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End of Term 2 Update


24 June 2021

End of Term 2 Update

End of Term 2 Update

It has been another term of wonderful activity and I pay tribute to your children for their involvement and energy over the past few months.

The sense of community remains extremely strong, and I am grateful to all parents and students who have tolerated the disruption created by having a major building site on the Torrens Park Campus.

We have enjoyed consulting our students, staff, and other members of the community about how we will activate and exploit all that the Wellbeing and Sports Centre has to offer. We are excited by the initial responses. There is huge enthusiasm and energy in our community about this project, and I am confident that it will change us deeply as we see this investment pay its dividends.

You will have received notification that our distinguished Chair, Raymond Spender, will step down from the Council in August and he will be replaced by Todd Roberts, an exceptional Old Collegian and supporter of our College in so many ways. In case you missed it, you can watch a video message from myself, Raymond and Todd here.

Please note the first notice in this newsletter about our discussions and initiatives around consent. This is a critical part of any school’s life and I reassure parents that it remains a high priority for us to ensure your children’s wellbeing is protected and enhanced by this community. 

I wish everyone well for all any travels over the break with hopes that the Covid outbreak can continue to be controlled, and that life can return more and more to normal.

Dr John Newton



Consent Education

Parents will be aware of the heightened public focus on consent over the last few weeks.

We are a self-critical College. We do not take our reputation as a strong and supporting community for granted. The wellbeing needs of young people are always complex to manage and we are never complacent in this area. 

Due to increased media attention, we immediately met to decide on our response. The heightened expectations of young people about consent were welcome to us and we wanted to make an authentic response. Dale Bennett took the lead in reviewing our policy, our programmes, and the mode and manner of our messages to our students.

We already have a strong culture of wellbeing and protective practices, and for many years we have stressed the debt of service and respect each student owes another in this very special community. 

However, the fresh emphasis on consent has inspired us to spend time crafting an enhanced, authentic, and purposeful response. These matters are important to young people. Our response had to be high impact, comprehensive (so it addressed every student of the appropriate age in the College), well-informed and protracted. 

To that end we have consulted widely, recrafted our policy around consent including our definitions, understandings and a reiteration of our extremely high standards and expectations. We have also done a wholescale review of our curriculum offering on this matter. We have carried through on our actions so far and will continue to do so.

I am privileged to work with a team of staff who intuitively understand the importance of these matters. Since the beginning of the year inclusive leadership has been a strong emphasis for our staff leaders, and we have for some time now stressed the critical power of student voice. These two principles have come together to help us better remind our community that consent is needed in all circumstances so that no member of our school ever feels exploited or uncomfortable, but on the contrary supported, respected and highly regarded.

This process will go on into Terms 3 and 4 as our renewed expectations become embedded in school life. Can I fundamentally stress that this is not an issue that will ever go away. It is not a matter that we will tick off and move on from. It requires example, instruction, guidance, decisive action when infringements occur, and most of all (and something I highly value at Scotch) a committed culture of wellbeing which stresses a profound sympathy for who our students are and how they fit into a complex community such as ours.

Our aim is that our students should not only be happy in school, but also leaders and callers-out on behaviour which is utterly unacceptable and excludes others in broader society.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Dale.


School Performance Report

Please also be aware that as a standard practice, we have uploaded our School Performance Data for 2020 onto our College website. Please click here for to view the report (scroll down the the Reports section).  This is an official report we are required to make to you, and I trust you enjoy reading of the incredible range of activities and achievements that make up life at Scotch.


Sibling Enrolments

This is a reminder to all our current families who have younger children not currently enrolled at Scotch College. If you are looking to enrol younger siblings, please ensure you have completed an application form to put your child on the waiting list.

Torrens Park Campus

The College is at, or near, capacity in most year levels from 2022 onwards, and we cannot guarantee there will be a place for a sibling if they are not on the waiting list. Please contact the Enrolments Office at if you would like to discuss a future enrolment or to complete an application form, please click here.  

Mitcham Campus

If you have a younger child at home, please do not forget that a separate application is required for children to attend the Scotch College Junior School, to the Early Learning Centre application (but only one application fee is payable). Places across our whole College are highly sought after. If you are not sure if you have submitted a Junior School application for your child, please check with our Enrolments Office

Early Learning Centre

We have very few vacancies available in the ELC for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022. If your child has a younger sibling and you would like them to attend our ELC, please click here to complete an application form. Places must be offered according to the date we receive the original application. 

It is not uncommon for parents to change their minds about their child’s schooling between the time they apply for place in the ELC, and when they start school. However, the information on the original application is used to allocate a place in our ELC, unless the school is notified otherwise.


Semester 1 Student Reports

Please note that the Semester 1 student reports are now available from SEQTA Engage.


Student Successes

(Please note that we attempt to capture as many of these as we can and are happy to hear of any more for future inclusion in school publications and messages.)

  • Jack Bushell (Year 10 McGregor) competed in the 2021 Australian Senior League Championships for the Adelaide Armada Baseball Team.
  • Sophie Casey (Year 11 Cameron) has been named Captain of the South Australian U17 Netball Team.
  • Trystan Haigh (Year 10 Campbel) competed in the Gymnastics SA State Championships and finished 2nd overall in Men’s Level 7 Open.  His individual apparatus results were 1st on Rings, 2nd on Pommel, 3rd on Vault and 3rd on High Bar.  
  • Parnia Hatami (Year 9 Cameron) was runner up for an Australian Music Examination Board competition for Harp, which she had only been playing for 8 months.  
  • Brooke Tonan (Year 12 Stewart) has been selected in the SANFLW Team of the Year.
  • Hattie Tyrer (Year 8 McGregor) was Player of the Match in the Grand Final of the U13 State Hockey Championships.  
  • Amy Wallace (Year 8 Campbell) has been selected in the Football South Australian Girls State Development program.  


Sub- School Contact Details

Please note the following direct numbers for each section of the College:

  • Early Learning Centre: 8274 4311
  • Junior School: 8274 4271
  • Middle School: 8274 4261
  • Senior School: 8274 4216
  • The automated absentee line is 8274 4242.


2022 Term Dates

Please see below the confirmed 2022 term dates:  

  • Term 1: Wednesday 2 February – Thursday 14 April (Term concludes at 12.30pm)
    • Exeats: 14 March (Adelaide Cup)
  • Term 2: Tuesday 3 May – Friday 1 July (Term concludes at 3.30pm)
    • Exeats: 13 June (Queen’s Birthday)
  • Term 3: Tuesday 26 July – Friday 30 September (Term concludes at 3.30pm)
    • Exeats: Monday 5 September – Pupil free day
  • Term 4: Monday 17 October – Wednesday 14 December

For ELC term dates please contact the ELC office on 8274 4311.


Staff Successes

Ed McInnes has been named as one of the Microsoft Imagine Cup Teachers of the Year for his involvement in implementing the ICJ Hack-a-thon at Scotch earlier this year.


Staffing Changes

  • We farewell Antony Hubmayer as Head of Performing Arts after 17 years of dedicated service in this faculty.  We wish Antony all the best for his future.  Please note that Briony Nickels will be Acting Head of Music and Kristen Porter will be the Coordinator of Vocal Programs.
  • Jessica Powell and Kirsty Hart will commence Maternity Leave at the end of the term, and we wish them all the very best.  
  • Melinda Christie will be Acting Head of LOTE for Terms 3 and 4.
  • Andrew Tremain will take long service leave for Term 3 only.
  • Ross Hand and Alison McCarthy are taking LSL for Term 3 and 4.
  • Jess Di Iorio will be McGregor House mentor role taking over from Michelle McGrath.
  • New staff joining the College will be Lucy Young (Music), Lucy Menadue (Ag and Science), Vicky Guo (Maths, Science and Cameron House mentor), Teagan Schmidt (Food Tech, CCS and Gordon House mentor), Kay Petherbridge (French), Michael Byrne & Paige Day (Design & Tech).
  • We welcome Andrej Pistotnik as Head of Rowing.  Andrej holds a Bachelor of Paramedicine, Advance Diploma in Sport Management and a Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education.  He is a professional athlete in Rowing (7 World Championships, 2 European Championships and 2008 Olympian).  He has been the Head of Rowing and Sport Performance at Trinity Lutheran College in Queensland for the last 6 years.  


End of Year Program for Year 10

Our students will finish their examinations at the end of week 5 – November 10 and then they will have the opportunity to go to Goose Island, work on an integrated learning project (which they will start in their PLP classes), do service learning, participate in work experience if they wish, university visits including Tonsley and Lot 14, first aid training and other life skills e.g., changing a tyre and money matters. Work experience will be optional for students, as many workplaces find it difficult to take on students due to compliance. Planning for this will take place in Term 3.

As we have a change of semester then there will be changes to teachers from semester 2 for many classes as students start their new elective choices. 


Drop off and pick up areas

Parents are reminded to please be patient and comply with the designated drop off and pick up areas in the Carruth Road car park.  Please do not drive beyond the bollards towards the Rose Garden and Chapel.


Mitcham Campus Staff News

  • As we conclude the term, I would like to thank Miss Eliza Howland for her valuable, confident and inspiring contributions to our Year 6 team throughout Semester 1. Eliza has taught Year 6A two days a week and Year 6C two days a week, covering Paul Traino and Sam Cock, who have taught the Digital Technologies course whilst Mrs Jo Rea has been on maternity leave.
  • Eliza has been a generous, warm and collaborative colleague and we look forward to seeing her throughout Semester 2, as she undertakes relief work across Mitcham campus. Therefore, rather than saying farewell to Eliza at the end of term, we said ‘thank you’ at our Leadership Induction Ceremony and end of term Assembly.
  • We look forward to welcoming back Mrs. Jo Rea, to the Digital Technologies program, after her maternity leave and recent trip to New Zealand to introduce Frankie to her family.
  • We also welcome back, more formally, Mrs Jacqui Fenlon who has been carefully and gently preparing our Prep students for their transition to school. 

Our Preps spent Tuesday morning with us, including their first recess in the playground, and we can already see that this group of 18 children are ready to thrive!  We will be welcoming our Preps at a special ceremony in the first week of term.


Mitcham Campus Semester 1 Reports

Semester 1 reports are available to families today (Friday 25 June) from 3:30pm through the Parent Portal. 


Student Leadership Celebration

Congratulations to our Semester 2 House Captains who have been elected by their Houses. We look forward to their leadership and ideas. At this week’s ceremony, their Semester 1 counterparts handed them their House flags (which have proudly been displayed by the pool) for safe keeping and raising again in Term 3.

  • Bruce House: Sophie Adcock and Sam Venus
  • Kyre House: Lucinda Just and Tom Spark
  • Lovat House: Abigail Barrington-Case and Michael Kavanagh
  • Montrose House: Tomi Doble and Sophie Walton

We have also inducted 36 new SRC delegates and 36 Green Team delegates (from Reception to Year 6) for the coming semester. The leadership message at this week’s ceremony is based on the idea that imperfections and disappointments are part of our makeup, and make us unique. Rather than avoiding or ignoring these, we can recognise their part in our development and character. We can embrace them with greater acceptance of our flaws and the flaws in others. We shared the Japanese artform of Kingsugi. Broken is seen as beautiful, as the Japanese repair broken pottery by re-joining it with gold. The flaw is highlighted and the re-connection is seen as just another part of the object.


SunSmart – Hats Required from Term 3

Term 3 sees the return to high UV index (despite the cloud and cool weather). As a SunSmart school, we ask students to wear their hats during the school day.


Parents and Friends – Thank You

Thank you to the brilliant P&F team supporting the Mitcham Campus community! There have been many social events held for year levels over the year and wonderful support of our programs and events. We are also delighted to have funding from the Parents and Friends to purchase some brilliant LED lights for our Performing Arts Studio, that will give our students the experience of performing on a stage in readiness for events in the Chapel and offsite. Our students will also benefit from the funding of a net behind our footy goals by the oval, preventing their precious sports equipment from floating down the creek!


Junior School Musical – Madagascar Jr.

With the Torrens Park Musical, Beauty and the Beast, we remind families to keep their eyes peeled for the sale of our tickets to Madagascar Jr at the beginning of next term. The production promises to be a colourful, toe-tapping affair, perfect for the whole family.


Junior School Photo Day – 12 August 

A reminder that we have our Junior School photography day coming up, 12 August, families have been sent information regarding how to book group and portrait photographs for 2021. Photos can only be ordered and purchased online. Visit this link or the website and use the online order code: J35 VHV YXC


