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Cultivating a Passion for Performance


30 January 2019

Cultivating a Passion for Performance

Cultivating a Passion for Performance

Scotch College is a hub for the performing arts and all of the skills and experiences that are attached to creative performance art. It isn’t just the talented performers who have gone on to study and work at a range of prestigious colleges and companies, but also the doctors, lawyers, politicians and other driven professionals using the skills they learned in Performing Arts at Scotch on a daily basis to enhance their career.

As a Scotch Old Collegian, I have to pay homage to the many past and current Performing Arts students, but specifically a group of 5 people (including myself) that have been lucky enough (and have worked hard enough) to have been accepted into WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) over the past 18 months. This group comprises myself (Tiana Catalana), Henry Boles, India Goodhand, Jordan Tomljenovic and Kyle Hall. The 5 of us are all studying a combination of musical theatre, acting and directing at WAAPA; a little, determined group of Scotchies making our way in Perth. I can honestly say we would not be here without the support, positive influences and amazing opportunities afforded to us by Scotch College. The common threads that weave our stories together include a shared experience of exceptional teachers and eclectic artists who have helped us move forward and find our own voices, most notably Tim Minchin, the Australian composer/lyricist, musician, comedian, actor, writer and director.

I started at Scotch in Year 10, graduating with the Class of 2013 on a Performing Arts Scholarship. My time at Scotch was integral to my both my personal development and my development as an artist, allowing me to flourish and embrace the multitude of opportunities presented to me. I was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Madame Thernadier in Les Miserablesand Maria in West Side Story. I joined the Pipe Band and performed in the Virginia International Tattoo. I performed in choirs, danced at recitals and performed in plays. Even after completing Year 12, Scotch gave me the opportunity to be a gappie at Robert Gordons College in Scotland, working with another group of passionate teachers who, like Scotch, embraces all types of learners.

Jordan Tomljenovic started at Scotch in Year 8 the same year I graduated from Scotch. Jordan had been singing and dancing since he was 5, which didn’t stop at Scotch, and certainly hasn’t stopped since! Inspired by his first Scotch musical, West Side Story, Jordan saw that pursuing a career in the performing arts was something he wanted to pursue. Among the highlights of Jordan’s time at Scotch were playing Gomez Addams in The Addams Family Musicaland his crafting his own monologue to express his own voice with questions about such taboo topics as religion, and how we can embrace satire to make people think about conflict in ways such dramatists as Brecht did. Jordan was greatly inspired by our shared mentor, Nicola Triglau and Tim Minchin’s song, Prejudice.

Henry Boles graduated in 2011 as College Captain after appearing in 3 College Musicals, highlighted by his performance as the Cowardly Lion (alongside my portrayal of Dorothy). Henry lovingly talks about his Year 12 Performance in Tom Stoppard’s slightly absurd black comedy Dalliance(directed by Nicola Triglau). The performance contains layered dialogue that shows how theatre can be a tool for education and impactful change. Since Scotch, Henry has lived in Melbourne, Barcelona and Berlin and worked in a host of runaway jobs throughout Europe and aims to create thought provoking, transformational work and help elevate the social status of queer and Indigenous people in Australia.

2016-12-10 14-58-22.jpgIndia Goodhand grew up acting in small productions with child and teenage theatre companies, eventually enrolling at Scotch after having heard about the College’s stellar performing arts community. India’s signature role while at Scotch would undoubtedly be her character “Tim” (a teenage boy at an anger management meeting), derived from Tim Minchin’s iconic poemAngry (Feet). India says it best herself:

”My fondest memories at Scotch came after the performance when Head of Senior School, Mr. Bennett, personally expressed to me how much he enjoyed the piece and asked if I could perform it to my cohorts the next day at our Year 12 meeting. I still remember the faces of students who never before had expressed any passion for theatre and how they were crying with laughter.”

Her goals include writing and directing a comedic play about the stigmas of mental illnesses in Australia.

Finally, Kyle Hall (pictured right with The 60 Four), who joined us at WAAPA in 2018, had an amazing run at Scotch, performing major roles in West Side Story, Les Misérables, Jesus Christ Superstar, Dance Showcases and his Year 12 Major Performance. Above everything, Kyle was encouraged to find his own voice during his studies at Scotch.

As you can see, Scotch College has been an integral part of the development of each of us, both on a personal and professional level, giving us the tools we need to pursue our passions and career in the creative arts. We wish all the current SACE Stage 1 and 2 students the best of luck with their performances in 2019 and encourage everyone to find their voice and keep believing in positive change.

Tiana Catalana (‘13)