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End of Term 3 Update


28 September 2018

End of Term 3 Update

End of Term 3 Update

I wish to pay tribute to the students for their extraordinary work rate during Term 3. 

Faced with the usual academic challenges in all parts of the school, they have come up trumps in productions and shows, in sports fixtures and competitions and in enriching academic activities.  I am also indebted to the hugely committed and invested staff who make the extraordinary experiences of Scotch College day by day possible for our extraordinary young people. 

Such a collective effort is what makes the character of Scotch special but also adds huge energy and uniqueness to our educational offer.  Long may we support your children with the most outstanding experiences that we can resource in order for them to think ambitiously and strongly about their futures. 

We enter Term 4 in very good spirits and also look forward to a centenary year next year when all the qualities that have made Scotch so successful over the last century will be on display.  Please look out for information about the events taking place next year and for the projects and ambitions we have for Scotch going forwards.  It promises to be a huge turning point in the life of the College as we seek to enter our second century with confidence. 

I wish you all well for the break and look forward to all the new challenges that Term 4 will bring.

Dr John Newton



College Captains and Student Executive Team for 2019

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our Year 12 student leaders for 2019.

  • College Co Captains: Lalla Nugent and Samuel Subramaniam
  • Vice Captains: Billie Bowen and James Borg

SAT Leaders:

  • Community Partnerships: Chloe Morris
  • Student Wellbeing: Riki Theodorakakos
  • Environment: Harriet Watson

House Captains:

  • Cameron: Halle Birdseye and Dougal Day
  • Campbell: Lucy Ifould and Max Ifould
  • Douglas: Philippa Smith and Will Petterson
  • Gordon: Zoe Roberts and Oscar Bartos
  • McGregor: Lucie Spurling and Trent Pulford
  • Stewart: Lucy Kittel and Jeremy Stahl

Performing Arts Captains:

  • Onor Nottle and Harry Fiedler

Dance Captains:

  • Jenna Gordon and Laura Williams

Drama Captains:

  • Harmony Gordon, Matthew Daniel and Hugh Whittle

Music Captains:

  • Issy Darwent, Ned Baulderstone and Ben Uhrig

Boarding Captains:

  • Millie Slade and Nicholas Hurst

International Students:

  • Ruby Chen and Torres Zhang

Sport Captains:

  • Iman Koutsoukou and Angus Kitto

Media Captain:

  • Nichols Burt


Student Success

  • Imani Austin (Year 10 Campbell) won an award at The Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Oscar Bartos (Year 11 Gordon) won the Clan MacFarlane Perpetual Trophy at the Fred Adam Piping Competition.
  • Ned Baulderstone (Year 11 McGregor) and Nick Burt (Year 11 Stewart) won “Best Film by South Australian High School” at the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival.
  • Sophie Casey (Year 8 Cameron) represented South Australia in the State U15 Netball team.  Sophie was named Captain and South Australia won the championship for the first time in 28 years, defeating NSW 30-23.
  • Lulu Colgrave (Year 9 Campbell) represented South Australia at the National Aerobics Competition and received a bronze medal. 
  • Lucy English (Year 8 Douglas) has been selected in the South Australian Equestrian Team.
  • Matthew Guerin (Year 10 Campbell) won an award at The Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Lachlan Hurst (Year 10 McGregor) won an award at The Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Grace King (Year 11 Douglas) competed in the Tiger Case Competition Global Finals in Canberra and won the Most Outstanding Speaker.
  • Elliot Mackenzie (Year 11 Campbell) competed in the Tiger Case Competition Global Finals in Canberra.
  • Eliza Mackereth (Year 10 Campbell) won an award at The Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Zoe Manton (Year 6) finished 4th at the SAPSASA State Golf Championships and has been selected to represent South Australia at the U12 Golf Championships to be held in Victoria in November. 
  • Tori Mould (Year 11 Cameron) has been selected in the ISSSA State Netball team.
  • Kristen Nunan (Year 11 Campbell) won an award at The Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Maddie Nunan (Year 12 Campbell) has raised over $10,000 for Fundraising for Drought Angels.
  • Ulyssia Rothwell (Year 10 Gordon) came first in her age group in the SAETA Young Writer’s Awards. 
  • Sophia Shand (Year 10 Gordon) won an award at The Royal Adelaide Show.
  • Ben Swart (Year 11 Stewart) competed in the Tiger Case Competition Global Finals in Canberra.
  • James Thompson (Year 10 Campbell) won first prize at The Royal Adelaide Show in the Beef Cattle Young Judges Competition.
  • Molly Watson (Year 11 Gordon) has been selected in the State U17 Netball team.


