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Pathways to a Healthy Mind: Year 8 Parent Workshop


26 July 2018

Pathways to a Healthy Mind: Year 8 Parent Workshop

26 July, 2018
6:30 pm

Scotch College is proud to host the ‘Pathways to a Healthy Mind’ session with Clinical Psychologist Dr Tom Nehmy. The session outlines skills and strategies that parents can employ to instil the habits of a healthy mind early, and set them on the path to a fulfilling and successful future.

Suitable for Year 8 parents and based on over 15 years of research and clinical experience with children, adolescents and adults, the workshop will cover the following key concepts:

What resilience is, and how parents and teachers can help children cultivate it;
The purpose and function of emotions, and how they affect behaviour;
How to deal with unhelpful emotional impulses;
How perfectionism can impede our achievement, and what to do about it;
The keys to preventing depression, anxiety, and eating disorders in young people; and
Self-compassion - a powerful practice that is vastly more important than self-esteem.

Parents will leave with a broad overview of the key ingredients to mental health and resilience in children, as well as some practical ideas for how to put these concepts into practice.


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