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End of Term 2 Update


30 June 2017

End of Term 2 Update

End of Term 2 Update

Dear Parents

One of the key challenges for any school principal is to remain accessible to the whole school community.  One of the positive features of the last 2.5 years is that the vast majority of messages coming through my inbox or to my office have been incredibly positive and supportive.  However, there are always ways in which we can do better for parents.

I have been asked on numerous occasions to feedback the findings of the site Master Plan.  I intend to do this once Council have signed off the documents.  There are still details which will shortly be resolved. 

It is one of the conditions of our grant funding that we survey our parents on a regular basis.  Therefore, I hope to send out a parent survey in Term 3 and to use the feedback from that, the Master Plan process and our own detailed internal discussions to update parents on our current position as well as where Scotch is headed in the medium to long term. 

As a College, we must be self-critical and expect high achievement for ourselves as professionals. Your feedback will also help that process.

Otherwise we have had a fine first half of the academic year 2017.  I am always impressed by the way that our students are engaged in a whole plethora of activities, and the way they show good cheer when they are under pressure and tired.  Scotch is a school with minimal disciplinary issues due to its culture and support.  That does not mean that we take the enforcement of high standards for granted.

However, with an all-encompassing emphasis on wellbeing, and by sustaining a demanding, broad and relevant curriculum and co-curriculum, we enable your children to develop the resilience, relationships and engagement to enjoy a fulfilled youth. Our aim is to put our hands on our hearts and say we prepared for them well for their long term challenges.

Next term I recommend that you consider coming to either the Junior School or Senior School shows. Both will be spectacular.  Please always feel free to attend all sports fixtures and other events that we set up in the school on both the Mitcham Campus and the Torrens Park Campus.  Scotch is for the whole family to enjoy.

I wish you all very well for the midyear break.

Warmest regards

John H Newton



Tree Redevelopment

As part of the College’s commitment to safety and our tree maintenance programs for the hundreds of trees around the College grounds there have unfortunately been a small number of trees identified for removal and significant canopy reductions.

These trees have been independently assessed by one of Adelaide’s leading arboriculturists and the recommendations provided have been endorsed by the City of Mitcham Council’s tree inspectors who have supported three key development approvals for the following trees.

  • A significant canopy reduction to the large river red gum tree (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) at the northern end of the main oval. This tree has been on the high watch list for a number of years and underwent a small canopy reduction in 2014 but has continued to deteriorate to the point where a significant reduction of the canopy is the only safe option to maintain this tree in this highly utilised location.
  • Removal of the two spotted gum trees (Corymbia maculate) in the Middle School courtyard. These two large trees with high canopies that also have little to no lower branch structures have reached a point where their safety cannot continue to be addressed by canopy reduction alone as their size increasingly makes them more prone to sudden and unexpected limb drop. In addition one pine tree (Cupressus sempervirens) will be removed to make way for 5 new shade trees along with six ornamental trees to revegetate the quadrangle. The large palm tree in this area has been recommended for relocation at a yet to be determined time.
  • Removal of the river red gum tree (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) in the children’s play area of the Early Learning Centre. This tree has been on the high watch list for a number of years and it has reached a size and age where again canopy reductions can no longer be relied upon to resolve the risk of sudden and unexpected limb drop. The tree negatively impacts on the educational program in the ELC on days where the risk of limb fall is deemed to be higher, as the surrounding play area is closed as a safety precaution. Swanbury Penglase Architects have designed a new natural play area that will be installed immediately following the removal of the tree. The design incorporates a number of new sensible plantings as well as leaving the stump of the tree and exposing the root system as a play feature.

As well as the above works to address safety concerns for significant trees, there are a number of other trees that have also been recommended for removal.