Key Dates for Term 3

Date Event(s)
Monday 28 June ELC Club Scotch commences
Monday 12 July Code Camp commences Mitcham Campus
Wednesday 14 July Code Camp concludes 
Thursday 15 July Football Tour commences (Brisbane)
Sunday 18 July Football Tour concludes
Monday 19 July Staff Professional Development Day
  ELC Club Scotch concludes
  Boarders return from 1pm
  Boarding Parents event 5pm, Rosevear Boarding House
Tuesday 20 July Term 3 commences
  TP Welcome Back Parent Morning Tea, 8.30am, Webb Science Courtyard
  Year 10, 2022 Information Night, 6.45pm-7.30pm
Friday 23 July Beauty and the Beast, 7pm, Chapel
Saturday 24 July Beauty and the Beast, 7pm, Chapel
Sunday 25 July Beauty and the Beast, 2pm, Chapel
Monday 26 July 9@Scotch Camp C departs
Tuesday 27 July ELC tour, 9.15am
Wednesday 28 July Beauty and the Beast, 11am, for Musical Schools only, Chapel
Thursday 29 July Year 11 Cameron Breakfast, 7.15am, Archives Room
  Beauty and the Beast, 7pm, Chapel
Friday 30 July SCOCA Annual City Dinner, 7pm
  Beauty and the Beast, 7pm, Chapel
Saturday 31 July Beauty and the Beast, 7pm, Chapel (final performance)
Monday 2 August Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm, Yr 12 non exam subjects
Thursday 5 August Madagascar, 11.30am and 7pm, Chapel
Friday 6 August Madagascar, 11.30am and 7pm, Chapel
  9@Scotch Camp C returns
Saturday 7 August Blinman Long Lunch,12.30pm
  Year 7 Parents P&F Night, The Edinburgh Hotel, 7pm
Monday 9 August Year 12 OE Expedition No 3 departs
Tuesday 10 August Year 10 Immunisations
  Junior School Group Tour, 9.15am
Wednesday 11 August SA Band Festival, Westminster
Thursday 12 August SA Band Festival, Westminster
  Year 12 OE Expedition No 3 returns
  Mitcham Campus Photo Day
  Torrens Park course choice forms to be returned
  Oxford Lecture by Dr Newton, 6pm-7.30pm
Friday 13 August SA Band Festival, Westminster
Saturday 14 August Year 12 Parents P&F Night, The Edinburgh Hotel, 7pm
Monday 16 August Parent Teacher Interviews, Years 7-11, 4pm-7.45pm
Tuesday 17 August MC Digital Citizenship Series for Families, 6pm-7pm
Wednesday 18 August MC digital Citizenship Series for Families, 8.50am-9.30am
  ELC Group Tour, 9.15am
  Parent Teacher Interviews, Year 7 – 11, 4.15pm-8pm
  Winter Inter Collegiate Cup – Pulteney commences
Thursday 19 August Torrens Park Campus Group Tour, 9am
Friday 20 August Mitcham Campus P&F Meeting, 8.45am
  Year 8 Parents P&F Night, 7pm, The Edinburgh Hotel
Saturday 21 August Winter Inter Collegiate Cup – Pulteney concludes
  Year 10 parents P&F Night, 7pm, The Edinburgh Hotel
Monday 23 August Year 12 Exams begin
Tuesday 24 August Year 11 Impact Week commences
Wednesday 25 August Year 11 Camp – Adare departs
Thursday 26 August Year 12 Exams conclude
  Year 10 Parent Session – Save A Life, 5.45pm
Friday 27 August Year 11 Camp – Adare returns
Saturday 28 August Year 11 Parents P&F Night, 7pm, The Edinburgh Hotel
Monday 30 August 9@Scotch Camp D departs
  Mitcham Campus Learning Progress meetings, 3.30pm-8pm
Tuesday 31 August Year 11 OE Training Day
  Mitcham Campus Learning Progress meetings, 3.30pm-5.30pm
  SACe Music Performance, 7pm
Thursday 2 September Old Collegians Sport Afternoon, 3.30pm-6pm
Friday 3 September ELC Fathers’ Day Breakfast, 8am
  Founders Day Assembly 11.30am
  Scotch Seniors Lunch, 12.45pm
  Year 9 Parents P&F Night, 7pm, The Edinburgh Hotel
Monday 6 September Club Scotch
  College closure day
Tuesday 7 September MS Soccer presentation, 3.45pm
  Sounds of Scotch Bands, 6.30pm-8pm, Chapel
Wednesday 8 September MS Netball presentation, 3.45pm
  Sounds of Scotch Bands, 6.30pm-8pm, Chapel
Thursday 9 September Junior School Group Tour, 9.15am
  Girls MS Football presentation, 5pm
  Boys MS Football presentation, 6.30pm
Friday 10 September 9@Scotch Camp D returns
  Winter Sport Presentation Dinners – Football and Hockey, 6.30pm at Adelaide Oval
Saturday 11 September Winter Sport Presentation Dinners – Basketball, Netball and Soccer, 6.30pm at The Edinburgh Hotel
Monday 13 September 9@Scotch Camp E departs
  ELC Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm-8pm
  Parent Teacher Interviews Year 12 exam subjects, 4pm-7.45pm
Tuesday 14 September TP Campus Group Tour, 9am
  ELC Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm-8pm
  Dance Showcase, 7pm, Chapel
Wednesday 15 September MC Show Your Colours Day
  Dance Showcase, 7pm, Chapel
Thursday 16 September ELC Group Tour, 9.15am
Friday 17 September Mitcham Campus Sports day
  ELC Sports Day
  Rowing Information Session, 6pm, Chapel
Monday 20 September New Term 4 Fraser transition, 4pm
Tuesday 21 September Year 8 Immunisations
  ELC Learning Journey Parent Information, 7-8pm
Thursday 23 September Paul Dillon, Years 10, 11 & 12
Friday 24 September Term 2 concludes at 3.30pm