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Early Start to Exams


25 October 2017

Early Start to Exams

Early Start to Exams

Exam time is the most important - and stressful - part of the school year for every Year 12 student.

So spare a thought for a group of Year 11 students at Scotch College who have stepped up to do their exams a year early. More Year 11 students than Year 12s at the Torrens Park school will next month tackle the SACE biology exam, electing to complete the subject early to lighten the load next year.

Alexandra Johnston, Daniel Sladojevic and Yohan Verghese are among the 24 Year 11 students who will sit the biology exam on November 6. Alexandra - who wants to study Paramedic Science - says she always planned to knock biology off the list as soon as she could.

“I think there’s a lot of pressure as Year 11s because we’ve got a lot of other subjects to deal with,” Alexandra says. “It’s definitely daunting, but we’ve been preparing really early for it.”

Daniel says doing an extra subject was hard at first, but was worthwhile once he came to terms with the workload.

“It was different at the start of the year because you expect so much,” Daniel says. “We put our minds to it and it wasn’t as daunting as we previously thought.”

Meanwhile, Year 12 student Hugo Heithersay, who studied Chinese this year, is gearing up for a move to China.

“I’m heading off to Beijing in January for a year and I’ll study at the Beijing Language Culture University,” Hugo says. “I’ve been learning Chinese for a while and I want to move to Asia when I’m older.”

He spent most of his childhood in Singapore and Hong Kong where his father was working as an investment banker. He hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps.

-- original article by Caleb Bond appeared in Eastern Courier Messenger 25 October 2017. Photo: Brenton Edwards/AAP.

Earlier this week children in the Scotch ELC were treated to a reading of 'Where is the Green Sheep?' by Mem Fox an……