  • Removal of the gum tree (Corymbia variegate) located on the norther boundary of the Torrens Park Campus near the Gratton change rooms. This year is the first year that the College has used drone technology for high canopy assessments. The footage of the main junction of this tree showed that it is hollow and full of water. This is not visible from ground level. This junction will fail in the foreseeable future and poses a serious risk to the two adjacent properties. A row of lilly pilly “neighbour be gone” hedging trees will be planted to beautify the steep bank that drops away to the fence line.
  • Removal of three smaller eucalyptus trees (two Eucalyptus botryoides and one Eucalyptus ovata) and one casuarina and one callistemon from the lawns opposite the Early Learning Centre entrance. These trees will be replaced with a boulevard planting of acer negundo sensation trees between the Albert Street gates and ELC main entrance. Plans to provide further planting to enhance the entry statement from the Albert Street gates are also being drawn up.

These works have been scheduled in for the coming midyear break to be undertaken in conjunction with our regular annual tree maintenance pruning and dead wooding activities. The timing of this is aimed at removing the risk prior to the high risk period of heavy rains and then the change in season to summer heat which are the two main contributing factors with sudden and unexpected limb failure.

Over the past number of years the College’s grounds team and others have planted a number of new trees around the Torrens Park Campus including ornamental pear trees along the main oval terracing and adjacent to the flag poles in front of the Montrose wing of the Boarding House, as well as a number of fruit trees in the Harmony Garden with plans to add more fruit trees around the garden in the coming months. There have been a number of South Australian blue gums planted in the Blythewood Road car park, pencil pines on the western banks of the Chapel and by the Maitland Building and another 5 ornamental pear trees at the western end of the Disney Building.

New plantings on the Mitcham Campus have included maples, crepe myrtles, apples and gleditsia around Classroom Block 1 as well as crepe myrtles and ornamental pear trees in the Kallawar car park and on the southern side of Classroom Block 2 and a jacaranda tree on the Kallawar lawns. There have been a number of crab apple trees also planted in the Anna Casey memorial garden and in the ELC.

The commitment to a safe and healthy green landscape is part of the Scotch plan and whilst there have been a number of large trees recently lost to poor health, storms and white ants it is important to recognise the planning and efforts to maintain this essential part of the school grounds most recently highlighted by the Prescott Courtyard upgrade thanks to our 2016 Annual Appeal.

If you would like to raise any issues regarding the school grounds please do not hesitate to send me an email or contact me to discuss in person. 

Stephen Larsen
Infrastructure Manager


Torrens Park Musical – The Addams Family

The students are excited to be presenting The Addams Family Musical in 2017.  Teaming up for their sixth year in row is Adam Goodburn as Director, Linda Williams as Choreographer / Assistant Director and Antony Hubmayer stepping into a Producer role this year, with new addition to the team Briony Nickels as Musical Director.

The Addams Family Musical premiered on Broadway in 2010 and won the  Audience Award for Favourite New Broadway Musical. The Australian premiere occurred in Sydney in 2013. For musical theatre aficionados, Scotch College will be presenting the US touring version of the show.

Season dates:  28, 29 July at 7pm, 30 July at 3pm, 3, 4, 5 August at 7pm

To book your tickets, please click here.  Adults $30, Children/Concession $15


Mitcham Campus Musical – Dear Edwina

We also look forward to the Mitcham Campus Musical, Dear Edwina, in Term 3 and further information will be available early next term.


