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Academic Matters: Week 9


17 September 2020

Academic Matters: Week 9

Academic Matters: Week 9

Students over the last few weeks have been getting their final assessment pieces together for their Stage 2 courses, so it’s a very busy time of the year.

Last week as part of the study program to assist year 12s the final session from Elevate Education called, ‘The Finishing Line’ was offered. The students provided feedback and below are the ten top trends that were identified:

  • Sleep is very important
  • Use the subject assessment guide
  • Use past examination papers
  • Get study groups together
  • Structure swot vac
  • Channelling stress and focus on your health
  • Plenty of options after school if my first preference doesn’t work out
  • Rotate learning areas, so you don’t get bored
  • Get study spaces in order
  • Stress can be good, and we should utilise it


Examinations at Year 12

This year English Literary Studies, Psychology, Modern History, Biology, Geography and Nutrition will all have online examinations this year. We have experienced no technical problems at all, and our students have coped extremely well during the trial phases.

Oral examinations for languages begin Monday October 19 – German, Wednesday 21 October – Chinese Background Speakers and Thursday October 22 – French continuers. Mathematical Methods is the first examination on Monday November 2 at 9 am. (students need to be at school at 8.30am and can wear neat casual clothes). 

Mark Horley (SACE Coordinator) will go through the expectations and general exam procedures with students in early Term 4, in relation to exam slips, SACE numbers, no mobile phones, what you can and cannot bring into the exam room.

The 2020 examination schedule can be found here


Interim Reports for Year 7 - 11

Next Friday interim reports will be available for you to download. The interim report serves as a snapshot of academic progress, represented by a grade and an effort rating to study. Effort ratings consistent of four categories which concentrate on the level of engagement, homework and organisation.




Not Satisfactory

Consistently high level of engagement 

Good level of engagement

Satisfactory level of engagement 

Limited engagement


All tasks, including homework, consistently completed and to the best of their ability

Most tasks, including homework, consistently completed and to the best of their ability

Most tasks, including homework, completed to the best of their ability 

Few tasks, including homework, completed


Consistently high level of personal organisation in lessons

Good level of personal organisation in lessons


Satisfactory level of personal organisation in lessons

Student is rarely organised in lessons


Year 12 students will receive their final reports in week 3 of next term.


Australian Mathematics Competition Results 

The Australian Mathematics Competition results are in and our students have performed at a high level, with three High Distinctions and 32 Distinctions from Year 7 – 10.

  • Best in School – Sebastian Lee (Year 8), Patrick Dwyer (Year 7)
  • Prize (top 0.3%) Junior Division Sebastian Lee (Year 8)
  • High Distinction (top 1%) – Patrick Dwyer (Year 7), Jack Stratton (Year 7), Sandra Wu (Year 9)


ICAS Competition

Over twenty students from Year 7 and 8 elected to compete in the annual English, Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies competition. We received 19 Distinctions over the four competitions and the students should be proud of their results. Patrick Dwyer (Year 7) and Jack Stratton (Year 7) received four Distinctions, Aleisha Burrows (Year 7) three, Alex Menzel (Year 7) and Cassie O’Connor (Year 7) two. Eddie Barton (Year 7), Blake Taylor (Year 7), Amy Wallace (Year 7), Sebastian Lee (Year 8) and Bess McLean (Year 8) all received a Distinction.


Teresa Hanel
Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning