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Credit Suisse Q&A at Scotch


7 September 2018

Credit Suisse Q&A at Scotch

Credit Suisse Q&A at Scotch

Recently Scotch had the privelege of hosting a Credit Suisse Q&A Session, where 20 interested students were mesmerised by a conversation about finance, share trading and a potential career in private investing.

Paul Thomas and Andrew Macauley were extremely engaging in their presentation, answering challenging questions and providing investment advice for the students. Scotch College thanks Credit Suisse for their commitment not just to the finances of the school, but to the ongoing financial education of our students.

In Week 5, Scotch Business students had the opportunity to interact with two representatives from the reputable multinational financial services company Credit Suisse. Paul Thomas & Andrew McCauley told us their stories and provided their insights in banking, economics & finance. The session was invaluable to all those who attended in multiple ways. Firstly, we were informed about the processes of becoming an employee in the financial services industry, secondly, we learned the importance of several factors including the ability to read financial reports and thirdly, they provided us with insight regarding Australia’s current economic status and the proposed effect the tariff war between the United States & China will have on the Australian economy. 

Many of us attending the session are particularly interested in security analysis and Thomas & McCauley shared the techniques, fundamentals and principles of investing. Those of us in the Scotch College Investment Group took note and acted upon their suggestions on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) student share game. The group of students in the Scotch College Investment Group are intrigued by the reasons behind why a stock may move up, or down and the share game has been so far the perfect way to gain a financial education without risking real capital. Personally, I have taken home the advice from Thomas & McCauley and in the game have invested in stocks on a quantitative & mathematical basis, taking the businesses Price/Earning ratio into account when researching companies to invest in for the ASX share game.

If there was no limited time frame of one hour in which we could converse with the two gentlemen, the session could have continued for hours. Thomas, a private banking manager and McAuley, Chief Investment Officer, provided us business-oriented students with an engaging, informative and profitable session (both monetary-wise and knowledge-wise). Scotch College’s reciprocal relationship with Credit Suisse has been incredibly beneficial and I personally could not thank both Scotch & Credit Suisse for providing an opportunity like this. 

- Sam Subramaniam

Thanks Credit Suisse for their commitment not just to the finances of the school, but to the ongoing financial education of our students.

Callum Iles
Business and Entrepreneurship Coordinator

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!