Student Successes

  • Jake Bastian, Yr 10 Douglas, has been selected in the SSSSA State Swimming Team.
  • Tess Bastian, Yr 11 Douglas, has been selected in the SSSSA State Swimming Team.
  • Sophie Casey, Yr 7 Cameron, was selected to compete at the State Cross Country Competition.  Sophie has now been selected in the South Australian team and will travel to Hobart in August.
  • Callum Coleman-Jones, Yr 12 Douglas, has been selected in the South Australian U18 Football Team.  Callum has also been named Captain.
  • Harvey Doney, Yr 7 Stewart, has been selected to compete in the SAPSASA School Sport Tennis Championships and will travel to Shepparton, Victoria in October.
  • Lucy Doney Yr 9 Cameron, competed at the National Athletics Championships and came 2nd in the Triple Jump and 4th in the Long Jump.  She also broke the interschool Athletics record for the Triple Jump, breaking it by over 60cms which would have broken all records in all age groups. 
  • Adam Holland, Yr 7 Gordon, has been selected in the SSSSA State Swimming Team.
  • Jessica Jackson, Yr 8 Douglas, for being selected in the SSSSA State Swimming Team.  Jessica will participate in the School Sport Australia Pacific School Games Swimming Championship which is being held in Adelaide from 2nd to 9th December.
  • Lucy Knight 9 McGregor has been selected in the U16 Girls Basketball Team and will travel to Perth in July.
  • Ris Mosel, Yr 11 Douglas, was selected for the 2017 Class of Cabaret.  He attended workshops in Terms 1 and 2 as well as master classes from cabaret mentors and professional artists.  He also performed during the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. 
  • Tom Powell, Yr 10 Douglas, has been selected to compete in the SSSSA Tennis Championships to be held in Perth and Mandurah.
  • Scarlett Robinson, Yr 7 Douglas, was selected to compete at the State Cross Country Competition.
  • Daniel Sladejovic, Yr 11 McGregor, has been selected in the South Australian U16 AFL State team.
  • Congratulations to Phoebe Spurrier, Yr 12 Stewart and Sophia Visvardis, Yr 12 Douglas, who won the state final for The Evatt Competition. The National final is later in the year in Canberra.
  • Daniel Wiersema, Yr 7 Campbell, was selected to compete at the State Cross Country Competition.
  • Finn Williams, Year 7 Stewart, was selected to compete at the State Cross Country Competition. 


Sub- School Contact Details

Please note the following direct numbers for each section of the College:

  • Early Learning Centre 8274 4311
  • Junior School 8274 4271
  • Middle School 8274 4261
  • Senior School 8274 4216

The automated absentee line is 8274 4242.


2018 Term Dates

Please see below the confirmed 2018 term dates (exeat and public holiday info here): 

Term 1             Wednesday 31 January – Friday 13 April (3.30pm finish)

Term 2             Monday 30 April – Friday 29 June (3.30pm finish)

Term 3             Monday 23 July – Friday 28 September (3.30pm finish)

Term 4             Monday 15 October – Tuesday 11 December (12.30pm finish)

For ELC term dates please contact the ELC office on 8274 4311.


Staffing Changes

  • Yvonne Rosevear (Boarding staff) has resigned and will finish at the end of this term.  We wish Yvonne all the best for her retirement.
  • Jane Bourne (Director of International Admissions) finished at the end of this term after approximately 20 years of service.  Jane has worked in various areas of the College, including marketing, philanthropy, enrolments and most recently recruiting international students.  We wish Jane very well.
  • Lauren Rulfs (Maths and Science teacher, TP Campus) is currently on maternity leave. 
  • Kathy Kfoury (Laboratory Assistant) leaves us after 7 years of service.  We wish Kathy all the best for her future.
  • Britta Corones (CLIP Co-ordinator) finishes at Scotch this term after more than 10 years of service.  Britta has worked in the Languages Department on both campuses and most recently with our international students in the CLIP area.  Britta will be replaced by Cathryn Cardie and Heather McKinnon.
  • We also welcome back Rohan Young from long service leave.

New staff members include:

  • Sherilyn Craven (Service Learning Assistant).  Sherilyn works part time on our Torrens Park Campus.
  • John Harker (Maintenance staff) has recently been made permanent.
  • Owen Osborne (Faculty Operations Co-ordinator – Science) will commence in the holidays.
  • Ana Gozalo Martinez will commence in Term 3 as the Philanthropy and External Relations Co-ordinator.
  • Nina Richards (Mitcham Campus Teacher) will commence in Term 3 and will be working with our students in the Performing Arts area.
  • Sofie Yankou (ELC Educator) will also commence in Term 3.



The correct wearing of the College Uniform and following Appearance Rules are expected of all students. The way in which the uniform is worn reflects pride in school, preparedness to maintain the standards of the College and personal values. For the most part the majority of our students wear the uniform appropriately and present well following rules about make-up, hair and jewellery.

However some individuals choose to push the boundaries and in some instances this is seemingly supported by their parents. It is important that we are all on the same page about this matter and set the standard. If there are extenuating circumstances for why the rules regarding uniform are unable to be followed, please email your Heads of Campus to discuss the implications and way forward.

