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End of Term 3 Update


27 September 2017

End of Term 3 Update

End of Term 3 Update

Dear Parents

I trust that you have enjoyed the stormy and rainy Term 3!  As we said at the start of term, this is a period of the year when the senior students in particular get their heads down in preparation for big examinations at the end of the academic year.

Activity has been brisk across all parts of the school. Particular highlights for me have been the quality of the Junior School and Senior School Musicals, and the success of our sports teams across the board in their various leagues and finals, of which there has been an impressive number. It has also been a joy to see our students make fine progress in debating competitions and in their service learning.

Please note below any information that is of use and relevant to you and your children.  All these matters are important so that we run the school as effectively as possible.

In that regard, it has been helpful for us to receive your feedback through the Mitcham Campus and Torrens Park Campus parent surveys.  We shall be reporting to you as parents the findings from those two surveys plus the actions we are taking forward at the start of next term.  For now, we are putting things in place so that we respond purposefully to the matters that you raised, as well as enjoy the positive affirmation in your feedback.

I have reported back already to the many who attended our consultation day on Saturday 16 September. This featured a set of presentations and discussions about our new Year 5 to 9 Live Well programme. I will put together a summary of this initiative to all parents in Term 4 so that you are aware of how we are shaping our educational offering in that critical middle part of the College.

Otherwise, I wish you all well for the term break and look forward very much to seeing you at the many activities that take place in Term 4.

Dr John Newton



Council and Committee Membership

An appeal was made last year for expressions of interest to join our Committees of Council (Advancement, Education, Finance and Infrastructure).  We have taken a number of decisions and appointed new members to these Committees, and we have spent a year bedding down the new team.

However, we want to keep the talent pool current.  Therefore, if you wish to express your interest in serving on our Committees, please fill in the form by following this link (you will need to download the Word document).

Please can we have this form back with us by the end of the term break, Friday 13 October.

If you have already filled in one of these forms, please do not do so again.  Your expression of interest will be considered with the others that we receive as we refresh the team going forward.  If you did express interest but now your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to be considered, please let us know. Please note that while we cannot say yes to everyone, we deeply appreciate keeping your details on record.

We are most grateful to everyone who has contributed to this process. We have an extremely strong team with amazing support beyond our Committees and Council, and we are all taking our school forwards in an impressive way.


College Captains and Student Executive Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our Year 12 student leaders for 2018:

College Co Captains:  Esther Boles and Hudson Laycock

SAT Leaders:

  • Community Partnerships: Toby Heithersay
  • Student Wellbeing: Amelia Walters
  • Environment: Jedd Birdseye

House Captains:

  • Cameron: Piper Delbridge and Nick Pietris
  • Campbell: Kate Caudle and Nick Barry
  • Douglas: Millie Watson and Mateo Laurendi
  • Gordon: Lola Williams and Paul Henshaw
  • McGregor: Daniel Sladejovic and Grace Haslett
  • Stewart: Alex Johnson and Ed Bastian

Performing Arts Captains:

  • Lara Ebbinghaus and Ris Mosel

Dance Captain:

  • Cher Li

Drama Captains:

  • Regan Holmes and Phoenix Starr

Music Captain:

  • Will Burton


  • Maddie Nunan and Louis Legoe

International Students:

  • Sunny Gu and Alan Liu

Sport Captains:

  • Zara Lyon and Christian Ignatavicius


Torrens Park Student Successes

  • Oscar Bartos (Yr 10 Go) competed in the Fred Adams Piping Competition. Oscar won 1st place in the MSR Competition, winning the Spirit of Boreiag trophy. He also placed 3rd in the Fred Adams Memorial Competition.
  • Tess Bolnar (Yr 9 St) received a 3rd place at the Teenage Fashion Awards in the Society & Environment section.  She also came 3rd in the Year 9 Wool4School competition.
  • Claudia Dare (Yr 10 Cm) received 2nd place at the Teenage Fashion Awards in the Formal Wear section and received a Commendation Award.  Claudia was also placed 2nd in the Year 10 Wool4School competition.
  • Oliver Edwards (Yr 10 Mc) received a High Distinction in the Big Science Competition and has been invited to enter the Australian Science Olympiad exam.
  • Adam Holland (Yr 7 Go) won 28 gold medals from 28 individual swimming events at a swimming carnival. Adam broke a number of state records and won the Presidents Trophy for Best Male Performance and the Peter Bowen Pain Trophy for the SA Male Age Swimmer of the Meet. Congratulations Adam!
  • Lachie Hurst (Yr 9 Mc) for attending the Heifer show and winning 1st prize with his steer.  He also won the junior judging encouragement award for judging four heifers.
  • Holly Hyde (Yr 9 Cl) came 1st place in the Year 9 Wool4School Competition.
  • Annika Jones (Yr 9 Mc) received an Encouragement Awards at the Teenage Fashion Awards, as well as coming 2nd place in the Year 9 Wool4School Competition.
  • Lucy Knight (Yr 9 Mc) has been selected to attend a development camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra in September for Basketball.
  • Zoe Manton (Yr 5) has been selected in the SAPSASA Golf Championships to be held in Adelaide in December.
  • Clare Matijevic (Yr 7 St) has been selected in the State U13 Hockey team as a goalie.  Clare will compete interstate during the last week of this term.
  • Zoe Nunn (Yr 7 St) has been selected to represent South Australia in the U13 Girls Hockey Team and will travel to Perth in the next holiday break.
  • Ana Samaras (Yr 9 Cl) received first place in the Formal Wear at the Teenage Fashion Awards.
  • Maddy Seeley (Yr 12 Go) has been selected in the IGSSA Representative Netball Team and will travel to Queensland in September.
  • Chloe Slee (Yr 7 Cm) for being selected to compete in the SAPSASA School Sports Girls Softball Championships in December.
  • Will Smith (Yr 7 Do) was selected to represent South Australia in the U13’s Rugby team and competed in the Rugby Schools Tournament at the Gold Coast during the holidays.
  • Lucie Spurling (Yr 10 Mc) received 2nd place at the Teenage Fashion Awards in the Casual Wear section and 3rd place in the Formal Wear section.
  • Brooklyn Vonderwall (Yr 11 Cm) was selected in the Under 19 Australian female cycling team.
  • Brianna Watson (Yr 12 Do) came 2nd at the Teenage Fashion Awards in the Wearable Art section.
  • Oscar Whalley (Yr 10 Go) received a High Distinction in the Big Science Competition and has been invited to enter the Australian Science Olympiad exam.
  • Emily Wilson (Yr 11 Do) came 2nd in the Year 11 Wool4School Competition.


Attendance at Key events for Term 4

Year 12 Parents are invited to attend the year 12 Final Assembly on Friday 27 October, commencing at 11.30am. Further information to be provided.

All Year 10-12 students and their families are invited to attend the annual House Dinners on Friday 27 October at 7pm.

All Year 11 students are to attend the Class of 2018 and Leaders Induction Ceremony to be held on Monday 20 November at 7pm.

All Year 11-12 students are to attend the College Speech Night on Thursday 7 December at 7pm dressed in formal uniform.

All Year 7-9 students are to attend the Middle School Fair Day on Monday 11 December and End of Year Ceremony on Tuesday 12 December at 10am.  Parents are also welcome to this event.

If you are ever unsure about when your child is required at school for an end of year event or when parents are invited to come along, please contact their school section secretary Mrs Deans (10-12) and Mrs Kumnick (7-9).


Pedal Prix

It was a hectic weekend for Scotch College racing, as it no doubt was for everyone else who took part in MB24 Pedal Prix.  After a lengthy delay because of the high winds the race finally started at 4.00pm and boy did it throw some curve balls along the way.

PP800.jpgFor the girls of SCR-1 it really was disappointing to see their great rivals at Walford succumb to a mechanical issue early that in the end probably saw us relax a little too much.  We are a better team because of them.  There was still a battle to be had with the girls from Wudinna Area School who deserve our congratulations on coming home as the highest placed female team this weekend.  SCR-1 did however do enough to win the Series Championship and in doing so win their 9th consecutive title, something I still can't believe they have achieved.


  • 322 Laps
  • 73rd Outright
  • 16th Category 2
  • 2nd place Cat 2 All Female
  • 4th Place Outright All female
  • 1st Place Cat 2 All Female Super Series.

For the boys of SCR-2 the race started with so much promise and up until the early morning they had been just a few laps off the pace and fighting for a podium position when disaster struck. A collision on the track resulted in some major damage (massive thanks to the team at Flagstaff Hill who looked after our rider and got our bike back to us).  Unfortunately, it had broken a major part of the roll structure and significant repairs needed to be made to ensure the safety of the riders before they could hit the track again. Unfortunately, it was an hour and a half before I felt the trike was safe enough to ride again and by then the boys had slipped a long way from where they had hoped to be.  All that said they never quit trying and fought hard to the very end... they were desperate to try and catch the girls and got so close, missing out by the length of the front straight.  Proud of your resilience lads... let’s make next year ours.


  • 322 Laps
  • 75th Outright
  • 17th Category 2

-- Paul Glovitch


Staff Changes


Sophie Yankou – ELC

New staff

Rob Lee – Director of Information and Innovation

Rob has a Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and has dedicated the last 15 years of his professional career to the education sector having worked for both Flinders University and most recently The University of Adelaide.  For the majority of that time, he has been successfully leading teams in both the client facing and infrastructure areas of IT.  In the last 3 years, he has focused in the area of applied innovation and emerging technology. His wealth of knowledge and experience in this area will be a huge advantage to Scotch.

David Trinne – Infrastructure Operations Manager

David has a trade background in the air conditioning and electrical fields and has more recently been working for the Leukemia Foundation as well as St Peter’s Collegiate Girls School.

Michelle Coomans – Infrastructure, Groundsperson

Michelle is a recently graduated apprentice in Horticulture. Michelle is our inaugral female staff member in the Grounds team.

Shannon Pavlic – Enrolments Assistant

Shannon comes to us from Mercedes College where she has worked in the International Student Program since 2013. Prior to that Sharon worked as a teacher and holds a Graduate Certificate in TESOL, a Graduate Diploma of Education and a Bachelor of Arts.

Gabby Reeves – Boarding House Parent

Gabby has a diverse, 25 year background living and working in rural South Australia. She has lived on a rural property and in a country town and as the mother of three sons, one a Scotch boarder, she understands the complexities of being a boarding house student.  She is a Scotch Old Scholar, a boarding house parent between 2013- 2015 and currently a parent of two day students.

Nina Richards – Visual Arts teacher – Mitcham Campus

Nina has an Honours Degree in Drama and Theatre Studies with IT and a Masters of Teaching (Early Childhood Education). She was born in the UK, did her teacher training in London, and is an actor, musical theatre performer and choreographer.


Alice Kennett – ELC - Diploma

Kyla Davidson – ELC - Teacher


Parents and Friends AGM –22 November

The Parents and Friends AGM is to be held on Wednesday 22 November at 7.00pm.  All members of the Scotch community are invited to attend and we welcome new members for 2017.  The Parents and Friends do a fantastic job and this is a great way to meet new people.


Extended Absences

Parents are reminded that if they intend to take their child out of school for an extended period of time (more than 5 school days), at least 6 weeks' written notice must be given to the relevant Head of Campus or Assistant Head of Campus. Students can miss out on vital school work and if given enough prior notice, teachers can set work for students to do while they are on leave.


Student enrolments for 2018

We still have vacancies in some year levels in 2018.  If you know anyone who is considering enrolling their children at Scotch, please ask them to contact Carrie Cousar, Head of Enrolments, on 8274 4209 or email


Mitcham Campus News

Staffing Announcements

Again, I would like to congratulate Mr Simon McKenzie, on his appointment as Head of Junior School at St John’s Grammar School commencing 2018. Scotch is proud to support the leadership development of staff.  We will commence the recruitment process for an Assistant Head of Junior Campus, 2018, and are confident that this leadership position will attract candidates of the highest calibre.

I would like to inform families that Year 1 teacher, Miss Kate Gladstone, has accepted a permanent position at Athelstone Primary School next year. Kate has been a valued member of our Year 1 teaching team this year. With her students’ needs firmly placed at the forefront of all her work, she has provided a solid foundation for the young learners in her charge. I know that the families who have worked with Kate this year, will want to take the opportunity to join us in wishing Kate farewell at the end of the year.

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Michelle Bawden to the position of Junior Campus Art Teacher next term, as Jane Bauer commences her Maternity Leave. Michelle is known to the students, having undertaken relief teaching at Scotch, and she has been working with Jane preparing for a handover and continuity of the Visual Arts program.


