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End of Term 3 Update 2019


25 September 2019

End of Term 3 Update 2019

End of Term 3 Update 2019

Term 3 is a vital term for preparation for the next academic year and we look forward to a very active and successful 2020. 

Academic innovation and enrichment are important to us. We have a number of projects that staff are working up at present which we are implementing in various parts of the college. This includes an emphasis on student agency – a greater engagement with our students and how we plan our life in school so that they have more engagement. We are seeing a huge increase in effectiveness and performance due to such an approach and we wish to push it forward. Secondly, we always look at how we teacher more effectively and this was the subject of the pupil free day on 2 September. Thirdly, we believe that throughout our curriculum a greater emphasis on ethics should be found. This is recommended as a general capability by the Australian Government, but very few schools actually implement it.

Our plans for academic enrichment are given in more detail below. 


Academic Enrichment

A high performing organisation such as Scotch should cater for individual educational needs in all areas. Specialist support, experiences and challenges should come the way of our students in the areas of Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Sport, Global Awareness and Service Learning.

This is supremely true with our academic offering. By our calculations we were fourth in the state at 90+ and 95+ in our ATAR results last year. We have sustained high results for a number of years now due to the quality of our teaching and the tailored nature of our academic program. As a non-selective school, we are adding value in this crucial area and we are very proud of that. 

Academic achievement and growth however must not just happen in the classroom and serve examination results. I believe in the stimulus of the mind. I believe in satisfying curiosity. I believe in feeding the intellect in order that students can look forward to highly specialised careers in the future and begin that journey at Scotch. 

To this end, some years back we stimulated a strong conversation on academic enrichment so that beyond our lessons and homework, we could offer appropriately gifted students from both the Junior and Senior School challenges that would bring them to a new level of insight and understanding.

Our preparations for the 2020 Enrichment Program (as we call it) are going ahead as I write. I have challenged teams on both campuses to ensure that our very brightest and most academically curious should find an outlet whether it be in oratory, problem solving, esoteric academic subject matter or specialist areas such as medicine or STEM. 

Should you wish to know more about this program please contact Senior Staff, such as Teresa Hanel our Director of Teaching and Learning, Ieva Hampson Head of the Junior School, Georgia Bradford Acting Head of the Middle School, or Dale Bennett Head of the Senior School. 

We must ensure that those with particular gives in all areas of school life have an opportunity to stretch themselves further whether that be academically or in terms of social engagement, performing arts, or sport. 


Use of Devices

We are also in the throes of concluding our approach to the use of screens and screen time in schools. This is a complex debate, not simply because of the many public statements that are made on both sides, but also because of the particular nature of Scotch and our wish to ensure we get the best and avoid the worst influences of devices. 

A further description of our current progress and method in preparation for 2020 is below. This has been written by Rob Lee, our Director of Information and Innovation, who is conducting the consultation process.

We have developed a four-step method that involves collecting information, analysing, taking action and presenting outcomes. At the end of this process, every teacher, parent and student will have a clear understanding of how smart phones fit in to the educational offering at Scotch. Equally all parties will have a clear understanding of how the College manages the risks and dangers associated with mobile phone use during the school day. We will include recommendations on how families can continue to manage the risks at home.

Otherwise I congratulate students on a very hard-working term. The winter term requires our students to push through tough academic challenges as well as do immense achievements many of which are celebrated below or in eNews each week. We look forward to Term 4 and the celebrations as well as the challenges of the departure of our wonderful Year 12 who have been such stars. 

I wish you all well as spring turns to summer. 

Dr John H Newton



2020 College Captains
& Student Executive Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as our Year 12 student leaders for 2020.