Attendance at Key Term 4 Events

Year 12 Parents are invited to attend the year 12 Final Assembly on Friday 26 October, commencing at 11.30am. Please note that there is a maximum of 2 adults per student unless discussed with Mr Bennett, due to capacity restrictions. All Year 10-12 students and their families are invited to attend the annual House Dinners on Friday 26 October at 7pm. All Year 11 students are to attend the Class of 2019 and Leaders Induction Ceremony to be held on Monday 19 November at 6pm. All Year 11-12 students are to attend the College Speech Night on Thursday 6 December at 7pm dressed in formal uniform. All Year 7-9 students are to attend the Middle School Fair Day on Monday 10 December and End of Year Ceremony on Tuesday 11 December at 10am.  Parents are also welcome to this event. If you are ever unsure about when your child is required at school for an end of year event or when parents are invited to come along, please contact their school section secretary, Senior School (Years 10-12) and Middle School (Years 7-9).


Uniform and Appearance

It was great to see an improvement in the wearing of uniform during Term 3. However, by the end of term the need for haircuts and adolescent growth spurts had kicked in and we started to look less than impressive. I am assuming for the start of Term 4 we will have the support of parents to ensure their child/ren are looking smart.

We also had a crack-down on when students were able to wear PE uniform during the school day. Sometimes students forget to pack their full uniform and expect they may wear sports uniform all day. The baseline is: if a student forgets a piece of uniform e.g. correct socks, they must wear the summer uniform even if it is incomplete. This will serve as a useful reminder for the future.

The wearing of hair has improved, and we look forward to seeing it tied back for girls regardless of them having washed it before school and boys if it is over the collar then it must be tied back.

It is a fair expectation for parents to ensure students leave home dressed appropriately for the school day and not wait for Dr Sharp or Mr Bennett or their Head of House to comment on their appearance before they do something about it.

There are guidelines about suitable hairstyles for students in the Uniform and Appearance policy which may be found on the website.


Pedal Prix Update

It was a massive weekend for SCR - the student teams both set new Scotch records by massive margins, and the dads got to share the experience with their kids and now know exactly what they go through (even if there is a little bit of humble pie to be eaten). Congratulations to our riders, who didn’t just beat our own school distance records, they blew them away.

  • SCR-1 completed 452 laps which eclipsed their old mark of 417 laps finishing 62nd outright 11th in Category S2 and 2nd in S2F.
  • SCR-2 completed 499 laps which eclipsed their old mark of 455 laps finishing 33rd outright and 3rd in Category S2.

For the Girls a new Scotch distance record – can’t ask for more than a personal best. For the boys a well-deserved podium finish that had twice eluded them earlier in the year. To the Dads of SCR-3 it was truly great to see you out there with your kids and taking part more than just as their supporters but as their rivals.

To all the wonderful parent supporters, I can’t do this without you and each year you step up to cook, clean, comfort and challenge your children as they take part in this wonderful and somewhat strange event we know as Pedal Prix. To our Sponsors, I hope you think it was worth the investment and are happy knowing it will continue to allow me to give others a chance to be a part of Scotch College Racing. To my Pink and Red Lions, never doubt what you are capable of, “can’t isn’t a word it’s a choice”, be the best you can be.

Paul Glovitch


Staff Changes

Rachel Swanson, ELC: Rachel has a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and a Cert III in Business Administration and comes to us from Halifax Street Children’s Centre where she has been working for the last two years. Rachel joined the ELC on the 24 September.

Alex Wood, Groundsman: Alex joined Scotch on the 4 September.  Alex has a Cert III in Horticulture and comes to us from the University of South Australia where he has worked as a Groundsman for the last 4 years. Alex is also a wicket curator with the Modbury Cricket Club, an avid sportsperson and a Level 1 Cricket Coach.


Parents and Friends AGM, Wednesday 21 November

The Parents and Friends AGM is to be held on Wednesday 21 November at 7.00pm.  All members of the Scotch community are invited to attend, and we welcome new members for 2019.  The Parents and Friends do a fantastic job and this is a great way to meet new people. 


Extended Absences

Parents are reminded that if they intend to take their child out of school for an extended period of time (more than 5 school days), at least 6 weeks' written notice must be given to the relevant Head of Campus or Assistant Head of Campus. Students can miss out on vital school work and if given enough prior notice, teachers can set work for students to do while they are on leave.


Student Enrolments for 2019

We still have vacancies in some year levels in 2019.  If you know anyone who is considering enrolling their children at Scotch, please ask them to contact Carrie Cousar, Head of Enrolments, on 8274 4209 or email


New Look Grounds and Maintenance

The grounds and maintenance team have just changed their uniforms, grounds in navy blue and maintenance in sky blue.

