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Back on Track


20 August 2021

Back on Track

Back on Track

It’s amazing how one week in lockdown can throw out the best laid plans. 4 weeks after the disruption, I can safely say Torrens Park Campus is back on schedule!

The Big Sing is an annual highlight, and the performances did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of the best. The challenge for all houses is to get 130 people doing the same thing at the same time – no mean feat when working with teenagers BUT I can assure you our student leader rose to the occasion and ensured we had performances. One of the highlights for me was the amazing choreography of Cameron, they know how to create a synchronised spectacular! My gut feeling is that Douglas was the best when it came to holding a tune and I even detected a harmony. Stewart with their entertaining showdown between the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls highlighted that music that was cringeworthy 20 years ago still has a place in the hearts of many. Campbell opened the competition and their footy halftime show using the Black Eyed Peas as their inspiration had us all at the oval. McGregor won the People Choice award form Year 6 students with their American road trip “sweet home Alabama”. The eventual winners were Gordon who gave us the 8-minute rendition of Moana – we were all basking in our childhood memories on yet another perfect day at Scotch. 

The final student led assembly by our College Captains and Student Action Team leaders was a great celebration of many student achievements and programs such as the launch of the “R U OK?” campaign by the wellbeing team and the successful clothes swap day by the environment team Increasingly the sustainability and environmental agenda grows importance with students. You will hear of many significant Scotch initiatives over the next two years as we support the ongoing work of students as they scrutinise our sustainability goals on our campus. GAIL are proud to launch their Climate Action initiative- promoting small steps for habitual change to our eco-footprint. Their goal is to encourage Scotch families to have one meat free meal a week. We also have a newly formed Staff Environment team who are keen to ensure that we develop literacy, action and collaboration in our curriculum and campus life.

There were two important initiatives today which were well supported by students and staff.  For many of us it was a day of mixed emotion as we held our Trackies for Tammy fundraiser. Tammy Parnell (Old Collegian ‘99 and much-loved staff member) passed away in April this year and this was an opportunity for us to commemorate her loss and remind ourselves about what a wonderful person she was in the lives of many. Sophie Sorensen, Cassie O’Connor and Grace Cawley (assisted by Charlotte Reeks) held a bake sale at lunchtime today to raise funds for the Tammy Parnell Fund for the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. All baked goods and drinks sold out within 30 minutes, and they raised over $500 for this worthy cause. A number of Scotch students also donated directly online to the fund today, many leaving messages in Tammy’s memory.

We were honoured to have guest speaker Dr Matthew O’Connor, Paediatric oncologist from the Women and Children’s Hospital speak about childhood cancer at our assembly. 

Dr O’Connor was introduced by Year 11 student, Lauren Southwood. Lauren was diagnosed with leukaemia in December 2016 and has spent the past 5 years in and out of the Women and Children’s hospital, being treated by Dr O’Connor and his fellow colleagues. As a paediatric oncologist, Dr O’Connor has treated several Scotchies with cancer.

Four brave students and two teachers shaved their hair during lunch today to support the work of the Childhood Cancer Association. We congratulate Kate Fraterman, Max Brammy, Cooper Simpson, Ariel Spry, Mrs Georgia Bradford and Mr Liam Hay on their brave efforts!

These six individuals have jointly raised, to date, $19,892.60 to support the Childhood Cancer Association. These funds will enable CCA to continue to offer a range of 30 support services to children and their families after a childhood cancer diagnosis.

We thank the Barbers of Mitcham for providing the two stylists. This student-initiated fundraising was a powerful way to unify our school community around an important cause – taking a stand against childhood cancer.

Cancer does not discriminate, and we are all aware of the impact it has on the lives of so many. It is important that our young people have opportunities to support, discuss and understand the potency this disease has. We must be strong for all those who have had to face this tough circumstance and maintain a vigilance to be there when it matters most. 

Some of next week’s highlights include our Year 12 students undertaking their Trial Examinations, Y11 students are engaging in Impact week at Victor Harbor and Y9 students will have their swim intensive at Marion.

Winter sport concludes this weekend. At time of writing in the Collegiate Cup against Pulteney which has been played over this week we are up by two trophies. 

This weekend we play Immanuel in most codes and are excited for this competition to mark the end of what has been an amazing winter season of sport for our college. The sporting highlight of this week was however our Girls winning the State Knockout Hockey competition! Great stuff. 

As things continue to ease with Covid for SA we look forward to welcoming families back onto campus in the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend.