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Academic Matters: Week 3


9 August 2019

Academic Matters: Week 3

Academic Matters: Week 3

Over the last two weeks students have been making decisions about their subject choices for 2020. There have been presentations to students at various levels and many students have been asking lots of questions. 

In terms of decision making, students need to be aware that choices for Year 11 can have an impact on what they do for year 12 and beyond. For example, if I was interested in studying Pharmaceutical Science at the University of SA then I would need to study Biology or Physics or Chemistry at Year 12 (as it is a prerequisite for the course), which in turn means I would need to have studied one of these at Year 11 level as well.

Students who are choosing to study a year 12 subject ahead of time, there is a process that occurs after the online subject selections. Once the subject choices are in then students will be issued with a form where they will need to explain why they are wanting to do the subject, and then gain approval from their subject teacher, and the relevant Head of Faculty, as well as parent permission. This is important as we want all students to do the very best and not just do a subject because they think that they have to.

Many students ask me about scaling of subjects. The reason for scaling of subjects is to create fairness across all subject areas in calculating an ATAR. The universities use this to help calculate a university aggregate and this is converted to an ATAR. Please see the following page for more information. There is also a video provided for more information around scaling, if you would like to view then click here.

Over week 5, 6 and 7 students will be participating in the second PIVOT survey for the year. This survey is based around five of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) standards and students will complete the survey on each of their teachers, for each of their classes. Feedback is important to us around our teaching and learning as this means we are able to act on the results and provide better learning opportunities for all.


Important events that are coming up:

  • Parent Teacher Interviews are Monday 19 August and Wednesday 21 August for year 7 -11.
  • Subject choices are due in on August 15 – if you need any help or information about the process, then please feel free to contact Deb Murray


Beyond Year 12

Belinda Sorensen and Mark Kelly have run two sessions during the weekabout SATAC application sessions. If your child missed the session can they please organise to see the careers counsellors. For more information about key dates then please see here. All students should have an application “submitted” (but not finalised) by 30 September to avoid late fees. Fee is $45 and after September 30 it is $185. The SATAC website is where students make their preferences go to My Application

VTAC (Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre) and UAC (University Admissions Centre for NSW and ACT) sessions over the next few weeks.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

Congratulations to Tom and Sol, who recently achieved second place in the Digital Technologies Hub Arcade Game co