College Co Captains: Kristen Nunan and Hugo Walter

Vice Captains: Millie Brake and Zac Horbelt

SAT Leaders:

  • Community Partnerships: Hugo Koch 
  • Student Wellbeing: Chloe Hooper
  • Global: Ben Wiersema
  • Sustainability & Environment: Matthew Guerin 

House Captains:

  • Cameron: Liam Cameron & Maggie Smith
  • Campbell: Liam Flavell & Holly Hyde
  • Douglas: Ewan Mitchell & Georgina Taeger
  • Gordon: Sophie Dunow & Sam Mather    
  • McGregor: Will Castine-Price & Lucy Knight
  • Stewart: Margot Bricknell & Will Jackson

Performing Arts Captains:

  • Charlie Miller & Jack Raftopoulos

Dance Captains:

  • Harry McGinty & Issie Mennillo

Drama Captains:

  • Jim Martin & Mieka Thompson-Mills

Music Captains:

  • Adele Hubmayer & Zac Seeley

Boarding Captains:

  • Lachie Hurst & Amelia Williams

International Students Captains:

  • Yitian Chen & Lily Wu

Sport Captains:

  • Ned Walter & Lucy Doney

Media Captain:

  • Fletcher Turale


Student Successes

  • Aoife Bell-O’Brien (Year 7 McGregor) won a gold medal at the National Gymnastics Championships.
  • Tess Bolnar (Yr 11 Stewart) received a 2nd Prize at the Teenage Fashion Awards in the Wearable Art section. 
  • Ricardo Botes (Year 7 McGregor) was selected for the SAPSASA U12 Soccer team.
  • Aria Bradley (Yr 7 Campbell) for winning the “Unley Council Fish Tank” business competition.
  • Mitchell Bray (Year 12 Cameron) was selected in the School Sport SA Cross Country team.
  • Nick Burt (Year 12 Stewart) won the Film Maker Encouragement Award at the 2019 AIYFF.
  • Mary Chapman (Year 10 Mc Gregor) finished 3rd in the SA Ski Falls Creek Interschools Competition.
  • Lulu Colgrave (Year 10 Campbell) won a gold medal at the South Australia Aerobics Competition in July and competed in the Nationals in August.
  • Claudia Dare (Yr 12 Cameron) was named an “AATFA Achiever” for her contribution to the Teenage Fashion Awards and outstanding efforts at both State and National levels over the past 5 years. Claudia has been accepted to study Fashion at the University of London next year.
  • Lucy Doney (Year 11 Cameron) competed for Australia in the Oceania Area Championships in Townsville and won gold for Australia in the Triple Jump. 
  • Luis Fazzalari (Year 8 McGregor) received a gold medal for the 1 metre springboard and a silver medal in the 3 metre springboard diving championships. Luis travelled to New Zealand in August and will travel to Montreal in November. 
  • Parnia Hatami (Year 7 Cameron) for winning the “Unley Council Fish Tank” business competition.
  • Jessica Jackson (Year 10 Douglas) competed in the SA State SC Swimming Championships and won 3 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medal. Jessica has been selected in the South Australian team and will compete at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra in October.
  • Annika Jones (Yr 11 Mc) received a 1st Prize at the Teenage Fashion Awards in the Costume and Theatrical section.
  • Oscar Levinson (Year 7 Stewart) represented School Sport SA at the School Sport Australia 12 and under boys Hockey Championships in Bendigo in August.
  • Zoe Manton (Year 7 Gordon) was awarded a silver medal I the SSSSA 15 & Under State Gold Championships.
  • Jim Martin (Year 11 Gordon) won the Best Film (Senior School) at the AIYFF.
  • Harry McGinty (Year 11 McGregor) won the Best Film (Senior School) at the AIYFF.
  • Lucas Nunn (Yr 7 Stewart) was selected in the U13 Boys State Hockey Team.
  • Leila Revell (Year 8 Cameron) won The Jaqueline Tucker Award and The Lorraine Irving Scholarship Award at the Royal Academy of Dance Ballet Competition.
  • Freya Roberts (Year 10 Douglas) and Harriet Watson (Year 12 Douglas) won their age group at the SA Ski Falls Creek Interschool Championships and will compete at Nationals in September at Mt Buller.
  • Lucy Seppelt (Yr 7 Stewart) for winning the “Unley Council Fish Tank” business competition. Lucy was also selected in the U13 State Hockey Team.
  • Lucie Spurling (Year 12 McGregor) received a “Highly Commended” award at the Teenage Fashion Awards for her Society and Environment garment.
  • Will Thomas (Yr 8 Gordon) has been selected in the U13 Boys State Hockey Team.
  • Mieka Thompson-Mills (Year 11 Stewart) won the Best Film (Senior School) at the AIYFF.
  • Fletcher Turale (Year 11 Cameron) won the Best Film (Senior School) at the AIYFF.
  • Hugh Watson (Year 8 Douglas) finished 3rd in his age group at the SA Ski Falls Creek Interschool Championships.
  • India Wilson (Yr 11 Cameron), William Lawes (Year 8 McGregor) and Mieka Thompson-Mills (Year 11 Stewart) Stage 2 Film was chosen to represent Australia at the Giffoni International Film Festival in Italy. India travelled to Italy in late July and was an official jury member. 
  • Adem Yelegin (Yr 7 Campbell) for winning the “Unley Council Fish Tank” business competition.