Upon our return to school in Term 3 please note there will be consequences for those students who do not meet the Uniform and Appearance standards as outlined in our Uniform and Appearance policy.


Drop off and pick up areas

Parents are reminded to please be patient and comply with the designated drop off and pick up areas in the Carruth Road car park.  Please do not go beyond the bollards towards the Rose Garden and Chapel.


2016 School Performance Information Report

Please note that this report is available on our website at   Please click here for further information.


Notice of Withdrawal

Please can I remind parents that if you are considering withdrawing your child from Scotch College a full term’s notice in writing to the Principal or Head of Campus is required. I understand that some families may be juggling with decisions around possible transfers involving relocation and job opportunities and may not even have confirmed these moves yet. It is advisable to let the College know if there is a chance that a move may be possible, to avoid incurring any unnecessary fee penalty.


Extended Absences

Parents are reminded that if they intend to take their child out of school for an extended period of time (more than 5 school days), at least 6 weeks’ written notice must be given to the relevant Head of School.  Students can miss out on vital school work and if given enough prior notice, teachers can set work for students to do while they are on leave.


Important Dates – Term 3

Monday 3 July

  • School Holiday Program begins
  • Boarder’s Ski trip departs
  • Netball Trip departs for Melbourne

Saturday 8 July

  • Boarder’s Ski trip returns
  • Netball Trip returns
  • GAIL – South Africa trip returns

Friday 14 July

  • First XVIII Football vs Scotch College Melbourne

Thursday 20 July       

  • First XVIII Football tour to Melbourne departs

Sunday 23 July

  • First XVIII Football tour to Melbourne returns
  • Boarding House opens at 2pm

Monday 24 July

  • Term 3 commences

Thursday 27 July       

  • Australian Maths Competition, Junior School

Friday 28 July            

  • The Addams Family, 7pm, Fisher Chapel
  • Old Collegians Annual City Dinner, 7pm

Saturday 29 July

  • The Addams Family, 7pm Fisher Chapel
  • Old Collegians 30 Year Reunion, 7pm

Sunday 30 July

  • The Addams Family, 3pm, Fisher Chapel
  • Pedal Prix, Victoria Park, all day

Tuesday 1 August

  • ICAS English Competition, Junior School
  • Year 12 OE Training Day
  • Mitcham Campus Parent/Teacher interviews, 3.30pm onwards

Wednesday 2 August

  • Year 10 Senior School Information evening, 7pm

Thursday 3 August

  • The Addams Family, 7pm, Fisher Chapel

Friday 4 August         

  • The Addams Family, 7pm, Fisher Chapel
  • Blinman Dinner, 7pm Blinman

Saturday 5 August     

  • The Addams Family, 7pm Fisher Chapel

Monday 7 August      

  • Year 12 Parent/Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards

Tuesday 8 August      

  • Debating, TP Junior and Intermediate, 6.30pm onwards at Wilderness School

Wednesday 9 August 

  • ELC Tour, 9am
  • MASA Quiz Night, 7pm
  • Debating, TP Senior B, 6.30pm, Senior A 1&2 8pm at Blackfriars Priory

Thursday 10 August  

  • Torrens Park Tour 9am
  • Mitcham Campus Musical, Dear Edwina, Matinee, 11.30am
  • Mitcham Campus Musical, Dear Edwina, 7pm
  • Netball Supporters Dinner, 7pm

Friday 11 August       

  • Walk a Mile in My Boots, 7.30am
  • Mitcham Campus Musical, Dear Edwina, 7pm

Monday 14 August    

  • Junior School – Science Week Future Earth, all week
  • OE Self Directed Expedition departs
  • Year 7-11 Parent/Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards
  • ELC Fraser Parent/Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards all week

Tuesday 15 August    

  • ICAS Maths Competition, Junior School

Wednesday 16 August 

  • Year 7-11 Parent/Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards
  • APSMO Maths Olympiad – Year 7 students

