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101 Not Out


4 September 2020

101 Not Out

101 Not Out

Today we celebrated Founders Day across the College and what a tremendous day we have had! Representatives of the Caledonian Corp piped us into assemblies on both campuses and led the parade of Year 6 & 12 students from from Mitcham to Torrens Park campus – a symbolic welcome to our Class of 2026 as our Class of 2020 prepare to finish their time at the College. 

The assembly featured our Symphonic Band who accompanied us in Advance Australia Fair the College Song and a superb performance of Cold Play’s Atlas.

We had five guest presentations with a provocative oration on the theme of “He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” from Dr Newton. Professor Ian Reid (Head of School for Computing Science at Adelaide University), gave us a remarkable insight into where innovative technologies may be taking us in the future and celebrated the work of his team. We are privileged to have such talented people in our community willing to share their work and open our eyes to what is an amazing future world. 

Hamish Archibald (President of the Old Collegians), shared with us an inspiring dialogue on Hopes for the Future from a parent and community member perspective. His hopes that Campbell would win the annual Tug-o-War were sadly dashed as Gordon (SS) and Douglas (MS) took home the silverware. Finally, our Year 6 SRC Leaders Zeze Sawers and Aiden Hooper gave a very engaging and humorous set of predictions about reimagining Scotch. Their proposal for no homework was warmly received by the student body. Copies of these presentations will be made available next week.

DSC_2364.jpgA significant part of the ceremony was the launch of the Class of 2020 Time Capsule. Our College Captains Hugo and Kristen have been busy pulling together artefacts to be stored in the Old College Safe. This grand old antique is to be moved into the foyer of Torrens Park House and will contain the wide array of materials collected including Scotch paraphernalia, current publications, Scotch wine (will be interesting to see that cellar for 30 years), student reflections and artwork plus a few surprises that Natalie Felkl and myself have put together. The key to the Safe Time Capsule will be buried in a short ceremony later this term outside Torrens Park House.

Today was also an opportunity to acknowledge the work of our Grounds team in finishing two significant living memorials within our grounds in recognition of our proud association with the armed forces. Being a school founded in honour of the Sons of Scotland who fell during the Great War, it is right that on such an auspicious occasion we acknowledge this connection. Mat Guerin as Head of the Student Action Environment and Sustainability Team presented to us an insight into the planting of the pine trees in the new East Lane Car Park which acknowledge those who have served Australia in Conflicts and Peace Keeping missions since the end of World War 2. This was one of the final projects championed by the late Peter Trumble (’44). The other significant project has been the renovation of the Cross of Remembrance in front of Torrens Park House. You can read more on these two significant pieces of College history this eNews.

Tracey Wallace our Service Learning Coordinator closed our assembly with these wise words:

When we look around us, we see a world in which digital is now woven into the fabric of our lives. With technology rapidly changing the employment landscape, Scotchies need to further develop skills that will always be required like teamwork, critical thinking, communication and interpersonal intelligence. These skills will be imperative to allow you to collaborate with your colleagues, say in Zurich or at the University of Adelaide. In a world where change is constant and shifts occur instantly, we can no longer accurately predict the future, but instead must rehearse it. At the same time, it’s a world where we can imagine, create and enable like never before.

The vision of education should be futures-focused and prize flexibility, adaptability, collaboration, agility and most importantly kindness. Our vision for Scotch, as we embark on our next century, is certainly futures-focused! You’re in a GOOD place.

Have a fabulous long weekend and enjoy the celebration of Fathers Day. I know Dr Newton is having a well-deserved mini break and it was wonderful to have Happy Birthday sung to him on no less than 3 occasions today by combined voices of over 1,200!

The second to last round of sport for this winter season this week. All the best to our teams. Let’s hope they follow in the footsteps of our Debaters with currently two teams through to finals and our State Knockout Netballers with 4 teams through to State Finals. Scotches are weaving their magic! 



The Launch of a Time Capsule

Speech by Hugo Walter and Kristen Nunan (2020 College Captains)

H On the topic of special birthdays, it is also a very special year 12 student’s birthday today. So, Liam Cameron, can you please stand whilst we sing you a big happy birthday. 

K: 2020 was a monumental year filled with many unprecedented times. As we come to the conclusion of the year, it is important that we reflect on the many highs and lows that defined 2020. But how do we capture feelings that accompany such an unforeseen year? To commemorate the beginning of our second century, we have gathered items unique to our culture and to the moments of this year to be placed in a time capsule. In addition to fundamental scotch items, we have also captured the feelings and emotions of this year through letters and surveys from the year 12 cohort. These memories are a vital snapshot of life in 2020 and will pave the way for reflection in 30 years time. 

H: We must ask why a time capsule is important to incorporate into our history. Time capsules serve as a great way of reflecting on the past to see how far not only technology has evolved, but also the College and society. 30 years ago Nintendo sold their first Game Boy, Nelson Mandela was released from prison in South Africa, and East and West Germany were reunited after the collapse of the Soviet Union. When we look at the progress made in the last 30 years, it prompts us to look to the future and think what the next 30 may entail. Currently, there is a capsule buried in the Webb Science quad, which will be opened by the graduating class of 2025, so for the current year 7 students when you’re in year 12, you will be fortunate enough to open it.   

K: Hugo and I, alongside Nat and Mr Bennett, have had the privilege of putting together this time capsule capturing the unique year of 2020. The capsule will be enclosed in a safe gifted by the development office with it being put on display in the foyer of Torrens Park House for all students and guests of the College to see. A key to the safe will be buried directly outside of Dr Newton's office in a silver cylinder as you can see up here on the platform. This key will then be uncovered in 30 years’ time, where it will be used to open the safe located in Torrens Park House, unveiling the items we have chosen to place in the capsule. We have tried as much as we can to include items featuring the unique perspectives of year 12s as well as other items unique to the year of 2020.

H: Items in the capsule will include art pieces completed by junior school students, who were asked to either capture the year of 2020 in an art piece or draw what the school would look like in 30 years’ time. Questions from current students in year 6, 9 and 12 will be asked to students at the college in 2050, most of which involve how students learn, play sport and travel to school. Individual insights from almost 60 year 12 students will be included in the capsule about the year of 2020 as well as some short predictions about the future, along with a video made by Callum McPherson capturing the year. Some current scotch merchandise will also be included in the capsule such as the centenary football, rowing hats and picnic rugs, along with the 2019 Cluaran, 100 Year book, the 90 Year centenary year book, and the latest editions of the Scotch Reports. Photos captured by students will be in the capsule along with the newly developed scotch puzzle, as well as some red wine that was recently bottled by the year 12 Ag students in 2019 and the latest 2020 vintage. We have also been told by Nat and Mr Bennett that they will sneak some surprise items in the time capsule, of which we are obviously unaware of, so they will come out as a surprise to everyone.

K: Please take the time to look at the safe in Torrens Park House when you get the moment to, it should be on display by the end of the term, as well as the plaque outside Dr Newton's office containing the key. Thank you.