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Community Spirit


21 August 2020

Community Spirit

Community Spirit

Admittingly, 2020 has at times been challenging and it has often been difficult to maintain connections and relationships with our broader community.  However, the events that were able to proceed were greatly successful, including the Pink Ribbon Breakfast, the Sleep out for Salvos night and the Hutt St Walk a Mile which was combined with our senior school cross country. 

Over the course of the year, the impact of individual actions on our reputation as a school has become more apparent to me and understanding how Scotch students are perceived throughout the South Australian community is critical.

In terms of the organisations we support, we are glad that we are continually trusted by them and we hope that all of you who have been involved understand the important work these organisations do. These unfamiliar and challenging interactions help us learn and improve whilst also providing much needed assistance to those in need.

Particularly through working with Reno Elms at the Salvation Army, my mindset and perspective towards those struggling in our community has developed. The importance of empathy has also been highlighted by the Pink Ribbon Breakfast where we heard from breast cancer survivor, Alice Colgrave. 

These events have highlighted the power of service in creating a responsible impact, not only for others but for the community. Such experiences highlight our ability to be agile, adaptive and resilient; characteristics which do not go unnoticed. Next week, I have the privilege to be working with the Class of 2021 alongside David Scholz. Our workshop is about on recognising how our behaviours benefit not only the individuals, but also the reputation of our College. 

Let’s continue to make an impact.

Hugo Koch
Student Action Team Community Leader

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