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A Culture of Innovation


7 November 2019

A Culture of Innovation

A Culture of Innovation

Scotch College is one of 40 Australian schools to be featured in The Educator's annual Innovative Schools List, revealing the schools at the cutting edge of change and innovation in the country.

Scotch was featured for the Year 5-9 Live Well Program, culminating in 9@Scotch, which creates signature learning experiences that balance the curriculum demands of traditional disciplines and integrated inquiry learning with non-traditional assessment methods.

Brett Henebery, Editor of The Educator, congratulated the winners on making the Innovative Schools 2019 list.

“The inspirational programs and initiatives showcased in the report prove that quality teaching is alive and well in Australian schools,” Henebery said. “It should be noted that the report only offers a small snapshot of the ground-breaking work being done in these schools to improve the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Australia’s young people.”

The Live Well Program is a holistic and integrated program, encompassing 6 domains that contribute to student wellbeing. The 6 domains include sustainable living; nutrition and food technology; physical education; wellbeing and values education; service learning and global responsibility. The program equips students to maintain their health and wellbeing, but also apply their skills and knowledge beyond the self and into local, national and global contexts.

Another one of the College’s programs, called 9@Scotch, is a signature learning experience for students allowing them to explore each of the following domains for one term, on a rotational basis throughout the year: creative and critical thinking; intercultural understanding; personal and social capability and sustainability and social entrepreneurship. Each 9@Scotch class has a dedicated staff member and access to a range of community professionals and partnerships with local, national and international organisations which inform each domain.


More information about signature learning experiences, the Live Well Program and 9@Scotch can be found on this website in these areas: Junior School | Middle School

Learn more about Scholarships at Scotch here: Scholarships

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