Thursday 17 August  

  • Mitcham Campus Photo Day
  • Torrens Park Campus, Friday timetable

Friday 18 August       

  • Torrens Park Campus, Thursday timetable

Saturday 19 August   

  • Teenage Fashion Awards

Sunday 20 August     

  • Teenage Fashion Awards

Monday 21 August    

  • Book week
  • ELC Individual Photos
  • Robocup Junior Competition

Tuesday 22 August    

  • ELC Individual Photos
  • Debating, TP Junior, 6.30pm at PAC
  • Debating, TP Intermediate B, 7.30pm at PAC
  • Debating, TP Intermediate A, 8.30pm at PAC
  • Torrens Park P&F Meeting, 7pm

Wednesday 23 August 

  • ELC Individual Photos
  • Debating, TP Senior B, 6.30pm at Concordia College
  • Debating, TP Senior A 1&2, 8pm at Concordia College

Thursday 24 August  

  • Mitcham Campus P&F meeting, 7pm

Saturday 26 August   

  • Winter Intercol at Pulteney Grammar School
  • Football/Netball Dinner, 6.30pm
  • Senior Soccer Dinner, 6.30pm

Monday 28 August    

  • Year 12 trial exams commence (all week)

Tuesday 29 August    

  • Year 11 Leadership Day
  • Year 8 Immunisation
  • Middle School Football Presentation, 6pm
  • Music Performance Assessment, 7pm

Wednesday 30 August 

  • Year 11 City Challenge, depart for camp at lunchtime

Thursday 31 August  

  • Year 11 Leadership Camp at Adare
  • Save A Life Parent Information, 6.30pm

Friday 1 September    

  • ELC Father’s Day Breakfast, 8am
  • Junior School Father’s Day Breakfast, 8am
  • Year 10 Safe A Life Program, 8.45am
  • Year 11 students return from camp

Monday 4 September 

  • Pupil Free Day

Tuesday 5 September 

  • Year 11 OE Training Day

Wednesday 6 September 

  • APSMO Maths Olympiad – Year 7
  • Middle/Junior School Netball breakup, 6pm

Thursday 7 September 

  • SACE Dance Showcase, 11am and 7pm
  • Students vs Old Collegians winter sport matches

Friday 8 September    

  • Founder’s Day
  • Scotch Seniors Luncheon, 12 noon

Monday 11 September 

  • Year 12 Parent/Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards
  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 1 departs

Wednesday 13 September 

  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 1 returns
  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 2 departs

Thursday 14 September 

  • ELC Tour 9am
  • Sounds of Scotch – Choral, 6.30pm, St Peter’s Cathedral

Friday 15 September  

  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 2 returns

Sunday 17 September

  • City to Bay Fun Run

Monday 18 September 

  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 3 departs
  • 9@Scotch Camp 9C departs
  • ELC Parent Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards

Tuesday 19 September 

  • ELC Parent Teacher interviews, 4pm onwards

Wednesday 20 September 

  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 3 returns
  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 4 departs

Thursday 21 September 

  • Junior School Tour, 9am

Friday 22 September  

  • Mitcham Campus Sports Day
  • Pedal Prix departs for Murray Bridge
  • Year 7 Camp Coorong 4 returns

Saturday 23 September 

  • Pedal Prix Murray Bridge

Sunday 24 September

  • Pedal Prix Murray Bridge return
  • Year 11 OE Expedition – Mt Arapiles departs

Monday 25 September 

  • Japan trip departs
  • ELC Transition Visits – Fraser
  • ELC Learning Journey Information Session, 4-5pm

Thursday 28 September

  • Year 8 Ag – Fleurieur Tour

Friday 29 September  

  • 9@Scotch Camp 9C returns
  • Term 3 concludes at 3.30pm
  • Boarding House closes at 6pm

Monday 2 October     

  • Labour Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 3 October     

  • School Holiday Program commences

Wednesday 11 October 

  • Japan Trip returns

Friday 13 October      

  • School Holiday Program concludes

Sunday 15 October    

  • Boarding House opens at 2pm

Monday 16 October   

  • Term 4 commences