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Academic Matters: Term 1 Week 2


10 February 2019

Academic Matters: Term 1 Week 2

Academic Matters: Term 1 Week 2

We have started the year celebrating the achievements of our 2018 cohort, with forty-eight students inducted to the Scotch90 Club. A fantastic achievement. Our students have chosen a variety of pathways including: Psychology, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Podiatry, Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, OptometryMedicine, Engineering, Commerce and Agriculture, as well as those who have opted for a gap year in readiness for 2020 and beyond. 

Our current Year 12s have started the year very well with seven students receiving merits last year. In talking to the year 12s on Wednesday they were reminded that they set the tone for the school and that all students look to them as the leaders. Over the next few weeks the Careers Counsellors will be asking students to provide them with information about possible career paths and I will be meeting with all students to go over their goals and work out predicted ATARs if needed, for courses. 

During the holidays, I heard Alexandra Smith on the radio – she is the Education Editor with the Sydney Morning Herald and she was talking about her new book “If you want to blitz your year 12 exams read this book”. She has some really practical advice and suggestions around setting up for success, life essentials, social life, study habits and techniques, prep for tests and exams as well as advice for parents. We have a copy in the library or if interested then click here

We continue to prepare all of our students to be successful when they are studying and have once again engaged the services of Elevate Education. This is to complement what our teachers do in the classroom. Sessions will be held for Year 7 and 8 starting on Monday February 11. For more information please click here.


The SACE and Electronic Assessment

In 2018, Year 12 English Literary Studies was the first examination conducted online.  This year Psychology and Modern History will have examinations also online. Students in English have been submitting their examinations online through SEQTA since Year 10. History and Psychology students submitted materials online via our learning management system.

Please find the Year 12 examination timetable here

In December last year the SACE Stage 2 Review report was tabled in Parliament and is now publicly available. The independent reviewer has produced sixteen recommendations, which are currently under consideration by the SACE Board. The report can be found here

Many students have been reassessing what they have chosen to study for 2019 and over the first few days, changes have been made to students’ timetables. By week 3 students should have decided what they will be studying for the year as it becomes very difficult to change courses and catch up on new ones – as assessments have already started. If you have any questions or need clarification then do not hesitate to contact me. This year should be an exciting one – our centenary!

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

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