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Academic Matters: Term 1 Week 8


21 March 2019

Academic Matters: Term 1 Week 8

Academic Matters: Term 1 Week 8

I have been meeting with Year 12 students over the last few weeks with a view to gathering expectations around possible results and future pathways. This has been a very interesting exercise and some of the students realise that they need to be setting themselves some concrete goals, and as a follow up I will meet with them again in Term 3.

Morrisby Parent evening was held on Monday March 18. Barry Darnell, Morrisby consultant from Melbourne explained to parents and students the results of the recent testing with an explanation on how to interpret the data. If you were unable to attend the evening then please see the following video. Students who were not at the evening will receive their profiles in their PLP classes. All students in Houses will have follow up interviews with Belinda Sorensen (Cameron, Campbell and Stewart) and Mark Kelly (Douglas, Gordon and McGregor) over the coming weeks.

As part of the Personal Learning Plan (PLP), all Year 10s will attend the Tertiary Studies and Careers Expo at the Convention Centre on Monday April 8. This will give students opportunities to talk to industry experts in many fields, as well as representatives from local and interstate universities, and the TAFE sector.

Dr Max Bessell, from the University of Adelaide spoke to Year 12 students on Wednesday March 20 about financial literacy. He gave the students some useful advice around saving, borrowing and spending. He told them that they need to plan for the future, make informed decisions, keep records and take responsibility for your actions. Max will speak to our students again at the end of Term 2.

Parent Teacher nights are being held at the College Monday March 25, Wednesday March 27 and Tuesday April 2. This gives you an opportunity to meet with the teachers and to discuss your child’s progress so far. The interviews will be conducted in the Chapel, Gratton and Cottle classrooms, please be aware that the portal is closed one business day before the meetings. Don’t forget that you can view the progress of your children in SEQTA, where teachers are giving real time feedback.

On March 28 we will be trialling NAPLAN online with Year 7D at 10am. This is an exercise for us and also the national testing authority to ensure that everything works behind the scenes. All schools who are completing NAPLAN online will participate.

Just need to remind students that they need to have the most recent software on their machines and that they will need headphones for the exercise. Students in Year 3, 5 and 9 will have the opportunity to sit this same test in the coming weeks.

By now the most students would have settled into their subjects for 2019, however if there are issues then please discuss with the teachers at the PT nights. Next term I will send information to students in Year 9 – 11 asking them for verification of the electives they have chosen for semester 2. If you need to speak to me about subject issues, then please do so.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

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