Term 4 Uniform Reminder

Families are reminded that as students return to school next term, they will be required to wear their summer uniform. I recommend trying on uniforms early in the holidays, as many students will have had a significant growth spurt since last donning their summer attire!


Mitcham Campus Sports Day Wrap Up

What an outstanding show of sportsmanship, participation and House spirit we enjoyed last Friday!  Congratulations to Montrose House, to our Age Group medal winners and every child who ‘had-a-go’ on their Sports Day success. I would like to again thank Adam Rosser and Rebecca Backwell for their thorough work in organising and running the day, ensuring broad participation for all students. It was a warm day and the students and spectators were very grateful for the fabulous hospitality of our P&F. Thank you again to P&F President Sarahjane McIntyre and her team for their extensive work behind the scenes.


Oliphant Science Awards

Congratulations to Keagan Wallace and Caitlin Caunce, who after their big day, headed to the South Australian Science Teachers Association Oliphant Science Awards last Friday night. Caitlin Caunce received second place for detailed and engaging Game ‘Habitat Race’ – her third award in three years! Keagan not only was awarded a ‘highly commended’ for his multimedia entry, but a 1st place in the poster section of the competition and – even better – was awarded the South Australian Young Scientist 1st place!  Keagan’s first place poster focused on medical imaging.


Prep to Year 6 Classroom Showcases – Save the Date

Junior Campus parents are invited to ‘save the date’ for our second classroom showcasing of work for the year.  Families are invited to our Open Classrooms at the following times:

  • Prep to Year 2 – Friday 3 November 8.30am – 9.00am
  • Year 3 & 4 – Wednesday 15 November 8.45am – 9.30am
  • Year 5 & 6 – Thursday 2 November 2.45pm – 3.30pm


Excursion Reminder – Prep and Reception students

Prep and Reception families are reminded that the children will attend a theatrical presentation ‘Big Bad Wolf’ on the first day of Term 4.  Please ensure that you have provided the appropriate consent via CareMonkey.


Term 4 SRC Charity Fun Run

Our Student Representative Council are busily preparing for a Junior Campus Great Obstacle Course Charity Fun Run to be held on Friday, 27 October, the second week of Term 4.  Sponsorship brochures have been sent home this week so that children can begin collecting sponsors if they are keen to raise funds for DEBRA (Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association) and United Ways (a program that assists children in disadvantaged communities).


Expressions of Interest – Community Sports

A reminder to families that expressions of interest to partake in our Community Equestrian and Cycling programs are now due.  Expression of interest for Equestrian Sports are to Georgia Bradford – .  Expressions of interest for cycling are to Simon McKenzie .  Information was sent home via email this week.


