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Junior School Tour (T1W04 2021)
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Junior School Tour (T1W08 2021)
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Academic Matters: Week 2


22 October 2020

Academic Matters: Week 2

Academic Matters: Week 2

Students are now getting ready for their final exams, with oral exams already starting for languages (Chinese, French and German).

On Monday 2 November, 32 students will sit the 130-minute Mathematical Methods examination and then the final examination will be Music Studies on Monday 16 November. To find the examination timetable please go SEQTA Engage.

I encourage students to make sure that they are familiar with the schedule, all morning exams start at 9am and afternoon exams at 1.30pm. Students should get to the examination room at least 15 minutes beforehand – all examinations will occur in the Year 12 Common Room. If illness or an unexpected event occurs for students, then please contact our SACE Coordinator, Mark Horley or 82744218 to arrange the process for special provisions.

A reminder from the recent Elevate study session, where the ten top trends that were identified:

  • Sleep is very important
  • Use the subject assessment guide
  • Use past examination papers
  • Get study groups together
  • Structure swot vac
  • Channelling stress and focus on your health
  • Plenty of options after school if my first preference doesn’t work out
  • Rotate learning areas, so you don’t get bored
  • Get study spaces in order
  • Stress can be good, and we should utilise it

The target date for the 2020 SACE results release is Tuesday 15 December from 8.30am. Students will be able to view their SACE results and SATAC Tertiary Statement (if eligible) via students online.

To login students need their SACE registration number and also a PIN, if you haven’t been onto the site then I recommend that you do before December.

This year Adelaide and Flinders University introduced a new scheme so that students could use their Year 11 results to receive an early conditional offer called ‘the year 11 entry pathway’. 22 students have received early offers for courses at Adelaide University and Flinders University will be releasing offers today. Adelaide University will continue this pathway for students next year as well – students will still need to ensure that they still meet particular requirements and this can all be accessed here


Getting ready for 2021

Student choices are in the process of being finalised for 2021. There have been many students asking for clarification about whether they should study certain subjects or not next year. Students should check out the courses and their requirements very carefully but if they need help, then our Careers Counsellors Belinda Sorensen and Mark Kelly are always there to offer advice or make an appointment to see me.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning