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09:15AM 19 October
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Junior School Tour (T4W02 2021)
09:00AM 27 October
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Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 28 October
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W3...
09:15AM 11 November
Week 5
Junior School Tour (T4W05 2021)
09:15AM 17 November
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Early Learning Centre Tour (T4W6...
05:00PM 03 December
Parents & Friends Picnic...
09:15AM 15 February
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W3...
09:15AM 24 February
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Junior School Tour (T1W04 2022)
09:00AM 03 March
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Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 09 March
Week 6
Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W6...
09:00AM 22 March
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Middle & Senior School Tour (...
09:15AM 22 March
Week 8
Junior School Tour (T1W08 2022)
09:15AM 31 March
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Early Learning Centre Tour (T1W9...
09:15AM 17 May
Week 3
Junior School Tour (T2W3 2022)
09:15AM 19 May
Week 3
Early Learning Centre Tour (T2W3...
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End of Term 1 Update


31 March 2021

End of Term 1 Update

End of Term 1 Update

I trust the first term of 2021 has gone well for you and your children. It has been refreshing to be involved in a fuller and fuller program of activities with more and more attendance allowable for parents.

Such a range of activity and excitement in a school is the envy of every Independent School in the United Kingdom at present from where of course I hear lots of news. We are privileged to be in such a well-ordered country where we can dedicate ourselves to fine educational experiences for young people and ensure within the context of the very fine leadership we see around us that normal life can go on and young people can prosper and flourish.

Please note below various matters of importance to bring to your attention. We write the end of term message so you are kept in touch with key information for the coming term and continue to set a tone of welcome and community, as well as firm direction and guidance. If ever you need to ask a silly question, have no fear. No question is silly in our eyes and we are delighted to support you.

Please note that on the first day of Term 2, Monday 19 April, I wish to spend a lot of time with my staff and thus there will not be great availability from my Professional Services colleagues or from Teaching staff. If you wish to resolve any matters that are vital for the start of term, may I suggest you raise them during the holidays. Otherwise, I wish to do a day of training and consultation with my colleagues, and I need time to do so. 

Otherwise, I look forward to seeing your children back at school on Tuesday 20 April. A packed Term 2 lies ahead of us and I congratulate all the students for their achievements in Term 1 and wish them well for what Term 2 will bring.

Dr John Newton

** Apologies for the subject line error in our email that said welcome back for 2021!



Term Dates 2022

  • Term 1: Wednesday 2 February – Thursday 14 April
    Long Weekend: Monday 14 March (Adelaide Cup)
  • Term 2: Tuesday 3 May – Friday 1 July (3.30pm)
    Long Weekend: Monday 13 June (Queen’s Birthday)
  • Term 3: Tuesday 26 July – Friday 30 September
    Long Weekend: Monday 5 September – (Pupil Free Day)
  • Term 4: Monday 17 October – Wednesday 14 December


Student & Team Successes in Term 1


  • Eddie Barton (Year 8, Mc) won gold medals at the State Swimming Championships in the 200m and 100m breaststroke events.
  • Winer Birkett (Year 11, Mc) has been selected in the 2021 South Australian Schools’ State Debating Squad. 
  • Denia Brenchley-Sheldon (Year 9, Do) recently competed in the Surf Life Saving Senior State Championships and won 2 gold medals and a silver medal. 
  • Aleisha Burrows (Year 8, Go) won gold medals at the State Swimming Championships in the 100m butterfly and 800m freestyle events.
  • Sophia Craddock (Year 10, Cn) has been selected in the South Australian Junior Elite Equestrian Show Jumping Squad.
  • Adam Holland (Year 11, Go, Pictured Above) won the British Rowing Indoor Championship late last year. He also competed in the Australian National Championships and was awarded the National Rowing Schoolboy Champion and placed 2nd in the Under 19 Men’s single.
  • Jess Jackson (Year 12, Do) competed in the Open State Swimming Championships and was placed top 6 in the state for all of her races. 
  • Harry Lemmy (Year 12, St) has been selected in the South Australian U17 Boys Cricket Team.
  • Jasmine Linke (Yeear 6) won gold medals at the State Swimming Championships in the 100m and 50m freestyle events.
  • Clare Matijevic (Year 11, St) has been selected in the South Australian U18 Girls Hockey Squad.
  • Zoe Nunn (Year 11, St) has been selected in the South Australian U18 Girls Hockey Squad.
  • Brooke Tonon (Year 12, St) has been selected n the South Australian U19 Girls Football Squad.
  • Congratulations to Will Lawes (Year 10, Mc) and Louis Glen (Year 10, Do) who were placed second at the Young ICT Explorers National Competition. Hannah Spargo (Year 5) and Bianca Ratcliff (Year 5) were also placed third.
  • Congratulations to Amy Wallace (Year 8, Cl) and Keagan Wallace (Year 10, CL0 who were both selected for the UN Youth Voice South Australian team.

We would also like to congratulate the following teams who were successful this term:

  • Girls VIII Rowing Team who won the Head of the River
  • Boys First XI Cricket team who won the state T20 tournament
  • Congratulations to the A Division Girls Softball team on their performance in the grand final of the IGSSA competition against Walford, winning the IGSSA Softball Shield for the 3rd consecutive year and completing an undefeated season. Read all about it here.
  • The Boys 1st VIII Rowing Squad claimed a Bronze medal in the School Boy 500m sprint race at the Australian Rowing Nationals


Wellbeing & Sports Centre Construction Update


Student Reports

Interim reports are now available for you to access in SEQTA Engage of reports for year 7 – 12.

If you have any difficulty then please contact Debra Murray (Senior School), Kerri Kumnick (Middle School) or Scotch ICT Helpdesk


Staff Update

  • Jane Crisp replaces Essie Kruckemeyer as the Performing Arts Secretary. Jane is an experienced administrator having previously worked with the Courts authority, Variety SA and 9 years at Sacred Heart as Foundation and Old Collegians Liaison Officer and Music Administrator.
  • Imara De Fonseka replaces Janine Edwards as a Faculty Support (Science). Imara comes to us with over 7 years experience in Laboratory and Quality control in food manufacturing operations. 
  • Rhys Halliday replaces Gerry Morris in the Canteen. Rhys has a belief that good food comes from a happy kitchen. He has been a long-time chef and small business owner.
  • Casey Harnett is the new Assistant Head of Sport on Torrens Park Campus.  Casey has a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Health Science. She completed her undergraduate degree with specialisations in Physical Education, Health and Biology. Casey has recently been working with the College as the Assistant Director of Rowing, Rowing Coach and Boarding House Assistant.
  • Rebecca Hodgson has commenced in the Philanthropy office and has replaced Sandra Mestros. Rebecca has over 18 years of building solid relationships in sales (Emirates), business development and social media.
  • Danica Male has commenced as a Learning Strategies Support staff member on the Torrens Park Campus. Danica has a Certificate III in Education Support and a Bachelor of Primary Education.
  • We would like to say thank you to Sirelle Mollison who took on the role of Head of Girls Sport for Term 1. 
  • Mandy Quin one of our part-time Receptionists has resigned and finishes at the end of term.


Sub- School Contact Details

Please note the following direct numbers for each section of the College:

  • Early Learning Centre            8274 4311
  • Junior School                          8274 4271
  • Middle School                        8274 4261
  • Senior School                         8274 4216

The automated absentee line is 8274 4242.


Traffic and Parking - Torrens Park Campus

We are currently reviewing traffic and pedestrian flow on the western side of campus along Carruth Road entry point and the main drive. We are trailing different solutions to improve the safety of pedestrians. This will include:

  • the marking of a shared pedestrian/vehicle space around the pavilion
  • a large safety mirror to give better vision on the pavilion corner
  • the addition of a new walkway and pedestrian crossing on the main drive
  • bus travellers will be using the southern side of the main gates pathway to exit campus 
  • all other pedestrians are to use the northern side of the gates to exit campus and cross Carruth parallel to the traffic calming speed hump. 
  • Mitcham Council will also be installing new signage and no parking zones to which we must all adhere.

What can you do to help keep our students safe in both our car parks and campus access points?

  1. When entering campus on Carruth Road or East Lane adhere to the speed limit of 10kmh
  2. When collecting your student use the identified area to avoid students walking in and around traffic
  3. When queuing please turn off your engine
  4. Avoid arranging to collect your student at the main gates 
  5. If a staff member asks you to do an action, please follow their guidance
  6. Respect mixed pedestrian/vehicle zones. Pedestrians have priority. 


Winter Uniform 

The uniform and appearance policy may be accessed here. Ensure your student fits their uniform. Blazer is the outer garment. All weatherproof jackets are to be worn only during inclement weather. Hair needs to be neat and tidy. Over the collar must be tied up. 

The College shop will be open on Thursday 15 April and Friday 16 April from 12.30pm until 4.30pm in the term break.


35mm Photography Club

Commencing in Week 2 of Term 2, the brand new 35mm Club will meet every Thursday in the Ligertwood Library after school! Participants will learn manual operation of 35mm cameras, photo composition, double exposures and a range of tips and tricks!

Bring your own 35mm camera or borrow one from the College - 2 rolls of film will be supplied to each member.

Contact Emily Murgatroyd for more information via


Collaboration & Inclusion on Mitcham Campus

I was chatting with Rebecca Backwell at the end of last week, discussing stamina. I had just asked everyone in assembly to indicate if they were feeling a bit weary  - and most hands shot up. These were hands of staff and students. It is not surprising, as it was nearing end of term and we had just come off the back of an Outdoor Education week and a Swimming Carnival week and recorded performance items for our Grandparents and Grand-friends to enjoy this week!

My observation to Rebecca was that this sequence of events is part of our annual routine, but this year it seems to have taken more of our energy than usual. Rebecca’s response caught me by surprise, as it was a through lens I hadn’t considered. She said that we just weren’t ‘match fit’ - 2020 had broken our momentum. 

For me the important message here was one of perspective taking and how important it is to see situations and events through different lenses. 

During our past few Assemblies and Essemblies, we have continued to focus on working our way through our ‘Be SCOTCH’ acronym (Be Safe, Be Collaborative, Be Organised, Be T, Be Courageous and Be Honest’) 
With a focus on collaboration we have been able to celebrate the importance and richness of diversity and to take different perspectives. I feel very proud of the many achievements of our Junior Campus students and staff this term. The recent Swimming Carnivals, Camp Week, Year 5 Signature Learning Experience Week, Grandparents’ / Grandfriends’ day recordings and Junior School Musical auditions are an excellent reflection of the strength of what can be achieved through collaboration. I was proud to sit on a Shark Tank style panel last week as the students of 5 Worthington made business pitches for their Entrepreneur Week – the theme was How do we make everyone feel included?

Their ideas were insightful, as they shared personal narratives and ideas and were strong examples of student agency and advocacy!

Ieva Hampson
Head of Mitcham Campus


Mitcham Campus Virtual Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day

Please check your email for the links sent to you, for our 2021 Virtual Mitcham Campus Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day. We hope you are able to forward these to loved ones and to share in the joy of the children’s performances. You will also hopefully have received two jigsaw boxes (still all in one piece!) to gift to loved ones. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back here on campus in 2022!


Junior Campus Musical (Year 3 – 6) Update

We are delighted to announce to the College community our casting for this year’s Junior School musical – Madagascar A Musical Showcase Jr.

Alex the Lion 

Sam Casey 

Marty the Zebra

Harry Poland 

Gloria the Hippo double cast

Jade Scaffidi Muta 

Bianca Ratcliff

Melman the Giraffe

Harry Geary 

Zookeeper Zelda

Sophie Adcock

Zookeeper Zeke

Abby Barrington Case

Zookeeper Zoe

Grace Buchanan

Lioness 1

Siyona Nagesh


Singing lionesses

Lily Rigmany 

Lucy Cameron

Tauwri Blauuw Robinson

Claudia Carney



Dancing lionesses

Charlotte Ellison

Delilah Gilbert

Chloe Vounasis


Mason the Chimpanzee

Jonathon Mason


Halle Deans 




Will Henderson


Zoe Windle


Ayla Kennedy




Georgina Chapman


Zoe Read


Chelsy Roberts


Hannah Spargo


Sophia Naish


Aston Bowman

King Julien

Billy Finlayson


Michael Athanasiadis

Candy Hammernose

Niamh Kearney


Lilla Miels 


Max Chen

Old Lady

Grace McIntyre

Police Officer 1

Cooper Jones

Police officer 2

Phoebe Menzel 

Lead Server # 1

Michael Athanasiadis

Lead Server # 2

Cooper Jones

Lead Server # 3

Phoebe Menzel

Animal Control officers x2

Amelia Canny

Winter Handsaker

Ships Captain

Marco Turich

Subway Announcer

Krystelle Tham

  • Hopper/Traino/Howland – Servers Steak
  • Cocks/Howland/Lane – Living in Paradise
  • Zoo Guests – Year 5
  • Lemurs – Year 4
  • Foosa – Year 3

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned and has shown excellent resilience to accept the outcome of the 3 rounds of auditions. It can be a very challenging experience for students. We have also appreciated the support that families have given to their children, during this process.

Help Required – we are looking for community support in a number of areas to help us produce this musical. Please contact me if you have any skills in costume making, sewing, makeup or hair styling, prop making. We have always been so impressed by what our community can do and look forward once again to working with you.

Jane Pope 
JS Music Coordinator 


YMCA Out of School Hours and Holiday Program Staffing

Welcome to Harley Dunstan who joins us as Scotch’s new YMCA Director. He has been working alongside Michelle Haines over the past week and will continue to do so for the first week of the holiday program. Michelle will remain our Service Regional Supervisor.


Important Dates: Term 2

Date Event(s)
Friday 2 April Good Friday
Monday 5 April Easter Monday
Tuesday 6 April ELC Club Scotch commences
Tuesday 13 April Mitcham Campus Code Camp commences
Thursday 15 April Mitcham Campus Code Camp concludes
Saturday 17 April Football Pre-season camp commences
Sunday 18 April Football Pre-season camp concludes
Monday 19 April Pupil Free Day
  Staff Professional Learning Day
  ELC Club Scotch concludes
Tuesday 20 April Term 2 commences
  Torrens Park Campus Winter Sport training commences
  Torrens Park Welcome back morning tea, 8.30am, Canteen/Webb Science Centre Courtyard
  Cabaret Night, 6.30pm, Chapel
Wednesday 21 April Netball season launch
Thursday 22 April Soccer season launch
  Football guernsey presentation, 6pm, Chapel
Friday 23 April Soccer season launch, 7.30am
Monday 26 April ANZAC day holiday
Tuesday 27 April Year 11/12 Outdoor Education Expedition 1 departs
  Football season launch
Thursday 29 April Year 11 Cameron breakfast, 7.15am
Monday 3 May Junior School Tour, 9.15am
Tuesday 4 May SACE Solo Performance, Drawing Room, 7pm
Wednesday 5 May ELC Mothers’ Day High Tea, 2.30pm-3.30pm
  Year 5 & 6 Digital Citizenship Series, 7-8pm
Thursday 6 May Year 11 Campbell breakfast, 7.15am
  Year 5 & 6 Digital Citizenship Series, 8-9am
Friday 7 May Southern Heights SAPSASA Cross Country, 11am
Tuesday 11 May NAPLAN Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 commences
Wednesday 12 May Year 12 Drama performance, 7pm
Thursday 13 May Year 12 Drama performance, 7pm
Friday 14 May NAPLAN Years 3, 5, 7 & 9 concludes
  Year 12 Drama performance, 7pm
Monday 17 May 9@Scotch Camp B departs
  Mitcham Campus Wellbeing week
Wednesday 19 May Torrens Park Campus Group Tour, 9am
  Shaping Space Dance performance, 7pm, Barr Smith Theatre
Thursday 20 May Year 11 Douglas breakfast, 7.15am
  Shaping Space Dance performance 7pm, Barr Smith Theatre
Friday 21 May Council, SLT and sub-committee Strategic Planning Day
  Whole school casual day
  Meet the Maker, 5pm
Monday 24 May Boarders week
Wednesday 26 May National Sorry Day
  ELC Group Tour, 9.15am
Thursday 27 May Year 11 Gordon breakfast, 7.15am
  Year 8 Music Spectacular, 7-9pm, Chapel
  P&F Joint meeting, 7pm
Friday 28 May Broken Hill Field Day
  9@Scotch Camp B returns
Saturday 29 May Broken Hill Field Day
Monday 31 May Reconciliation Day
  Year 7 Play, 6.30pm
Tuesday 1 June Year 7 Play, 6.30pm
  Year 5 & 6 Digital Citizenship Series, 7-8pm
Wednesday 2 June Year 5 & 6 Digital Citizenship Series, 8am-9am
Thursday 3 June Year 11 McGregor breakfast, 7.15am
  Junior School Group tour, 9.15am
Friday 4 June Mitcham Campus World Environment Day celebration
  ELC & Principal 4 year-old lunch, 12.30pm-1.30pm
Saturday 5 June Ceilidh, 6.30pm-10.30pm, Chapel
Monday 7 June ELC Parent Teacher interviews, 4pm
Tuesday 8 June Torrens Park Group Tour, 9am
  Year 12 Outdoor Education Training Day 2
Wednesday 9 June Year 11/12 OE Expedition No 2
Thurdsay10 June Year 11/12 OE Expedition No 2
  ELC Group Tour, 9.15am
Friday 11 June Torrens Park Photo Day
Saturday 12 June Rosevear open
Sunday 13 June Rosevear open
Monday 14 June Queens Birthday Holiday
Tuesday 15 June Take Fight @ Scotch 2022 Years 1-5
Thursday 17 June Year 11 Stewart breakfast, 7.15am
  Year 10 Play performance, 6pm
Friday 18 June Parents & Friends Quiz Night, 7pm
Monday 21 June Year 10 exams in class commence
  Year 11 exams commence
Wednesday 23 June Year 10 exams in class conclude
Thursday 24 June Year 11 exams conclude
  Mitcham Campus Leaders Induction Ceremony, 9.15am, Chapel 
  Year 10 into 11 Course Information workshop, 4-7pm
Friday 25 June Term 2 concludes at 3.30pm