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Boarding: A Grand Lifestyle


20 May 2019

Boarding: A Grand Lifestyle

Boarding: A Grand Lifestyle

During Week 3 we celebrated the group of people who make up an important part of our community. Boarding represents our heritage and our standards. Over the last four years our Heads of Boarding, Kara Cleary and David Scholz, have nurtured a strong and inclusive family environment for our 105 boarders to belong to. 

Our staff is fabulous, and the levels of support students receive is second to none. We also know that working with our parents, whether they be 2 hours or 22 hours away, is the key to our success. These families often have little choice about whether their children board or not, as they want to ensure that they are looking after their children’s future by giving them an exceptional education. We are grateful for the support and trust that is placed in us by the community when they choose Scotch. 

The assembly last week was led by the Rosevear Captains Nicholas Hurts and Millie Slade and we all learnt about boarders’ lives and the diverse experiences they bring to our community, and we were given a great insight into what the boarding experience is like. Having lived and worked in boarding schools for some years now, I can assure you that every student needs to try boarding. The experience is second to none. Imagine being with your best friends in a home away from home, food on tap, conversations a plenty, help with your homework every night, 8 hours sleep, organised activities, full use of school facilities after hours and the great views of Adelaide - what more could one ask for? Well there is more, but you have to live the experience to truly appreciate the opportunities on offer. This is teenage paradise! 

There are opportunities to be short stay, weekly or seven days a week to suit the diverse lifestyles of all our families. Day families are more than welcome to have a conversation with Carrie Cousar (Director of Admissions) about the packages we have available. If you think a boarding experience may help your child your child to grow and flourish (we know it does, but I am sure you will have more questions!), then we welcome the opportunity to share the Rosevear boarding experience with you and your family.

Now that NAPLAN is done (with some unexpected external hiccups), our middle years students settle into the regular routine. Many subjects will have assessment due this week and next, so if you are getting the “I’ve got no homework”line, please check on Seqta for what is due. 

This week we will have a student led assembly. Student agency is one of the key foci in our strategic plan for teaching and learning and you will hear more about this over the next two years. The ability to equip our students with the questions to ask of their own learning and be in a position to not only navigate, but drive complex learning opportunities, is a must have skill for the future. In just under three weeks our Senior students will be participating in TEDxYouth, a student led initiative with the support of key staff including our Head of Oratory the amazing Marie Beanland. We are very much looking forward to this event and anticipate an audience of 600 from across 10 schools as they explore, “The Power of Purpose”.

The rain has arrived – hallelujah! Scomo had his miracle and we are all looking forward to another great week at Scotch!


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