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Cricket Equipment Donation Drive


22 March 2018

Cricket Equipment Donation Drive

Cricket Equipment Donation Drive

Is your child no longer playing cricket or grown out of their cricket equipment?

If so, the Scotch Cricket Parent support Group would like to help you make room in your shed and put your child’s old cricket equipment towards a terrific cause – the cricket mad children of Sri Lanka!

Cricket is the national past time in Sri Lanka. However, the country was recently ravaged by Civil War and of course the tragic Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004.  Some Scotch parents and cricketers have recently toured Sri Lanka and seen first hand both the devastation and the rebuilding efforts going on in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan children are often playing cricket using very basic and old equipment and teams frequently only have 2 helmets, 2 pairs of pads, 2 sets on gloves and 2 bats to share amongst the entire team.  It gets pretty hot in Sri Lanka, so think about how sweaty the gloves and pads are in the 50th over!

So – put your child’s old cricket gear gathering dust in the shed to good use and donate it to the Cricket support group who in turn will ensure that it finds its way to the needy young cricketers in Sri Lanka.

If you have any equipment to donate, please contact Nick Walter on 0419 030 286 or who will liaise with you in relation to its collection.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Scotch College Parents Cricket Support Group

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