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Academic Matters: Week 4


21 February 2020

Academic Matters: Week 4

Academic Matters: Week 4

Students are just starting to get into routines as teachers are setting assessments and providing feedback to students about their learning – this forms part of our continuous reporting system.

Please take the time to logon to SEQTA and see the progress comments at this stage and don’t forget that you can download the SEQTA Engage app for your mobile devices. Year 7 parents will be visiting classrooms next week where the students and staff will be demonstrating how they use SEQTA. 

Last year a complete overhaul of the layout occurred and that has meant that there are a few new features in place, as well as some bugs that need ironing out. At the moment there is an increased amount of traffic with notifications on the SEQTA Engage app and SEQTA are working on a way to give the school controls to reduce the notifications. One way that you can reduce this is to turn off the notifications in your settings.

If you have any concerns about the progress of your child then please contact the Head of House, Head of Faculty or myself.



Our staff make homework visible in SEQTA using a homework timetable. Students from Year 7 – 10 have different amounts of time that they should be spending on homework:

  • Year 7 students should spend 45 minutes on homework each night. 
  • Year 8 students 60 minutes 
  • Year 9 students 75 -100 minutes, and
  • Year 10 students approximately 120 minutes on homework each night. 


SACE Reminders

Students in the Senior School can check their SACE subjects (Stage 1 and 2) through the following students online. To login students need their SACE registration number and also a PIN – the PIN is a four digit number, birthdate (day and month).  I suggest that students go to the site to check their postal address. If the address needs to be updated then please contact, Mark Horley SACE coordinator.

If you are new to SACE and missed information sessions last year, then please go to the following to help you understand how the SACE works. If you have any questions, then please ask me.


PIVOT – Feedback for our teachers

Next week all students will start the PIVOT process. This process is where we collect data from students based on the Australian teaching standards and helps to inform our professional learning which is evidence -based. This is the fifth year that we have participated in the survey, and all teachers from Year 3 – 10 will be involved.


Study Tips

All students at Scotch have access to a range of practice questions, presenter tips and a copy of Elevate’s best-selling study guide through using the student portal. The premium password is ‘rondo’, and this grants them access to all premium resources. Students can tailor their experience and save their preferences by creating a profile on the website.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

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