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99 Years


7 September 2018

99 Years

99 Years

Studying history is important because it enables us to understand the past and in turn we are able to make better sense of the present and future. At today’s Founders Day assembly, we were given a range of history lessons with the centre piece being a focus on the History of the House system.

Our College Captains, Esther and Hudson, narrated a fantastic animation put together by our Media teacher, Mr Michael Roberts. Through their recount they explored the impacts of Principal’s, educational trends and significant global events over the last 99 years which have shaped the structure of our House system (embedded below). Our current Senior and Middle School House Captains also recorded a short presentation of what makes our current system special. However, the purpose of the assembly was much more than this review.

In coming together our focus for the day was the importance of “Belonging to a community”.

The Year 12’s walked the Year 6 students up to TPC from their campus and formed a guard of honour alongside the Caledonian pipers as the Year 6 students entered. All students and staff from our campus and the Old Collegians from 50 years plus who joined us were also piped in.

Andrea Merrylees (’77) was our guest speaker and shared a moving story about identity and community. The daughter of a refugee, Andrea shared the journey of finding out about his native Hungary (on bike!) and making sense of her childhood. Andrea also acknowledged that as a proud recipient of a scholarship she had gained much form her time at Scotch and this enabled her success in her life. She also highlighted the importance of paying it forward and has maintained her connection with her school to do just that.

Jeremy Levinson, current parent and farmer, gave a presentation on the importance of helping others as part of the Scotch No Rain: Ease the Pain campaign to raise funds for drought-stricken farmers. We had the Symphonic Band perform Red and accompany us in a rousing rendition of the College song, Amazing Grace was sung by the Year 5/6 Choir and we even had a Highland Fling. Days like today are about celebrating the best of Scotch and all we offer each other and our community. We even had a sneak peek into what the Scotch100 Festival will be like!

Last week I had the pleasure of leading our Year 11 students through their Emerging Leaders program. A great week was had by all and I am very impressed with the calibre of the Class of 2019. A significant change they requested for next year was to have Vice Captains appointed to help share the load of the Captain role and develop the opportunities for the year level during the Centenary. I know they will lead our College with distinction.

Year 12 have completed their trial examinations and now hit the final stretch of assessment and prep for the real thing in November. There will be a mail out to parents of Year 12 next week regarding arrangements for the start of next term and farewell celebrations. Year 7 have been spending time Kuarna Elder Tamaru on a Kaurna Cultural Adventure, beginning the day at Scotch exploring the history of the Kuarna, followed by exploration of the Warraparinga wetlands and the Tjilbruke trail.

Our Symphonic and Stage bands have performed well in the ABODA Bands competition at Westminster and you can see them this coming Tuesday at Sounds of Scotch in the Chapel commencing at 6.30pm.

As usual I could write an essay about what has been offer at Scotch over the last two weeks, but I refrain – life is wonderful, and the spring is glorious!

Have a fantastic weekend.


That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!