Important Dates - Term 4

  • Tuesday 3 October
    • School Holiday Programme commences
  • Sunday 8 October
    • Berri Rowing Camp commences Years 8, 9, 10 & 11
  • Wednesday 11 October
    • Berri Rowing Camp concludes for Year 8
    • Berri Rowing Camp commences for Year 7
  • Thursday 12 October
    • Cricket Pre-Season Camp
  • Friday 13 October
    • Berri Rowing Camp concludes for Years 7, 9, 10 & 11
    • School Holiday Programme concludes
    • Cricket Pre-Season Camp
    • Japan Trip returns
  • Monday 16 October
    • Term 4 commences
    • 9@Scotch – 9D departs
    • Summer sport practices recommence
  • Tuesday 17 October
    • Year 11 Ag – KI Ecology Trip departs
    • Raising Boys – Steve Biddulph, 7pm-8.30pm
    • Cricket and Tennis Season Launch
  • Wednesday 18 October
    • Raising Girls – Steve Biddulph, 7pm-8.30pm
  • Thursday 19 October
    • Year 11 Ag – KI Ecology Trip returns
  • Friday 20 October
    • Rowing Supporters Golf Day, 1.30pm
    • Mitcham Campus Summer Sport commences
  • Saturday 21 October
    • TP Boys and Girls Summer Sport commences
    • Kids helping Kids in the Philipines, 5.30pm, Drawing Room
  • Monday 23 October
    • Torrens Park Campus tour, 9am
    • ELC – Fraser interviews, 4pm
  • Tuesday 24 October
    • ELC – Fraser interviews, 4pm
    • Performing Arts parents Support Group meeting, 6pm
  • Wednesday 25 October
    • ELC – Fraser interviews, 4pm
  • Thursday 26 October
    • ELC Tour, 9am
    • ELC – Fraser interviews, 4pm
  • Friday 27 October
    • Year 12 Final Assembly, 11.35am
    • One Luncheon – Year 12 students, parents and staff, 12.45pm-2pm
    • 9@Scotch – 9D returns
    • ELC – Fraser interviews, 4pm
    • Torrens Park House Dinners, 7pm
  • Sunday 29 October
    • Sunday Market at Scotch, 9am-1pm
  • Monday 30 October
    • 9@Scotch – 9E departs
  • Wednesday 1 November
    • Torrens Park P&F meeting, 7pm
  • Thursday 2 November
    • Mitcham Campus Tour, 9am
    • Mitcham Campus P&F meeting, 7pm
  • Friday 3 November
    • Goose Maintenance Weekend departs
  • Sunday 5 November
    • Goose Maintenance Weekend returns
  • Monday 6 November
    • Year 12 exams commence
  • Thursday 9 November
    • Mitcham Campus Fair Day, 12.30pm-1.30pm
    • Year 11 Stage 1 Drama Performance, 6.30pm-8.30pm
  • Friday 10 November
    • 9@Scotch – 9E returns
    • Years 8-12 Orientation Day
    • Torrens Park ID Photo Day
    • Yalari Dinner, 6pm, National Wine Centre
    • Year 11 Stage 1 Drama Performance, 6.30pm-8.30pm
  • Tuesday 14 November
    • Year 10 exams commence
    • 15am Reception 2018 Transition
  • Thursday 16 November
    • Year 7 Immersion Day
    • Year 10 exams conclude
  • Friday 17 November
    • Goose Camp 1 departs
    • TP Visual & Applied Art Exhibition, 7pm-9pm
  • Monday 20 November
    • ELC Parent Teacher interviews, 4pm
    • 2018 Leadership Induction, 7pm
  • Tuesday 21 November
    • ELC Tour, 9am
    • Goose 1 Camp returns
    • Goose 2 Camp departs
  • Wednesday 22 November
    • Reception 2018 Transition visit
    • Reception 2018 Parent Meeting
    • Combined P&F Joint AGM, 7pm
  • Thursday 23 November
    • Mitcham Campus Art Show, 6.30pm-8pm
  • Friday 24 November
    • Year 7 Orientation Day
    • Year 7 – ID photos
  • Saturday 25 November
    • Goose Camp 2 returns
    • Goose Camp 3 departs
  • Monday 27 November
    • Year 11 exams commence
  • Tuesday 28 November
    • Junior School tour, 9am
    • ELC – 4 year old Graduation, 5.45pm-6.15pm
    • ELC Family Christmas Night, 6.15pm
  • Wednesday 29 November
    • Goose Camp 3 returns
    • Goose Camp 4 departs
  • Thursday 30 November
    • Junior School Orientation Day, 2pm
  • Friday 1 December
    • Mitcham Campus summer sport concludes
    • Year 11 exams conclude
  • Saturday 2 December
    • Cricket Test lunch, 12pm
  • Sunday 3 December
    • Goose Camp 4 returns
    • Goose Camp 5 departs
  • Monday 4 December
    • A Taste of Christmas, 5pm
  • Wednesday 6 December
    • 9am Mitcham Campus Nativity Plan
    • Year 11 exams returned
    • Boarders’ High Tea, 6pm
  • Thursday 7 December
    • Speech Night, 7pm
    • Goose Camp 5 returns
    • Goose Camp 6 departs
  • Friday 8 December
    • Principal’s Graduation Dinner, 6.45pm, National Wine Centre
  • Saturday 9 December
    • All Boys Sport concludes
  • Monday 11 December
    • Goose Camp 6 returns
    • Middle School Fair Day
    • Middle School Shave Day
    • Mitcham Campus End of Year Ceremony, 9am
    • ELC Transition visits - Fraser
  • Tuesday 12 December
    • Year 10 Exams returned
    • Middle School End of Year Ceremony, 10am
    • Term 4 concludes at 12.30pm
    • Boarding House closes at 4pm
  • Wednesday 13 December
    • ELC School Holiday Programme commences
  • Wednesday 20 December
    • ELC School Holiday Programme concludes

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!