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24 Hours at Scotch


7 March 2019

24 Hours at Scotch

24 Hours at Scotch

Last Night

Now in its fourth year, the 9@Scotch program continues to evolve. The significant changes for the program this year are that

  • Students will now remain with the same teacher for each topic, permitting greater collaboration and the opportunity for all classes to be covering the same topics at the same time
  • Entrepreneurship will include a larger focus on Social Entrepreneurship, consistent with the College’s increasing focus on the Service Learning pillar of the Live Well program.
  • Intercultural Awareness will be referred to as Global Responsibility to align with the Live Well program
  • A presentation element at the culmination of the program to visually demonstrate the growth from Term 1 to Term 4. 

A final addition is to incorporate greater interaction with Parents and Caregivers. Last night working with the Rites of Passage team Shawn Kasbergen and Geogria Bradford hosted a wonderful event on campus. We know that the progression into young adulthood is the result of guidance, mentoring and a great many conversations. Last night was a tremendous success as we created this unique opportunity for parents to gain insight into the hopes, desires, and issues currently faced by their teens. At the same time, the teens learnt of the hopes and concerns of their parents.



I received today this email from a staff member, our Head of Humanities, Mr David Albano. I decided to share because it is a feel-good story and we should all feel good at some stage today…

We took the Year 9 Humanities class to Rundle Mall today and I had three complete strangers comment directly to me about how impressed they were with the behaviour of our students. I was particularly impressed by students giving up their seats for older passengers.

I also bumped into two students from last year. One of them actually teared up talking about how much of a difference Scotch and the teachers made in her life. She said before coming to Scotch she had no vision of completing Year 12 and now she was in first year Uni and had travelled to India on her own. She has transformed from a child with no self-confidence and little self-worth to a confident and respectful young person.  

At the end of the conversation I reached out to shake hands, but both pushed the hand aside, gave me giant hugs, and kept saying thank you. I am going home this weekend with a renewed sense of just how amazing we are as a school. 



Friday is a College closure day and students will not be attending school. It is a one-off timely event to recognise the preparations for the Scotch 100 Festival and an extended and welcome midterm break. We have certainly crammed a lot in over the last six weeks. 

Please note that ALL students and staff will be at school on Saturday 6 April.

This promises to be a tremendous community event where we celebrate all that makes our DNA as a school unique and distinctive. Planning is well underway and soon students will start hearing about their role in the day and the ways in which they may contribute. We won’t have a job for everyone, but we will have a space. I have had the privilege of a sneak peek of the sound and light show and I know no one will want to miss what is going to be a spectacular presentation! 

Have a wonderful long weekend and we look forward to seeing you at the Athletics carnival next Friday.


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