Uniform and Appearance

It was great to see an improvement in the wearing of uniform during Term 3. However, by the end of term the need for haircuts and adolescent growth spurts had kicked in and we started to look less than impressive. I am assuming for the start of Term 4 we will have the support of parents to ensure their child/ren are looking smart.

We also had a crack-down on when students were able to wear PE uniform during the school day. Sometimes students forget to pack their full uniform and expect they may wear sports uniform all day. The baseline is if a student forgets a piece of uniform e.g. correct socks, they must wear the summer uniform even if it is incomplete. This will serve as a useful reminder for the future.

The wearing of hair has improved, and we look forward to seeing it tied back for girls regardless of them having washed it before school and boys if it is over the collar then it must be tied back.

It is a fair expectation for parents to ensure students leave home dressed appropriately for the school day and not wait for Dr Sharp or Mr Bennett or their Head of House to comment on their appearance before they do something about it. 

There are guidelines about suitable hairstyles for students in the Uniform and Appearance policy which may be found on the website.

Dale Bennett


Attendance at Key Events for Term 4

Year 12 Parents are invited to attend the year 12 Final Assembly on Friday 25 October, commencing at 11.30am. Please note that there is a maximum of 2 adults per student unless discussed with Mr Bennett, due to capacity restrictions.

After the Year 12 Lunch event, Parents are invited to the House Farewells, occurring in venues across the campus from 2:15 to 3:30. Students from Years 7-12 will be in attendance to celebreate and farewell the Year 12 students.

All Year 11 students are to attend the Class of 2020 and Leaders Induction Ceremony to be held on Thursday 21 November at 6.30pm.

All Year 11-12 students are to attend the College Speech Day on Friday 6 December dressed in formal uniform.

All Year 7-9 students are to attend the Middle School Fair Day on Thursday 5 December and End of Year Ceremony on Friday 6 December at 10am. Parents are also welcome to this event.

If you are ever unsure about when your child is required at school for an end of year event or when parents are invited to come along, please contact their school section secretary, Senior School (Years 10-12) and Middle School (Years 7-9).


2019/20 Cricket Launch: An Evening with Sri Lankan Cricket Royalty

Dasun-Shanaka_0.jpgPlease join us to launch the 2019/20 Scotch Cricket season at a very special event with Sri Lankan cricket royalty on Friday 25 October. Dasun Shanaka is the current Sri Lankan T20 Captain.

Tickets include a very special light Sri Lankan buffet and the opportunity to hear from these cricket superstars. A cash/EFTPOS bar will be available. Proceeds from the evening will be split 50/50 between Scotch Cricket and supporting underprivileged Sri Lankan student cricketers.

More info and tickets



Pedal Prix Tech Challenge Tour 

DSC_4148 copy.JPG

The tour began early on Wednesday and there was heaps of excitement in the airport departure lounge. The squad looked great in their tour gear and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves Gold Coast bound. A quick bus trip to the Mantra Sun City and before long the teams were diving in at the deep end and testing out the waterslides at the hotel pool.

Thursday was a massive day rising early for breakfast before heading to Movie World for the day. Unfortunately, a few of the rides were closed for maintenance but we Superman'ed, Scooby Doo'ed and Arkham Asylum'ed ourselves as much as time allowed. Back to the hotel for a quick dip and then a definite highlight, dinner - a gourmet buffet with more food than we could imagine... and more food than some should have eaten.

Friday we parted ways and the squad caught a train to Maryborough while we went and collected the trailer from the transport company. To our relief everything was exactly as we packed it. A few hours drive and we were there. QLD24 was a reality. After a minor road block, we found ourselves setting up our pits and meeting the neighbours our hosts for the weekend - The Bundaberg Hornets. We can’t thank them enough for all they did to support us through the course of the weekend, they advised us, fed us, cheered for us and basically made it possible for us to be there. It wasn’t long before the Kids arrived and set off on their track walk in their freshly acquired superhero capes. Once completed it was off to registration and scrutineering, no real problems but it did take a while. After dinner the whole squad spent time watching the celebrity challenge to start learning the racing lines at the hairpin in particular. Then an early night as excitement built for practice in the morning.

Saturday was an early rise for the team Captains as they took first shifts in the practice sessions as the rest of the team filtered down to the track after breakfast. An issue with the transponders meant we only recorded a couple of lap times and that saw us qualify right near the back of the grid. Not that that bothered us because we knew we had plenty more in the tank.

IMG_3448 copy 2.jpgTime to race and boy was it hot. Have to say even the locals thought it was hot but for us it was stinking hot. The sun was "glaring". The Ice vests were getting smashed to keep the kids core temperatures down. It wasn’t long before the Junior girls stretched their legs and after just an hour they had already established a healthy margin. For the senior boys they had worked themselves into the top ten and were slowly climbing. The Senior Girls clearly had a fight on their hands with more than one team in their category matching or beating their lap times. After an hour though they moved into 1st and began to establish a lead.

It was when the sun went down that we started to shine. The Junior girls had opened their margin out to nearly 20 laps, the Senior Boys had moved up to 6th outright and the Senior Girls had a healthy margin of 9 laps by the half way mark of the race.
Miss P and Phillipa spent lots of time walking the kids backwards and forwards to the hotel while Simon and I managed the racing. The junior girls were flawless pushing hard without ever taking too many risks. For the boys they were in their zone before a drama with the brakes unsettled them and they lost a little time. There was massive drama for the senior girls as an issue with the buzzer saw them drop 7 laps from their 9-lap lead before we could fix it. As the sun rose the boys found themselves a few riders down and slipped to 7th outright, a position they would maintain to the end of the race. The junior Girls by this stage were 40 laps in front of their nearest rivals and knew that to win all they needed to do was finish. The race had just begun for the senior girls. The last 6 hours of the race was certainly exciting and after a bit of drama the racing calmed down and three teams went about their business... winning.

  • For the senior girls they had worked really hard to achieve their goal - Winning their category.
  • The senior boys - held off a late challenge and finished an extremely credible 7th when you consider they were all at the bottom of the age bracket.
  • The Junior girls finished as strong as they had started winning by an incredible 47 laps

Presentations were a highlight and we are very flattered to be consider the best presented team at the race. Something we really appreciate.

The girls were super excited to get their medals and Simon and I am super grateful to the boys who stayed to help with the pack up.

Scotch College Racing had a great experience racing in Queensland and while we will be staying at home next year to race our own 24-hour race hopefully one day we will get the opportunity to visit again.

Thanks to all that made this adventure possible, Simon Hodge for all the long hours in the shed and at the track, Phillipa Jackson for taking time off work to come and spend a few days on holidays working hard. Meredith Ridgeway for the leg work organising the tour and to Grace Parsons our supreme tour leader for all her hard work organising all of us to be in the right places at the right time.

Paul Glovitch
Pedal Prix Coordinator


Sounds of Scotch Choral

2018-10-18_19-12-48-161 copy_0.jpg

Please join us for the 2019 Sounds of Scotch Choral evening, hosted in the St Francis Xavier Cathedral, 39 Wakefield St Adelaide.

Tickets $15, $5 Concession. For enquiries contact the Performing Arts Secretary, phone 8274 4210 or email

Buy Tickets


Term 3 Update from Rosevear

All of the students have been working hard this week finishing off Research Project, Maths Investigation, end of term tests and anything else that needed to be finished before Friday!


Boarding Captains for 2020 have been decided this week. Congratulations to Lachlan Hurst and Amelia Williams. We are all so excited to have them leading next year.

Kate Slade and Antony Boonen, 2 of our Boarding Assistants have decided to hand in their swipe keys and leave us at the end of this term. We thank them for their great service and help with our Boarders and Boarding Team. We will miss you both. Luckily, Antony isn’t going far! He will be available to the Boarders for academic tutoring. He is only a door knock away!

