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Bushfire Season Community Notice


20 October 2017

Bushfire Season Community Notice

Bushfire Season Community Notice

Dear Parents

In the event of bushfire/s in and around the wider Adelaide metropolitan area (e.g. Hills, Belair, Brown Hill Creek) during regular school hours the College has developed a set of procedures that we will adopt. Please note that our Before and After School Care providers will follow our procedures.

On a CFS Catastrophic Fire day we would expect that families, especially those in, and travelling through, high fire danger areas, will make an informed judgement about whether their child/ren attend the Early Learning Centre / school or not. If they do opt to attend it is important that we are aware of plans made if the student is unable to return home due to dangers associated with travel or if alternative accommodation arrangements have been made.


Bus travellers

The College will notify parents of bus travellers by SMS if travel routes are to be changed, delayed or a service is not being run. Each bus company will communicate with parents their plans if there is a change. The Chief Fire Warden will determine in consultation with the bus companies and advice from relevant authorities if a service is to be cancelled.

In the event of cancellation of a service at the end of the day, the College would usually be viewed as the safest refuge for students to wait out the emergency. We have resources to cope with the protection and wellbeing of students. In such circumstance parents or a nominated carer would be able to collect their child/ren from the Chapel (TPC) or Multipurpose Hall (MC). A sign-out procedure is required and students will not be permitted to leave the College without the permission of a parent or their nominee.


Local fire

In the unlikely event of the local area being under immediate threat the Chief Fire Warden will take the following steps:

  • Evacuate all students to appropriate location. The decision to evacuate and to which of our evacuation sites will be based on ABC updates and communication with local emergency authorities CFS and this decision will be made early to enable safe evacuation.
  • All parents will receive an SMS and we will update our Facebook page with our actions.
  • If safe to do so parents, or their nominee, may collect their children from the evacuation site (as notified by SMS)
  • We have a series of actions we will take to ensure safety and wellbeing are our highest priorities for students whilst dealing with this extreme situation.


Camps and Excursions

Excursions that are scheduled for days of high fire ratings will be reviewed and cancelled as required. Similarly, in the event that we have students attending camps when a heightened fire-rating is announced, the camp location and travel routes will be reviewed and students evacuated and parents contacted accordingly. 


If you have any questions about our response to Bushfire please email or or

With regards

Ieva Hampson
Head of Mitcham Campus

Dale Bennett
Head of Torrens Park Campus

Richard Stone
Chief Operating Officer

Tania Darling
Director of Early Learning Centre

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!