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Buckle up and hold on


4 May 2018

Buckle up and hold on

Buckle up and hold on

Welcome to Term 2 and as I said to the staff at our meeting on Monday “buckle up and hold on!” as the next 9 weeks will be a myriad of wonderful events and experiences not to mention learning!

I enjoy this term as I host a lot of student meetings not only to get to know them better but to actively create experiences which can’t be neatly packaged into a regular subject program. These conversations and workshops are not just about opportunities on offer to develop themselves but also about how their actions may benefit others including the College and wider community.

In the Senior School we are about to launch the Robert Gordon’s gap year opportunity and the Laos service trip for our Year 12 students. These run alongside a couple of workshop sessions regarding transition to “life beyond the olive hedge”. How quickly the final year passes for this wonderful group. Our Year 10 students will each have a house lunch and workshops on identity and purpose to help galvanise them into positive action for the end of year programs and preparation for the next two years – at Scotch we believe there is no secret to success because it stems from hard work and solid preparation.  The Year 11 cohort will continue their leadership program with the house breakfast series with Dr Newton, a workshop session on leadership in action and an end of term program to ensure they are well prepared to make informed choices about their future study.

In the Middle School there are opportunities for students to test their academic mettle with the Big Science Competition, Maths Olympiad, Australian History and Geography competitions and of course for years 7 and 9 NAPLAN. Our Year 7s will be immersed in experiential learning, visiting local sites such as the zoo to see learning in action and engage in an integrated learning project. Pathways to Success will begin again this term, where we begin to start building leadership for Year 8s. Year 9 this week commenced the residential program rotation for 9@Scotch and all is going well. A reminder that Middle School Grandparents Day is on 11 May.

There are also a range of incursion and excursions for each year level over the term.

Parents will receive CareMonkey notifications of all events and I urge you to ensure that medical records are kept up to date through the online editing option at sign off. The school is notified each time a change is made, and this is an important way to ensure we understand your child’s medical needs.   

Great see the rain for our farmers… may there be plenty more coming your way over coming weeks. The arrival of the rain is almost synonymous to the commencement of winter sports and we wish our teams every success over the next two weeks as competition gets underway.  I leave you this week with an insight from the character Touchstone from As You Like It. It sums up the challenge we give each of our students and ourselves on a regular basis A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.

Indeed, there is always something more to be learnt!


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