The Year 11s completed their Group Dynamic and Leadership program with David Scholz and our ODE teacher Rob Stillwell. The Boarders looked at:

  • Communication skills
  • Managing yourself
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Creativity and innovation 
  • Social cognition and influence

The Year 11s really enjoyed working together and putting into practice with activities how to be a competent leader and team member.

Term 4 starts back on Sunday 13 October. We hope you can make it to say hello and thank our volunteers for their help throughout the year supporting the Rosevear Boarding House. Thankyou drinks starts at 5.30pm.

Something to mention to your child - we will be running a first aid course on the first week end of Term on 20 October, please let us know by Tuesday 15 October. The cost will be $165 per participant.

Have a wonderful 2 weeks break and stay safe and well.

Susie Grabham


Staff Changes


  • Alli Evans – Departing Scotch for Showcase SA. Alli has been at Scotch for just over 3 years.


  • Janna Romeo – Commencing in term 4 in Performing Arts whilst Briony Nichols is on parental leave.
  • Collette Smith – Maths teacher commencing in term 4 on Torrens Park Campus in the Mathematics Faculty. Collette has earned a Bachelor of Science and Masters of Teaching, and comes to us from Murray Bridge High School.
  • Dianna Karounos – after a year and a half, Dianna is returning to the ELC as a Diploma Qualified Educator.
  • Paisley Lowe – Commenced this term as ESO/Nurse on Mitcham Campus one day per week.


Parents and Friends AGM

The Parents and Friends AGM is to be held on Thursday 28 November at 7.00pm. All members of the Scotch community are invited to attend, and we welcome new members for 2020. The Parents and Friends do a fantastic job and this is a great way to meet new people. 


Extended Absences

Parents are reminded that if they intend to take their child out of school for an extended period of time (more than 5 school days), at least 6 weeks' written notice must be given to the relevant Head of Campus or Assistant Head of Campus. Students can miss out on vital school work and if given enough prior notice, teachers can set work for students to do while they are on leave.


Student enrolments for 2020

We still have vacancies in some year levels in 2020. If you know anyone who is considering enrolling their children at Scotch, please ask them to contact Carrie Cousar, Head of Enrolments, on 8274 4209 or email


Mitcham Campus News


MC Sports Day

I would like to thank our school community your generous support and understanding last Friday, as we determined we needed to reschedule our Sports Day. As fate would have it, the first drops of rain came at home time – to our great frustration. We were very grateful to the band of Parents and Friends who came together to ensure that the children still enjoyed their special House Lunches. Thank you for supporting the Bake Sale and ensuring it was still a resounding success – with most goods sold before school! We are also very grateful to the families who volunteered again to support us in running the Sports Day on Wednesday, and the P&F for organising a coffee van to be on site. Sports Days are a Community Event at Scotch and the rescheduling of this year’s day reflected this as much as any other year – thank you for your support.


Junior Campus Staffing Announcement

After 29 years of service and dedication to Scotch College, and the education of countless young Scotchies, Gill Haarsma has decided to retire at the end of this year.

The Mitcham Campus community will miss Gill’s work as a colleague, Junior Primary Home Group teacher, Head of Kyre House and Netball coach (among her many other roles over the years) and look forward to being able to celebrate her many contributions at a farewell later in the year. As a long-standing staff member, I’m sure that there will be a great number of past and present colleagues, students and families who will wish to join Gill in celebrating her contributions to Scotch and her retirement. We are all delighted that Gill will have the opportunity to fully enjoy all that life has to offer, beyond the bell, and look forward to hearing about the new ventures she has planned.

Meredith Trutwin has also decided it is time to focus her energy on family and life beyond school from the end of this year. Meredith, a highly regarded educator, joined Scotch in 2012, and has been teaching at Year Six over the past 7 years. Her experience has been greatly valued by her peers, students and families. Meredith has supported our SAPSASA Cross Country teams in their training and has also brought great joy to our community, through bringing orphaned lambs to school for the children to help raise each year. I am confident that we will continue to enjoy Meredith’s talents over the coming years as she joins our relief teaching team for some casual work.