Thursday, we took the opportunity to have a photo shoot with our new machinery. We now have a Z track that will allow us to much as we cut and cover large areas quickly, this machine will take over from the small Walker mover which will now mainly tend to the small areas at Mitcham campus. The new fairway mower allows grounds to mow all the ovals to a high standard very quickly, this previously was contracted out.  During the holidays, grounds will be running the verti drain machine around all the ovals, this will help to aerate the ground and improve growth and drainage.

Exciting times ahead with the team now able to cover all the turf maintenance in house and not be dependent on outside contractors which will see a much superior presentation for the upcoming cricket season and the Centenary.

David Trinne
Operations Manager


Mitcham Campus News

Sports Day

Mitcham Campus Sports Day last Friday was magnificent! There was such a hub of activity in the lead up to the event and, once again, our P&F volunteers excelled in providing the warmest hospitality to visitors and students. We are very grateful for the time that so many people dedicate to our Junior Campus. Thank you also to the many families who contributed food stall and lunch order items. A special thank you to Sarahjane McIntyre, Kylie Read, Claire Jones, Lauren Hodge, Janice Bolnar, Paul Menzel, Matt Buchanan and Ben Poland for co-ordinating teams of supporting parents.


SA Oliphant Science Awards

Last Friday evening I was privileged to be invited to the Awards Ceremony for the SA Oliphant Science Competition. Caitlin Caunce, Year 5, was presented with a prize for her entry into the Game section of the competition. She is to be congratulated, not only for this achievement, but for the very special achievement of winning an Oliphant Science Award for four years in a row!  Congratulations, Caitlin!


Launching School TV at Mitcham Campus

This year we have enjoyed an incredible line up of experts who have come into Scotch to talk on all manner of topics. Steve Biddulph (Raising Boys and Raising Girls), Dr Tom Nehmy (Pathways to Healthy Minds), Susan McLean (Growing Up online) and Professor David Cropley (Raising Problem Solvers: Supporting & Developing Your Child’s Creativity) have been some of our expert presenters.

Recognising that so many of our young families need flexibility in accessing Parent Information sessions, we have signed up to School TV. This week, we bring you a School TV clip featuring Susan McLean, for those parents who were unable to attend Susan’s session


Digital Citizenship & Your Child

During a recent Cybersafety Session our Year 4 to 6 students all undertook with Susan McLean (a nationally recognised expert), they focused on the 3Rs of the cyber age – Respect, Responsibility and Reputation.  When speaking to families in the evening, Susan reinforced the importance of families helping children understand and be guided by the Terms and Conditions of apps and sites and how this links closely to the 3Rs. Susan noted that if a minimum user age is 13 and parents ‘bend the rules’ to allow a profile to be set up where a child has to lie about their age, it begins to blur the lines around these rules.

Susan and Scotch reinforce the following messages:

  • It’s cool to follow the rules! What keeping safe online is all about.
  • We have rules to keep us safe at school.  If we break a school rule there will be a consequence.
  • We have laws to keep us safe in the community. If we break a law there will be a consequence.
  • Before I do anything online I should ask myself…
  • Is what I am about to do showing RESPECT for myself and others?
  • Is what I am about to do a RESPONSIBLE use of technology?
  • How is what I am about to do going to affect my digital REPUTATION?

See the link above to watch a School TV video featuring Susan.


Co-curricular Music & Dance Reports

Please be aware that children who are enrolled in co-curricular instrumental music, voice and dance, will have reports uploaded (accessed via the family portal) at the end of term.


Holiday program opportunities

  • A reminder that Scotch is hosting Code Camp again these holidays (10-12 October). More information on the SPARK and IGNITE programs (for beginners and intermediate respectively) can be found online:
  • Camp Australia are running a holiday program here at Scotch from Tuesday 2 October until Friday 12 October.
  • Carclew’s Explore Arts school holiday program for October (ages 5-17) is now open for booking.
  • Discover new cultures with Languages Alive! school holiday language program for kids. More details.


