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Effort Matters


20 September 2019

Effort Matters

Effort Matters

At today’s Presentation Assembly we celebrated the wonderful achievements of our students in a range of endeavours.

It was wonderful to acknowledge Aiofe Bell-O’Brien (7St) who won gold in her age division at the National Gymnastics Championships. Apex Teenage Fashion Awards from last week’s event were also acknowledged. We also awarded Colours to those who have excelled in Caledonian, Winter Sports and Performing Arts. Recognition was also given to those who have recently had Academic success in national History and Maths competitions. All up we had 127 students receive awards! We are a high performing school and our students continue to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of their personal best. 

The message at the assembly was about effort. Through hard work, commitment to learning skills and developing behaviours our students find their thing. This week I had the pleasure of attending two special events which celebrated this theme. On Tuesday our Dance students delivered highly polished, demanding routines as part of their annual showcase. Our Stage 2 dancers were spectacular in their interpretation of the themeReverence. At the assembly to demonstrate the idea of commitment to practice in order to gain mastery, Harry McGinty (11Mc) and Charlie Miller (11Mc) taught 8 student and staff “volunteers” a short routine. In amongst the frivolity the message of perseverance, practice and pursuit of perfection was clearly demonstrated.  

The other event I attended this week was to be Master of Ceremonies at the unveiling of a plaque to acknowledge former Premier of SA Tom Price (1905-1909). His government was renowned as the first stable Labor government in the world.  Tom’s story is a remarkable one. At the turn of last century, he led our Parliament, having been a stone cutter by trade, he had actually contributed to the construction of the parliament building. But what was more remarkable for me was the celebration of three significant aspects of his career which highlighted that determination brings about positive social change. Tom was a true bipartisan leader uniting his peers to support the creation of our public education system. His social and economic reforms represented a major change in political direction for South Australia. They led to better working conditions, a minimum wage and strong support for small business and farmers. Tom was also a local resident of Hawthorn and made a significant difference to the local community. It was fitting that his legacy was recognised at the site of an avenue of plane trees on Brownhill Creek road. Mr Price planted the first plane tree at Brownhill Creek in 1908. Renowned for making things happen, leading and serving his community it was a wonderful occasion to remind ourselves that we can make a difference if we are committed to our convictions.

It’s not necessarily about what you achieve…it’s about how you got there.  We know that that deep learning happens when you reflect and grow as you undertake the journey to get to your point of success. At Scotch we value effort knowing that not everyone can win a prize. But each of us win if we nurture and develop the mindset of life-long learners. Our award recipients today are recognised for their diligence and industry to grow and maximise their talents. 

This is the last Enews for the term. Students were today reminded of the summer uniform dress standard and now is the opportunity to make sure the term 4 uniform is set to go. Term 3 is always a big term and it culminates next Friday with our CoCurricular Prize Giving assembly.  

We have much to celebrate and to be proud of but importantly, if we model ourselves on Tom Price and understand that glory is not for the individual but the greater good. Then we we can be sure that we fulfil the imperative of the College blessing, that the world is a better place because we have “lived fully and loved wastefully”.   

Have a great weekend.


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