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Academic Matters: Week 10


2 April 2020

Academic Matters: Week 10

Academic Matters: Week 10

Since March 18 we have been in a very different world. Our staff have been magnificent in adapting to remote learning and then moving to a dual learning system, plus also conducting three parent teacher nights via telephone. Students have also been resilient in adapting to the change – not easy when everyone is worried about assessments, ATAR, SACE and missing their friends. 

Our staff have been joining meetings with the SACE Board over the last few days to clarify how students will be supported through 2020. See the latest update here and I will endeavour to keep you posted as soon as we know more information.

The  latest research from UNESCO is stressing the importance of ‘Maslow before Blooms’ (ie. Wellbeing and basic needs come before Curriculum).
The principles of Remote Learning program are to promote: 

  • student wellbeing, by maintaining a sense of belonging to the school and connection with teachers and peer•    online learning routines that enable students to acquire and practice skills and understandings 
  • students’ confidence, understanding of expectations and sense of responsibility in using the college’s digital learning tools  
  • engagement with relevant and related learning experiences that will support their progress  
  • opportunities for children to respond to feedback about learning 


What have we been doing?

Gathering feedback from students and staff on what we need to do improve, sharing tips and techniques as well as the funny things – how do you turn off the microphones??

Some teacher feedback: I had the best science lesson today - kids running into the kitchen/shed to make an animal or a plant cell. Some of the pictures they shared were amazing. They emailed me the pictures, labelled - amazing! Great learning at a distance.

One of our staff surveyed his class and a response from a student was: 

What did not work well?: "Lunch and recess was too boring."

How could we improve Online Learning?: "A group call during recess and lunch so we can talk and not be bored."


Staff feedback on what have we learned, what do we need for Term 2, and where to next?

  • Staff Guidelines for Remote Learning
  • Homework – middle school will be over four nights (Mon – Thurs) – English, Maths, Science, Humanities. Elective subjects will have tasks that are completed outside of class time over an extended period. Senior School remains the same
  • Some structured wellbeing time in the day – this has already been factored in between lessons
  • Food for thought on how to offer and deliver curriculum in different ways


Some lesson ideas from the Faculties for Term 2

Year 10 Engineering Technology: Students designing using CAD free online, they are designing a car dragster which will be 3D printed in Junior school and then going to mail/post home to remote students to test and trial their dragster at home – assessment is their video trials at home. CAD drawing practise building shapes shown below (cars are in progress).


Year 8 Humanities: Using various GIS programmes such as Google Earth Pro, QGIS 3 and GeoDa students will explore Asian Megacities.  Once all data is collected and collated students will produce interactive presentations, using PowerPoint and Keynote which explore the different aspects and issues megacities face.  Each student will also create a 10 Question Kahoot that other students will participate in.

Food Technology: Students will be using their home fridge, freezer, pantry and kitchen gardens to create actual and virtual family meals linked closely with teacher produced instruction videos in creating virtual and e-cookbooks. The weekly ‘What Ya’ Cooking Good Looking Challenge will be a collaborative weekly highlight aimed at expanding students food literacy.

Design, Technology and Engineering: Greater exploration of illustrator and Fusion 360 to challenge the students to upskill in their use of the programs through new design challenges- High end logo design and isometric shortcuts. 

Textiles Technology: students will embrace ‘Sew’cial distancing at the forefront by continuing to learn sewing and garment construction techniques from home. ‘Scotchie Sewists’ will be able to create garments remotely through ‘live streaming’ demonstrations and ‘how to’ videos, culminating with their efforts displayed on a virtual runway.

Art & Design: Will adapt by using each students’ home environments as inspiration for their artworks and materials. They will focus on subjects that are of interest and relevance to them - their families, nature, pets, and objects that are found around the house.

I want to thank you for the messages of support over the last two weeks. It’s been appreciated as it has been a challenging and yet rewarding time for all of us. We look forward now to Term 2 and to settle into the new way of teaching and I am sure we will all work together to make sense of the new ‘normal’.


Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning