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End of Term 3 Update


23 September 2021

End of Term 3 Update

End of Term 3 Update

I love Term 3. It is a period of winter blues, yet it is lit up by superb arts events, celebrations of sporting achievements, celebrations of other achievements in areas such as oratory and service, and driven by the sheer energy of the Big Sing, Book Week, Science Week and a whole heap of other events that remind us of the quality of this wonderful place.  

It is also a term of hard work for our senior students as they prepare for exams. I can attest to their commitment, albeit with the need for support in strategic places so they get across the line, come the results in December.  

Meanwhile the Wellbeing and Sports Centre project has now become very visible on the Torrens Park Campus and I endlessly and constantly remind everyone that this a building for the whole College to inhabit, enjoy and celebrate. 

Therefore, as we look back over the events of Term 3, we prepare ourselves for the final term of the year. Please note the various pieces of information below and note that very soon you will be receiving all your information in a tailored and far more effective way through the brilliant initiative called ScotchLife.  

I look forward to seeing you all again in Term 4.

Dr John Newton


College Captains and Student Executive Team for 2022

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our Year 12 student leaders for 2022:

  • College Co Captains: Zoe Nunn, Jack Walter
  • Vice Captains: Chloe Slee, Nick Petterson

SAT Leaders:

  • Community Partnerships: Sarah Bosboom
  • Global: Thangam Verghese
  • Student Wellbeing: Alexis Dorogi
  • Sustainability and Environment: Winter Birkett

House Captains: 

  • Cameron: Hope Ratcliff and Henry Fuss
  • Campbell: Olivia Howard and Luka Elliston
  • Douglas: Ari Ravell and Will Smith
  • Gordon: Matilda Scholz and Zach Nairn
  • McGregor: Lily Castine-Price and Henry Roussos
  • Stewart: Olivia Steel and Harvey Doney

Performing Arts Captains:

  • Olivia Sutton and Seb Crisafi

Dance Captains:

  • Genevieve Nixon and Lily Newland

Drama Captains:

  • Ella Atkins and Tim Whalan

Music Captains:

  • Jasmyn Setchell and Rhys Davies

Boarding Captains:

  • Melissa Murphy and Emmanuel Wong

International Students:

  • Johnathan Brink

Sport Captains:

  • Sophie Casey and Kyan Eagleton

Media Captain:

  • Toby Cawson


Interim Student Reports

Please note that the Term 3 Interim student reports are available from SEQTA Engage on Friday 24 September.


Student Successes

  • Anastasia Athanasiadis (Year 8 Stewart) was selected as part of the 2021 Andy Thomas Space Foundation Schools Challenge.
  • Oliver Atherton (Year 10 Campbell) was the State Champion at 3 events at the SA Short Course Swimming Championships.
  • Eddie Barton (Year 8 McGregor) was the State Champion at 3 events at the SA Short Course Swimming Championships.  
  • Sarah Bosboom (Year 11 McGregor) has been accepted into the National Youth Science Forum taking place in January 2022.
  • Max Brammy (Year 9 Douglas) was recognized for participating in “Shave for a Purpose” and raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Lulu Colgrave (Year 12 Campbell) was recognized for her support around Seize The Day Campaign and Mentor Challenge.
  • Kate Fraterman (Year 9 Gordon) was recognized for participating in “Shave for a Purpose” and raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Angus Henry (Year 10 Campbell) was recognized for participating in the Leukaemia Foundations “World’s Greatest Shave”.
  • Millie Hodge (Year 8 Cameron) was selected as part of the 2021 Andy Thomas Space Foundation Schools Challenge.
  • Jessica Jackson (Year 12 Douglas) was the State Champion in the 50m Freestyle event at the SA Short Course Swimming Championships.
  • Jasmine Linke (Year 6) was the State Champion at 5 events at the SA Short Course Swimming Championships.  Jasmine also won Bronze in the 100m Individual Medley event.  
  • Hannah Ralph (Year 10 Cameron) represented South Australia in Gymnastics and was placed 3rd in her event.
  • Cooper Simpson (Year 9 Douglas) was recognized for participating in “Shave for a Purpose” and raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Ariel Spry (Year 9 Campbell) was recognized for participating in “Shave for a Purpose” and raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Harriet Tyrer (Year 8 McGregor) was selected in the South Australian U13 Girls Hockey Team.
  • Sarah Uhrig (Year 9 Campbell) was named as the Wool4School National Runner Up in the Mid Category.
  • Amy Wallace (Year 8 Campbell) was selected as part of the 2021 Andy Thomas Space Foundation Schools Challenge.
  • Matilda Whitehouse (Year 9 Stewart) was selected in the South Australian National Championships Team for Interschool (Equestrian SA)


Standards: Mobile Phones, Uniform and Appearance

We remind students that use of mobile phones is not permitted during class time or in the yard unless explicit permission has been granted. Whilst we would like all phones to be in lockers, we also must support students to be able to access digitally the funds required for purchases at the canteen and Scotch shop. Overall, there has been a marked improvement around self-regulation of phone use.  

As we transition into the summer terms, please check uniform for appropriate size and wearability over the term break. A reminder that we have shorts for all students available. When students have PE or are arriving at school in PE kit they need to wear Scotch sports socks not the grey school sock or any other type of sock. It is a fair expectation for parents to ensure students leave home dressed appropriately for the school day and not wait for Mr Disher or Mr Bennett or their Head of House to comment on their appearance before they do something about it. 

There are guidelines about suitable hairstyles for students in the Uniform and Appearance policy which may be found on the website. Please do not be offended if we email home a request for a change to appearance or standard of uniform. 



During Term 4 we are hosting workshops for all year levels around the concept of consent. This will be an opportunity for us to broaden student and parent understanding of how student wellbeing is understood with a consent lens applied. Healthy relationships underpin our wellbeing policies and culture, and it is important that we continue to educate and engage students, staff and parents around this matter. 

Claiming the Date: Parent forum on Consent and Wellbeing: Tuesday 16 November 5.30pm. There will be a presentation webinar 

  • The sexual health and behaviours of Australian High School Students
  • Increasing incidents of coerced sexual activity and sexual assault
  • The impact of the media (including online pornography) on young people's sexual and relational templates  
  • What parents, carers and role models can do to positively influence their young person's psychosexual development



Restrictions on access to nicotine based vaping products have been put in place by the federal Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration arm (TGA). From 1 October 2021, consumers will require a prescription for all purchases of nicotine vaping products, such as nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine pods and liquid nicotine, including products purchased both in Australia and from overseas. According to an article published by The Conversation, the new regulation makes it ‘all but impossible for most Australians to vape’. As yet no commentary has emerged on the expected impact on adolescent vaping. As a College we take vaping seriously and the impact it has on student wellbeing. We use serious consequences to help deter students from making this choice.


Attendance at Key events for Term 4

  • Year 12 Parents are invited to attend the Year 12 Final Assembly on Friday 22 October, commencing at 11.30am. Please note that there is a maximum of 2 adults per student unless discussed with Mr Bennett, due to capacity restrictions.
  • All Year 11 students are to attend the Class of 2021 and Leaders Induction Ceremony to be held on Monday 22 November at 5.45pm. Parents are invited to attend this special assembly.
  • All Year 11-12 students are to attend the Senior School prize Giving on Wednesday 8 December at 1.15pm dressed in formal uniform.
  • All Year 7-9 students are to attend the Middle School Fair Day on Tuesday 7 December and End of Year Ceremony on Wednesday 8 December at 9am.  Parents are also welcome to this event.

If you are ever unsure about when your child is required at school for an end of year event or when parents are invited to come along, please contact their school section secretary, Senior School (Years 10-12) and Middle School (Years 7-9).


Staff Changes

  • Meredith Ridgway (Boarding Administration) resigned earlier this term after 13 years of dedicated service.  She is accompanying her husband David overseas as he takes up a new position in London.  
  • Gabby Reeves (Boarding House Mum) also resigned to take up a role as Girls Boarding House Coordinator at Sacred Heart College.  Best of luck Gabby! 
  • Meredith and Gabby have been replaced by Joanne Teakle and Kathy Atsikbasis as Boarding Co-ordinators.  Kathy is a familiar face to many as she has been working in the Boarding House as a Wellbeing Assistant for the past 5 ½ years.  Joanne joins us from Summit Health in Mount Barker where she has been the Medical Services Manager for the past 5 years and previous to this was a Practice Nurse Manager.  
  • Julie Dolphin retires after 23 years working at Scotch in different areas.  For the last 17 years she has been a valued member of the Finance Team and will be missed.  We wish Julie all the best for her retirement.
  • Kerri Hodby will also retire at the end of this term after nearly 13 years of service.  Kerri has been an invaluable staff member at the Junior School and will be missed by the staff, students and parents.  We wish her well as she now has more time to play golf and spend time with her family.
  • Leonie Knowles resigned as Health Centre Administrator after 10 years at Scotch.  Leonie has been offered an opportunity to start her new career as an Interior Designer and we wish her luck.  Leonie has been replaced by Megan Phillips.
  • Ellen Leemans (Finance Officer) commenced earlier this term in a part time capacity in our Finance Team.  
  • Paige Day (Design and Technology) and Lucy Young (Music) have both taken up contract teaching positions during Term 3.
  • We also welcome back Andrew Tremain from Long Service Leave.


Parents and Friends AGM: Tuesday 23 November

The Parents and Friends AGM is to be held on Tuesday 23 November at 7.00pm.  All members of the Scotch community are invited to attend, and we welcome new members for 2022.  The Parents and Friends do a fantastic job, and this is a great way to meet new people. 


Extended Absences

Parents are reminded that if they intend to take their child out of school for an extended period of time (more than 5 school days), at least 6 weeks' written notice must be given to the relevant Head of Campus or Assistant Head of Campus. Students can miss out on vital school work and if given enough prior notice, teachers can set work for students to do while they are on leave.


Student enrolments for 2022

We still have vacancies in some year levels in 2022.  If you know anyone who is considering enrolling their children at Scotch, please ask them to contact Carrie Cousar, Head of Enrolments, on 8274 4209 or email


Thank You for Your Support!

Ww want to extend our gratitude to this community, to each and every one of you for making Scotch a great place to belong. We are grateful for our generous donors, volunteers and staff who do amazing things for the benefit of our students every day! Check out this fantastic video produced by our wonderful Student Media Team to thank our donors for helping us make the Wellbeing & Sports Centre a reality!


