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End of Term 3 Update


25 September 2020

End of Term 3 Update

End of Term 3 Update

It has been a most refreshing Term 3 after the turbulence of Terms 1 and 2.  I pay tribute once more to the resilience and good-natured investment by your children in the life of Scotch.  They have been spectacularly co-operative and understanding of any restrictions and shown great spirit over the last 9 or 10 months.  

Our staff continue to adapt to new requirements and expectations.  They particularly deserve their break for a short while before Term 4 begins and I thank them for their wonderful efforts.

We are ready should a second wave affect the College’s operations, but otherwise continue to provide the usual array of rich experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Due to COVID-19, we have revisited our College Strategic Plan for the next three years. Our Think Tank Education Committee conference (TTEdCom) event early in September in particular gave us the opportunity to look ahead to how education will be affected, not just by COVID-19, but by other influences in the next 5 to 10 years. It was a rich conversation and one from which we will derive many great ideas for continuing to enhance the relevance and quality of the educational experience at Scotch.  

We have gone out to tender for building the new Wellbeing and Sports Centre – still a working title. The College Council has monitored all relevant data over the past six months in order to see the impact of the pandemic and will be equipped to make a clear-sighted decision on this ground-breaking project in Term 4.

In anticipation of that decision, the College will soon commence work on the new courts at the southern end of the Torrens Park Campus.

We look forward to a Term 4 of more activity for your children and more success, in particular, in examinations for our Year 12s.

Dr John Newton



Important Matters

As school life opens up, and our students need to travel for various school activities, please note that we have in place strict policies and procedures with a view to ensuring safety, through best practice, on our buses.  Examples of the measures we have in place include:

  • defensive driver training for all employee drivers;
  • regular servicing and annual safety inspections for all College buses; and
  • practical procedures for ensuring that students wear and remain wearing a seatbelt for the duration of the journey.

If any parent should have any concerns in this regard, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Secondly: End of year events are coming up and we remain very mindful of the need to manage them appropriately with special regard for the Slee family. We would also ask all members of the Scotch community to consider this wonderful family as we celebrate the Year 12s’ many achievements as Scotch students.

John Newton


College Captains and Student Executive Team for 2021

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our Year 12 student leaders for 2021!

College Co Captains: Imogeone Mons and Jed Obst

Vice Captains: Mary Chapman and Ned Merrigan

SAT Leaders:

  • Community Partnerships: Isabel Jantzen
  • Global: Jenny Pham
  • Student Wellbeing: Lulu Colgrave
  • Sustainability and Environment: Matthew Alderson

House Captains:

  • Cameron: Maya Wightman, Tom Whelan
  • Campbell: Ella Paddick, Brayden Cogan
  • Douglas: Evie McRitchie, William Hodgson
  • Gordon: Laura Price, Oscar Turnbull
  • McGregor: Jess Bushell, Lachlan Earl
  • Stewart: Grace Seppelt, Hugo Kittel

Performing Arts Captains:

  • Sophie Fielder, Patrick Wilson

Dance Captains:

  • Marie Dechellis, Maya Serafin-Rai

Drama Captains:

  • Natalia Nicoli, Max Bradford

Music Captains:

  • Naomi O’Connor, Jiaan Tu

Boarding Captains:

  • Ruby Chen, George Dutton

International Students:

  • Hannah Nguyen, Kelvin Lau

Sport Captains:

  • Matthew Dixon, Brooke Tonon

Media Captain:

  • Ethan Miotti


Interim Student Reports

Please note that the Term 3 Interim student reports are now available from SEQTA Engage.


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Student Successes

Sarah Bosboom (Year 10 McGregor) was the winner of the U19 Adelaide Half Marathon.

Sophie Casey (Year 10 Cameron) has been selected in the U17 Australian Netball Centre of Excellence Squad.  

Sophia Craddock (Year 9 Cameron) won the State Champion in the Equestrian Show jumping.  

Intermediate B Grand Final Debating Win:

Congratulations to Charlotte Triglau (Year 8 Stewart), Aria Bradley (Year 8 Campbell), Lucas Nunn (Year 8 Stewart) and reserve Willem Bromley (Year 8 Stewart) who won the debating Grand Final against Seymour. Congratulations to Charlotte for also being voted Best Debater in the Grand Final by the adjudication panel, and also to Emma Venus (Year 8 Gordon) who was voted Most Valuable Debater for Intermediate B for the entire season. Many thanks to Lalla Nugent and Riki Theodorakakis who coached both Intermediate B teams this year.

SA/NT State Final of Microsoft’s AI for Good Challenge:

Congratulations to the two teams who made the state finals of this competition (Division 1, Grade 7-9). With over 600 entries from SA and NT, Scotch finished first and fourth. 

  • State Final Winners with Shark Detector Bubbles - Ellie Arundell (Year 7 Douglas), Bridget Hooper (Year 7 McGregor) and Daisy Kempe (Year 7 Campbell).  They will compete in the National Final.
  • Fourth Place with BluePrint - Blake Taylor (Year 7 Campbell), Jacky Zhang (Year 7 Cameron) and Ken Feng (Year 7 Douglas).


Standards: Mobile Phones and Uniform & Appearance

We remind students that use of mobile phones is not permitted during class time or in the yard unless explicit permission has been granted. Whilst we would like all phones to be in lockers, we also have to support the new way of doing business at the canteen and often this involves apple pay. Staff have been asked to be vigilant and students will no doubt once again feel their digital umbilical cord has been cut! They will survive. I am aware of a ground swell of increasing parent management of digital devices at home. It is great that a common standard of expectation is being reached regarding the handing up of phones and laptops prior to bedtime. Children know the positive impact of these measures; they just need the support from us to set and maintain the guidelines. 

There has been some allowance around uniform standards this year for a range of reasons. A lot of activities have occurred over the last term where students needed to be in different kit.  By the end of term, the need for haircuts and adolescent growth spurts had kicked in and we started to look less than impressive. From the start of Term 4 we will be revisiting our standards around uniform and I need the support of parents to ensure their child/ren are looking smart.

We also had a crack-down on when students were able to wear PE uniform during the school day. Sometimes students forget to pack their full uniform and expect they may wear sports uniform all day. The baseline is if a student forgets a piece of uniform e.g. correct socks, they must wear the summer uniform even if it is incomplete. This will serve as a useful reminder for the future.

The wearing of hair has improved, and we look forward to seeing it tied back for girls regardless of them having washed it before school and boys if it is over the collar then it must be tied back. The mullet or shaved sides/undercut is not permitted. Neat and Tidy.

It is a fair expectation for parents to ensure students leave home dressed appropriately for the school day and not wait for Dr Sharp or Mr Bennett or their Head of House to comment on their appearance before they do something about it. 

There are guidelines about suitable hairstyles for students in the Uniform and Appearance policy which may be found on the website. Please do not be offended if we email home a request for a change to appearance or standard of uniform. 

Dale Bennett


Attendance at Key events for Term 4

  • Year 12 Parents are invited to attend the Year 12 Final Assembly on Friday 23 October, commencing at 11.30am. Please note that there is a maximum of 2 adults per student unless discussed with Mr Bennett, due to capacity restrictions.
  • All Year 11 students are to attend the Class of 2021 and Leaders Induction Ceremony to be held on Monday 16 November at 5.45pm. Parents are invited to attend this special assembly.
  • All Year 11-12 students are to attend the Senior School prize Giving on Tuesday 8 December at 1.15pm dressed in formal uniform.
  • All Year 7-9 students are to attend the Middle School Fair Day on Monday 7 December and End of Year Ceremony on Tuesday 8 December at 9am. Parents are also welcome to this event.

If you are ever unsure about when your child is required at school for an end of year event or when parents are invited to come along, please contact their school section secretary, Senior School (Years 10-12) and Middle School (Years 7-9).


Staff Changes

Paul Glovitch (Design and Technology teacher) has recently resigned after 15 years of dedicated service. Paul was also Head of Campbell House from 2010-2015. He will leave a lasting impression on many of our students who participated in Pedal Prix over this time.  His hard work and commitment to Pedal Prix resulted in many wins, race records being broken and lots of great memories for the students and families involved. We wish you all the best for your future.  

We welcome back Tina Gatis and Briony Nickels from maternity leave. Tina will teach 9@Scotch, Year 10 English and provide EAL support. Briony will teach Year 8 – 9 Music and Year 7 Drama, taking over from Janna Romeo who will finish at the end of Week 2 in Term 4.  


International Youth Film Festival Sreening


3 of our Scotchies have had their silent films selected for screening at the 2020 International Youth Silent Film Festival Awards Night at the Capri Theatre on 13 October! 

Toby Cawson, Ethan Miotti and Thom Whittle's films will be screened at the event - Head along and support our young Scotch film makers! Tickets are just $10 Adult/$5 Concession and Under 15s are totally FREE!

You can watch our Scotchie's films here:


Save a Life Road Safety Webinar

Last week we hosted Darren Davis for the Road Safety Webinar, which can be viewed on demand here: Road Safety Webinar


Parents and Friends AGM – Thursday 19 November

The Parents and Friends AGM is to be held on Thursday 19 November at 7.00pm.  All members of the Scotch community are invited to attend, and we welcome new members for 2021.  The Parents and Friends do a fantastic job and this is a great way to meet new people. 


Extended Absences

Parents are reminded that if they intend to take their child out of school for an extended period of time (more than 5 school days), at least 6 weeks' written notice must be given to the relevant Head of Campus or Assistant Head of Campus. Students can miss out on vital school work and if given enough prior notice, teachers can set work for students to do while they are on leave.


Student enrolments for 2021

We still have vacancies in some year levels in 2021.  If you know anyone who is considering enrolling their children at Scotch, please ask them to contact Carrie Cousar, Head of Enrolments, on 8274 4209 or email


Mitcham Campus News

As we head into the holidays, I would like to thank our Mitcham Campus community for the wonderful support of our Sports Day last Friday. Despite the threat of rain and high winds, and adjustments to meet COVID guidelines, the day ran very smoothly and we had a highly enjoyable, seamless and successful event.  A huge congratulations must be extended to Kyre House who delighted in their House Athletics Cup win, after showing persistence and determination throughout the day. As a new Head of House, Mr Cocks, did a wonderful job helping Kyre work together throughout the day – House spirit was evident. Thank you also to Mr Ivens (House Coordinator), Ms Camens, Mr Traino and Mrs Williams (fellow House leaders) for supporting their Houses, our Admin and Grounds teams for preparation and set up, and of course Mr Rosser and Mrs Backwell for planning, coordinating the event and preparing the students throughout the Physical Education program. They were supported by a wide team of teachers and parent helpers, without whom the day could not run and we extend our gratitude to everyone who played a role on Friday. Finally, to the Parents and Friends who turned on special BBQ at lunchtime – the students enjoyed this special treat immensely, and was noted as a highlight for many children.

Term 3 has been a period of innovation and exciting program development in the Junior Campus. We are looking forward to the refurbishment of our Performance Arts room, to create a new Performance Arts Studio for Drama (a black box room) with Dance studio (mirrors, barres and purpose built floor). This room will be the hub for new afterschool Dance program offerings for Junior Campus students. We will provide families with further information about Term 4 programs shortly.

We look forward to returning to Term 4 with renewed energy, enthusiasm and drive. Please see the Calendiary for our special events, including the Outdoor Education Day on the first day of term (please ensure you have provided consent via Operoo), Orientation Day (26 November), the Nativity Play (3 December) and End of Year Ceremony (4 December).


YMCA OSHC Holiday Program

The YMCA OSHC Holiday Program is on again for the Term 3 break. You can find the program of activities right here! We still have capacity for more bookings – this can be done online, through bookings, or simply by emailing me on this email and I will ensure that it is booked in for you. A reminder that children will need to bring their own morning snack and lunch on ever day except Taco Thursday. We do only have limited space in the fridge, and will not be able to fit all lunch boxes in the fridge. We will provide ice for drink bottles to keep them cool, and we have filtered water to fill up drink bottles throughout the day. 

