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Acknowledging Our Past, Present and Future through Reconciliation


31 May 2019

Acknowledging Our Past, Present and Future through Reconciliation

Acknowledging Our Past, Present and Future through Reconciliation

Today we have celebrated the launch of our College Reconciliation Action Plan. It is a great day in the history of the College, and we are proud to recognise our relationship with the Kaurna people and the wider first people’s culture. To have witnessed at the Centenary sound and light show the very supportive acclamation that was given when the Yalari program was highlighted was testament to how, we as a community value the program and more importantly the students involved. This program now moves into its 12th year. It is a special part of our offering but not the only way in which we engage with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. 

I had the pleasure of attending the Reconciliation Breakfast with over 2000 South Australians on Monday morning. The keynote speaker Associate Professor Chelsea Bond was thought provoking and for some perhaps provocative, for others, not activist enough. But it was a reminder that we are all on a journey and our two cultures are not unfamiliar, we have a lot to learn from each other as long as, the pursuit of great outcomes for all the people of this great land we call home is the key focus. We are all responsible for engaging in the dialogue of reconciliation and ensuring that we play our part in progressing it to make a brighter future for each and every citizen. Organisations, such as schools, are fundamental to ensuring that the story of all cultures are recognised and given due respect be it in the formal curriculum or as part of how we go about business on a daily basis in our community. 

Nothing progresses if we do not acknowledge our past, present and future opportunities to nurture and grow the unique opportunity we have to celebrate with the world’s oldest civilisation being our bedrock…50000 plus years sets us up for great things. Our Centenary seemingly fades in comparison, but it’s not about the length of time, it’s about what each group in Australia brings to the table. I am heartened on a local level to see the continued rejuvenation of the Kaurna culture, language and education which is being celebrated and supported in South Australia. 

The annual cross country was held today in the spirit of celebration and recognition. Although no results yet, it was obvious from the mud and smiles that a great time was had by all! 

It’s midterm and nearing the end of the semester. That marks two important aspects of College life for me. Firstly, there will be a lot of assessment happening at the moment. If your child is struggling, please get them to reach out for support and if they don’t want to then please let their Mentor know that a check in would be beneficial.  Secondly, over the next couple of weeks fatigue does set in and we can expect with wet weather and likely less time outside because of weather and season that sometimes the teens get a tad bored and look for creative outlets. For our boarders we have a simple expectation – keep them busy and on task – even though it’s not always that easy. The upcoming long weekend will be a welcome break for all and a chance to catch our breath. You will find that the end of term is here before we realise it. This week you received a communication about the dreaded lurgy (flu!) making its mark in our community. May I please ask that if your child is unwell please consider keeping them at home and using the extension system we have in place for assessments. We are all about people and interactions and the bugs can spread quickly unless we all exercise common sense. Your support is appreciated.

I will be going on leave from the long weekend until the end of term. During this time Teresa Hanel will be standing in as Head of Campus and she will be ably supported by Kara Cleary around serious student matters. I am sure that it will be smooth sailing but if you do have a concern about your student and you feel I should be aware then please reach out to Teresa. 

Finally, a sincere invitation to each TPC family that if you would like to be involved in supporting our Yalari program then please contact Natalie Felkl to find out how our community makes this program possible. There are challenges to the support being offered as families leave and we need new families to take up the mantle of support and enable our community to give our Yalari students great opportunities which we sometimes take for granted.

It’s cold and wet but winter has arrived and for all our GoT fans it’s not as bad as we thought! Wishing you a great weekend.


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