Important Dates for Term 4

Date Event(s)
Saturday 25 September Pre-season Cricket Tour departs
Monday 27 September ELC Club Scotch commences
Tuesday 28 September Yorke Peninsula Field Days – Paskeville
Wednesday 29 September Code Camp, Mitcham Campus
Thursday 30 September Code Camp, Mitcham Campus
Friday 1 October Code Camp, Mitcham Campus
Monday 4 October Labour Day Holiday
  Rowing Camp – Seniors & Intermediate students commences
  Rowing Camp – Juniors commences
Tuesday 5 October Middle School Boys Cricket Matches commence
Wednesday 6 October Rowing Camp – Beginners
  Rowing Camp – Juniors concludes
  Australian Girls Choir – Holiday Program
Thursday 7 October Australian Girls Choir – Holiday Program
Friday 8 October Rowing Camp – Seniors & Intermediates concludes
  Middle School Boys Cricket Matches conclude
  Rowing Camp – Beginners concludes
Sunday 10 October Vocal Ensemble rehearsal at 10.30am
Monday 11 October Term 4 commences
  9@Scotch Camp F departs
  TP Welcome Back morning tea, 8.30am
  TPC Summer Sport commences
Tuesday 12 October Mitcham Campus – Parent Tech Session, 9am-9.45am, Gilchrist Library, also at 2.30pm-3.15pm
Wednesday 13 October Torrens Park – Parent Tech Session, 8.30am-9.15am and 2.30pm-3.15pm
  Sounds of Scotch Performance, 6.30pm
Thursday 14 October Annual Oxford Lecture, 6pm-7.30pm, Lecture Theatre and Drawing Room
Friday 15 October Year 2-5 Mitcham Camus Summer Sport commences
  Prep to Year 1 Kelly Sports commences
Monday 18 October Year 11 Outdoor Ed Expedition departs
Tuesday 19 October Junior School Group Tour, 9.15am
  Torrens Park Art Exhibition, 5.30pm
Thursday 21 October Mitcham Campus – Photo Day
  Year 12 to Junior School at 9am – Celebration Day
  Year 12 activities at 11am
  Year 7 Fun day lunch at 1pm
  Year 11 Outdoor Ed Expedition returns
Friday 22 October Year 12 House Farewells, 8.45am
  Mitcham Campus P&F meeting at 8.45am
  Year 12 Final Assembly at 11.30am
  Year 12 Luncheon at 12.45pm
  9@Scotch Camp F returns
Saturday 23 October Rowing Season opening BBQ
Wednesday 27 October Torrens Park Campus Group Tour at 9am
Thursday 28 October New Parents Orientation Morning Tea at 9am
  ELC Group Tour at 9.15am
Friday 29 October Goose Island Maintenance Weekend – departs
  RAP presentation to Year 11 students at 11.15am
Sunday 31 October Goose Island Maintenance Weekend – returns
Monday 1 November Stage 2 Exams commence
Tuesday 2 November Mitcham Campus Digital Citizenship Series for Families, 6pm-6.40pm
Wednesday 3 November Mitcham Campus Digital Citizenship Series for Families, 8.50am-9.30am
Thursday 4 November New 2022 Boarders Yr 8-12 Orientation Sleepover, 4.30pm
  Thank You Drinks, 5.30pm
  Year 10 Drama performance, 7pm
Friday 5 November Junior School Fair Day
  Year 8-12 Orientation Day
  TP Campus ID photo day
  Boarding Parents Orientation Afternoon Tea, 2pm-3.30pm
Saturday 6 November IGSSA Senior Sport concludes
Monday 8 November Year 10 exams commence
Tuesday 9 November Reception Transition Visit #1, 9am
Wednesday 10 November Year 7 Immersion Day (Yr 6s to TP Campus)
  Year 10 exams conclude
Thursday 11 November Goose 1 camp departs
  Junior School Group Tour at 9.15am
  TP Remembrance Service, 10.50am
  Year 11 Group Devised Performance, 7pm-9.30pm
Saturday 12 November IGSSA Middle School sport concludes
Monday 15 November Stage 2 exams conclude
  Goose 1 camp returns
  Goose 2 camp departs
  Year 10 Service Learning and Work Experience commences
Wednesday 17 November Reception Transition #2 visit, 9am
  Reception Parent Information Session, 9am-10am, Gilchrist Library
  ELC Group tour, 9.15am
Thursday 18 November New 2022 Boarders Yr 7 Orientation Sleepover, 4pm
  Scholastic Book Fair, 8.15am
Friday 19 November Goose 2 returns
  Goose 3 departs
  Year 7 Orientation Day
  Scholastic Book Fair, 8.15am
Saturday 20 November Norwood Christmas Pageant
Monday 22 November Leadership Induction Ceremony, 5.45pm
Tuesday 23 November Goose 3 returns
  Goose 4 departs
  P&F Joint AGM, 7pm
Wednesday 24 November MS Play – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 7.30pm
Thursday 25 November Year 11 SWOT VAC
  Junior School 2022 Reception Orientation
  MS Play – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 1pm and 7.30pm
  Year 6 Rowing Day
Friday 26 November Year 11 exams commence
  MS Play – a Midsummer Night’s Drea, 7.30pm
Saturday 27 November Goose 4 returns
  Goose 5 commences
Tuesday 30 November A Taste of Christmas, 6pm
Wednesday 1 December Goose 5 returns
  Goose 6 commences
Thursday 2 December Year 6 Disco, 6,30pm
Friday 3 December Junior School Nativity Play, 9am
  P&F End of Year Family Picnic, 7pm
Monday 6 December Mitcham Campus End of Year Ceremony, 9.15am
Tuesday 7 December Middle School Fair Day
  Year 6 Walk to “Individual” Tree on Brown Hill, 9am
  Year 6 to Middle School Fair Day at 1pm
  Boarders High Tea, 5.30pm
Wednesday 8 December Year 6 Breakfast and gift unveiling at 8am
  Middle School Prize Giving Ceremony, 9am
  Term 4 concludes at 12 noon
  ELC Club Scotch commences at 12 noon
  Speech Day, 1.15pm
  Principal’s Graduation Dinner, 6.30pm, Adelaide Convention Centre
Thursday 9 December Seniors Rowing training at Port Adelaide
Friday 10 December Seniors Rowing Training at Port Adelaide
Saturday 11 December Seniors Rowing Training at Port Adelaide
Friday 17 December ELC Club Scotch concludes