Children will need to be wearing hats. We do have YMCA hats for children to wear. We do encourage children to have a change of clothes on the days that we will be doing messy play, so there is an option to change. If your child needs medication or has a health care plan (allergies/asthma etc) we encourage you to touch base with us to ensure that we have updated documentation and medication for vacation care.


Important Dates for Term 4 2021

Date Event(s)
Monday 28 September Scotch Club commences
Sunday 4 October Berri Rowing Camp – Juniors departs
  Berri Rowing Camp – Senior & Intermediate departs
Monday 5 October Labour Day Holiday
Tuesday 6 October Musical Showcase Rehearsals begin
Wednesday 7 October Berri Rowing Camp – Juniors return
  Berri Rowing Camp – Beginner commences
Friday 9 October Berri Rowing Camp Beginner, Senior & Intermediates return
Monday 12 October Term 4 commences
  9@Scotch class 9D departs
  Year 7 Camp departs
Friday 16 October Year 7 Camp returns
  Musical Showcase Performance, 7pm
Saturday 17 October Musical Showcase Matinee, 2pm
  Musical Showcase Performance, 7pm
Sunday 18 October Musical Showcase Performance, 3pm
  9@Scotch class 9D
Monday 19 October Book Week – Mitcham Campus
Tuesday 20 October TP House Athletics Day
  Book Week Parade, Mitcham Campus, 8.50am
Thursday 22 October Year 12 Celebration Day
Friday 23 October Yr 12 House Farewells, 8.35am
  Year 12 Final Assembly, 11.35am
Monday 26 October 9@Scotch class 9F departs
  Year 12 SWOT Vac
Tuesday 27 October TPC P & F Meeting, 7pm
Friday 30 October Goose Maintenance Weekend
  Meet the Maker, 6pm
Sunday 1 November 9@Scotch class 9F returns
  SACE exams begin
  Year 10 Drama Performance, 7pm
Thursday 5 November Thank You Drinks, 5.30pm
Friday 6 November Years 8-12 2021 Orientation Day
  Junior School Fair
  Years 7-11 ID photos taken
Monday 9 November Year 10 exams commence
Wednesday 11 November Year 7 Immersion Day
  Year 10 exams conclude
Thursday 12 November Goose Camp 1 departs
Friday 13 November Council, SLT and Committee Meeting
Monday 16 November Goose Camp 1 departs, Camp 2 departs
  TPC Leaders Induction, 5.45pm, Chapel
Tuesday 17 November Year 8 Drama Play, 10.50am
Wednesday 18 November Blue and Gold, 7.15pm
Thursday 19 November Year 9 Drama play, 6pm
  Joint P&F AGM, 7pm
Friday 20 November Goose Camp 2 returns, Camp 3 departs
  Year 7 2021 Orientation Day
  White Ribbon Breakfast, 6.45am
Monday 23 November Year 11 exams commence
Tuesday 24 November Goose Camp 3 returns, Camp 4 departs
Thursday 26 November Junior School Orientation Day
  Year 6 Rowing Day
Friday 27 November Year 7 Drama Play, 12.30pm
Saturday 28 November Goose Camp 4 returns, Camp 5 departs
Monday 30 November A Taste of Christmas, 6pm
Wednesday 2 December Goose Camp 5 returns, Camp 6 departs
  Year 6 Disco, 6.30pm
Thursday 3 December Junior Primary Nativity Play, 9am
Friday 4 December Mitcham Campus End of Year Ceremony, 9.15am
  P&F Christmas Picnic on the Oval, 7pm
  P&F Film Festival, 8.30am
Sunday 6 December Goose Camp 6 returns
Monday 7 December Year 6 & Middle School Fair Day
  Boarders’ High Tea, 6pm
Tuesday 8 December Year 6 Farewell Breakfast, 8am
  Middle School End of Year Ceremony, 9am
  Term 4 concludes @ 11am Middle School
  Term 4 concludes at 12.30pm Junior School
  Club Scotch commences at 12.30pm
  Senior School Prize Giving, 1.15pm
  Principal’s Graduation Dinner, 6.30pm
Wednesday 9 December Rowing Port Adelaide – Seniors and Intermediates
Friday 18 December Club Scotch concludes