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Junior School Tour (T1W04 2021)
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09:15AM 03 March
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Junior School Tour (T1W08 2021)
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It Takes Two

It Takes Two

Scotch & You: Annual Appeal 2020

It Takes Two

Scotch & You: Annual Appeal 2020

The College is committed to providing students with opportunities to grow and develop skills necessary for their future. However, the reality is that Scotch cannot thrive on fees alone. That is why your donations are so important. 

Every year, Scotch reaches out to its community to consider supporting an immediate facility upgrade, or to help continue to grow the much-needed scholarship fund, via the Annual Appeal. But these are not normal times. For some in our community, these difficult times have thrust them into a range of economic challenges and financial pressures.


It Takes Two: Scotch & You

Helping One Another Is What We Do.

At Scotch, we have always been committed to supporting those in need. Today, we are doing everything we can to minimise the impact of summer's bushfires and COVID-19 on our families.


2020 Annual Appeal Options

Option 1 // Donate to help keep students at Scotch: The College has already set aside extra funds this year to help students families struggling, through no fault of their own, to pay fees. Donations of ANY amount to the 2020 Bursary Fund will supplement the College’s fund and provide fixed short-term help to those in our community who need it to keep their kids at Scotch. Please note that donations towards our 2020 Bursary Fund are not tax-deductible as it does not meet ATO requirements. However it will have an immediate impact and help a Scotch family remain part of our community.

Option 2 // The Scholarship Endowment Fund: A donation to support scholarships continues to be tax deductible and helps the College provide access to a Scotch education and excellence and diversity to our student body. As we all know, a Scotch education can change a life, and scholarships are the most direct way of doing that.

Option 3 // The Building Fund: A donation to the College’s building Fund is also tax deductible and helps us improve our facilities and infrastructure. This is appealing to those who want to support something tangible and long lasting or have benefitted from some of our recent campus upgrades.

Your gift, no matter how big or small, is very much welcome and deeply appreciated.


Donate Now



We Couldn't Have Done It Without You.

Your gift, whatever the size, does indeed help Scotch, and makes a very real difference. Across the Mitcham and Torrens Park campuses, funds donated through past Annual Appeals have allowed for critical building maintenance, renovated classrooms, upgraded educational facilities, additional resources, and supported further scholarships.  

Thanks to our generous community the following projects have been achieved: 

  • 2013: Equipping Junior School science labs
  • 2014: Upgrading the canteen facilities and scholarships
  • 2015: Upgrading the Fisher Chapel and lecture theatre multimedia facilities and the Oughton Family Scholarship
  • 2016: Redevelopment of the Prescott Courtyard and scholarship
  • 2017: The Future Skill Farm Centre ($140K raised and set aside in the Foundation and to be spent in this project) and scholarships
  • 2018: Extending the project scope for the Future Skills Centre and scholarships.
  • 2019: The Centenary Plaza, an amazing space for mindfulness, collaboration, and two Centenary Scholarships


Director of Philanthropy
Abhra Bhattacharjee

Take a Seat for the Team

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