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Academic Matters: Week 7


29 November 2019

Academic Matters: Week 7

Academic Matters: Week 7

This week Year 11s have been finishing off their Stage 1 programs with the culmination of examinations. The History, English and Psychology exams were all done online by students in readiness for next year. The SACE Board have just released that Biology and Nutrition will also be completed online from 2020.

The Year 11 exams will be returned on Wednesday 4 December (Week 8). Students should report to the Lecture Theatre at 8.35 am in PE uniform and the day will conclude by 10.35am. Over the last few weeks I have been talking to Year 11 students about their choices for 2020, if students need to change subjects earlier than Wednesday, then please send through an email.

Research project results and other Stage 2 results will be released from the SACE Board on Tuesday 17 December. Students should be familiar with the online portal, they can log in here with their SACE registration number and PIN to view their results.

Year 10 students are in the middle of service learning, work experience and Goose camps. There will be no formal exam return for students, feedback is being provided in Seqta. 

Any student who wants to change their course for 2020 should either send me an email or come and see me in the Senior Centre. I cannot always guarantee that the changes will be able to be made as the subject grids are made on the choices that students have made in August.


Project Based Learning

Project based learning is gaining a stronger foothold in the Middle School. Year 7, 8 and 9 students are involved with various projects, all of which are cross-curriculum. On Monday, Week 7, all Year 7 students were introduced to a STEM challenge, involving a Rube Goldberg machine that incorporates elements of science and maths, such as levers, pullies and angles. The Year 7 subjects involved with this project are Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Languages. 

All Year 8 English classes are involved with a Shark Tank sales pitch which is focusing on a project relating to the cruise ship industry. The driving question for this project is ‘How can your cruise ship stand out in the industry?’ Each group must carefully consider the demographic of the target audience and prepare a comprehensive design of the ship, along with its distinguishing features. They must present a persuasive sales pitch in which they share their vision and their business plan, which is to include a thorough breakdown of all financial costs. Some of the other subjects involved with this project include Maths, Humanities and Languages.

One Year 9 class is answering this driving question: ‘How can your 9@Scotch camp facility better develop resilient, independent and connected students?’ The subjects involved with this project are Health & PE, English and Humanities. 

Each of these projects are developing the students’ lateral thinking skills, ability to delegate and work in a group, and incorporate skills from different subject areas into one sustained project. Project based learning will continue to develop and involve a wider range of subject areas in 2020. These projects are being are being led by Head of English - Michael Rodenburg, Head of Languages – Jess Powell and Head of PE – Mark Goreham and I thank them for their contributions so far to the College Strategic Plan.

Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal – Teaching & Learning

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