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Child Protection


15 February 2018

Child Protection

Child Protection

In my role as Child Protection Officer, it is my responsibility to ensure that child safety resides at the core of the Scotch College culture.

All members of our community, staff, students and parents play an important role in ensuring we establish, uphold and maintain the security and safety of all students in our care.



All members of the College payroll, including teachers, coaches, tutors, administration staff and maintenance staff are required to undergo screening and suitability processes and a police clearance. In addition, the protective practice document is thoroughly and regularly explained, discussed and clarified for all parties mentioned above. Through active discussion of our professional practice – we consistently articulate the message of child safety and avoid complacency in any areas of our practice.



At the first assembly for 2018, I spoke with all students about their role in creating a child safe environment. First and foremost, it is critical to articulate that all students have a voice and that structures within the College are designed to protect and support them. I explained that though our protective practices guidelines, staff have strict boundaries relating to their daily behaviour. As an example, I highlighted that no staff member is permitted to be friends with students on social media. The College provides suitable infrastructure for professional communication purposes, including email and Yammer.

In the instance that a student at Scotch College feels that a staff member has acted outside of the boundaries, the student, or an advocate are strongly encouraged to come forward. Our key principles and the steps we follow when information is brought forward are outlined in the Child Protection Policy, beginning with the established notion that the safety and care of the child is the paramount consideration. Students are encouraged to speak with their Head of House, Mr Bennett, Dr Sharp, our College Psychologists or myself as Child Protection Officer.



As parents, I invite you to actively read and consider our Child Protection Policy and have an understanding of the Protective Practices guidelines. The Child Protection Policy is a document that will be agile to the findings of the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. Your thoughts and input are invited to this document as we continually evaluate our approach to child safety.

In the instance that you are concerned with the behaviour of a member of the College staff, in any role, you can contact me at to discuss your concerns. The Principal - Dr John Newton, Head of Campus - Dale Bennett and Kelly Sharp, Assistant Head of Campus can be contacted with any concerns on the Torrens Park Campus. The procedures outlined within the Child Protection Policy will be followed to address the concern.


Shawn Kasbergen
Director of Student Wellbeing

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