Important Dates for Term 4

Date Event
Monday 1 October Labour Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 2 October School Holiday Programme begins
Saturday 6 October SCOCA 5 Year Reunion
Sunday 7 October Berri Rowing Camp – Junior begins
  Berri Rowing Camp – Intermediate & Senior begins
Wednesday 10 October Berri Rowing Camp – Beginners (Yr 7) begins
Thursday 11 October Preseason Senior Cricket Camp
Friday 12 October Preseason Senior Cricket Camp
  Berri Rowing Camp – Junior concludes
  Berri Rowing Camp – Beginners, Intermediate & Senior concludes
  School Holiday Programme concludes
Saturday 13 October Eyre Peninsula Community Dinner
  SCOCA 20 Year Reunion
Sunday 14 October Boarding House opens 2pm
Monday 15 October Term 4 commences
  Year 9@Scotch – Camp E departs
Tuesday 16 October Parents Schoolies Festival Information Evening, 6pm
Wednesday 17 October Tennis Season Launch, 3.35pm
  Cricket Season Launch, 4pm
Thursday 18 October Junior School Tour, 9.15am
  Sounds of Scotch Choral, 6pm
Saturday 20 October SCOCA 10 Year Reunion
Sunday 21 October Year 11 OE Expedition departs
  Rowing Support Group Golf Day at Blackwood, 12 noon
Monday 22 October Torrens Park Tour, 9am
Tuesday 23 October ELC tour, 9.15am
Thursday 25 October Year 11 Ag Field Trip
  Year 12 Celebration Day
Friday 26 October Year 12 Farewell Assembly
  One Luncheon Year 12, Year 12 Parents and Year 12 Staff
  SCOCA 40 Year Reunion
  Torrens Park House Dinners
  Year 9@Scotch – Camp E returns
  Year 11 OE Expedition returns
Saturday 27 October SCOCA 35 Year Reunion
Tuesday 30 October Year 10 Drama Performance
Thursday 1 November Thank You Drinks, 5.30pm
Friday 2 November Goose Maintenance Weekend departs
Sunday 4 November Goose Maintenance Weekend returns
  World Scholars Cup Tournament departs
Monday 5 November Year 12 Exams commence
Tuesday 6 November Mitcham Campus P&F meeting, 7pm
Thursday 8 November Mitcham Campus Fair Day
  Year 11 Drama Performance 6pm
Friday 9 November Years 8-12 Orientation Day
  Year 7-11 ID Photo Day
  Remembrance Day Service, 10.30am
  Adelaide Yalari Dinner, 6pm
  Year 11 Drama Performance, 6pm
Saturday 10 November Credit Union Christmas Pageant
  Remembrance Day, Centennial Park, 10am
Wednesday 14 November Year 10 Exams commence
  Year 7 Immersion Day
  Torrens Park P&F Meeting, 7pm
Thursday 15 November ELC Tour, 9.15am
  World Scholars Cup Tournament returns
Friday 16 November Year 12 Exams conclude
  Year 10 Exams conclude
Monday 19 November Goose Camp 1 departs
  Year 10 Service Learning & Work Experience commences
  Leadership Induction Service, 6pm
Wednesday 21 November P&F Joint AGM, 7pm
Friday 23 November Year 7 Orientation Day
  Goose Camp 1 returns
  Goose Camp 2 departs
  White Ribbon Day
  ID Photos for visiting Year 7 students
Monday 26 November ELC Fraser transition visit, 4pm
Tuesday 27 November Goose Camp 2 returns
  Goose Camp 3 departs
  Year 11 Exams commence
  ELC 4 year old Graduation, 5.45pm
  ELC Family Christmas Night, 6.15pm
Wednesday 28 November ELC Fraser transition visits, 4pm
Thursday 29 November Mitcham Campus Years 1-6 Orientation Day, 9.15am
  Mitcham Campus Reception Orientation Day, 10.15am
Friday 30 November Year 11 Exams conclude
Saturday 1 December Goose Camp 3 returns
  Goose Camp 4 departs
Sunday 2 December Carols By The Creek, 4pm
Monday 3 December A Taste of Christmas, 5pm
Tuesday 4 December Year 8 Geology Excursion
Wednesday 5 December Goose Camp 4 returns
  Goose Camp 5 departs
  JS Nativity Play, 9am
  Boarders’ High Tea, 6.15pm
  Year 6 Disco, 6.30pm
Thursday 6 December Speech Night, 7pm
Friday 7 December Middle School Novelty Cup, 11.35am
  Year 12 Principal’s Graduation Dinner, 6.45pm
Sunday 9 December Goose Camp 5 returns
  Year 10 Service Learning & Work Experience concludes
Monday 10 December Middle School Fair Day
  Mitcham Campus End of Year Ceremony, 9.15am
Tuesday 11 December Year 6 Farewell Breakfast
  Year 10 exams returned to students
  Middle School End of Year Ceremony, 10am
  Term 4 concludes at 12.30pm
  Boarding House closes at 4pm
Wednesday 12 December Port Adelaide Rowing Camp commences
  School Holiday Programme commences
Wednesday 19 December School Holiday Programme concludes

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!