We would like to congratulate Lee Campbell on her appointment with SEQTA, as a school consultant and trainer, commencing 2020. Scotch is a SEQTA school, utilising this online Learning Management System across the College. Lee commenced her role at Scotch as an IT teacher in 2011 and has seen our program develop from a couple of desktops in each room to a fully-fledged Digital Technologies program including: 3D printing; coding and robotics; augmented and virtual reality experiences; an iPad program with 1:1 devices at Year 5 and 6; utilising SeeSaw between home and school; and the implementation of a the SEQTA Learning Management system. Lee has led terrific innovation in the Junior School over the past 8 years and has supported staff in their learning too. We wish Lee all the very best as she pursues a new direction in education. We will be advertising for a new Digital Technologies teacher over the coming weeks.


Student Achievements

Congratulations to our B-grade Gold and C-grade Blue Mitcham Campus Chess teams who qualified for the finals of the South Australian Junior Chess League competition and played last Friday evening. They played four rounds and represented the College with great poise and determination.

Congratulations also to, Amy Wallace (Year 6) and Ava Matthews-Ward (Year 2) who were invited to the South Australian Oliphant Science Awards, as finalists, Friday evening. Whilst Amy was unable to attend, her entry received a third place for her category and Ava was delighted to receive a 2nd place for her category. There were 2089 entries in the Primary division of this year’s competition!


Neighbourhood connections and local parking

Scotch College works hard to maintain positive connections with our neighbours, and we enjoy great support from the local community. We notify our local neighbours when we have up-coming events, such as Sports Day and Grandparents Day, to warn them of any potential traffic congestion. Recently, we have received some concerns raised by our neighbours that Scotch families are parking across driveways and impeding access for our neighbours. We ask that you please be courteous during pick up and drop off times and ensure you are not parking or standing across driveways.


Change of Out of School Hours Care Provider (Prep to Year 6)

As advised in the last two issues of Mitcham Campus e-news, and by email on 13 September, we are in the process of re-licensing our Out of School Hours Care Services for our Primary school-aged students. Our current licence concludes on the 29 of November.

We have had an excellent level of response from our past, current and prospective users of these Services around the demand for Out of School Hours Care. The feedback has also clearly reflected family needs and expectations around quality before school care, after school care and holiday programs. It is important to us that we have every confidence in the provider operating at Scotch College.

The school has been meeting with a range of providers, including our current provider (Camp Australia) throughout August and September to discuss their offering including:

  • Child protection, safety and welfare policies and practices
  • Staff ratios, engagement, training, screening, continuity, quality care and review practices
  • Quality and variety of activities and experiences for children of all ages and snacks provided
  • Communications with school and family
  • Booking systems, flexibility and billing processes
  • Hours of operation available
  • Pricing points

Our OSHC review team have drawn on parent survey feedback, our College expectations around ensuring a quality service, and the Provider information and determined that we will be relicensing with YMCA SA. We are looking forward to a strong partnership with YMCA.

As we move to transition between providers, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Diane and Brendan (our current and most regular Camp Australia Coordinator and Assistant) for their work. Diane is working with me closely as we look to transition, and she is keen to ensure a quality Service for our families over these final months with Camp Australia.

We will be providing families with information about the YMCA Service shortly. YMCA are excited to be building their presence at Scotch in the lead up to their start date on 2 November and will ensure families are well informed about the Service and registration process.


Helping keep children safe through new screening laws 

Stronger, more effective and transparent screening laws for people working or volunteering with children have been introduced in South Australia. The new screening laws were recommended as part of federal and South Australian royal commissions, to help keep children safe in our communities. From 1 July 2019, the state’s current system for child-related employment screening will be replaced with a working with children check (WWCC). 

The new laws mean that, from 1 July 2019, everyone working or volunteering with children must have a valid child-related check. 

Under the new scheme, people can apply for a WWCC themselves, as opposed to the previous system where organisations had to initiate screening applications. This means people looking to enter child-related work industries can be work-ready. A WWCC is valid for five years and is portable across roles and organisations throughout South Australia. Current, valid child-related employment screening checks done by DHS/DCSI will be recognised as a WWCC until they expire. There will be a 12-month transition period for most people affected by the new laws – such as those people with a National Police Certificate assessed by their organisation – to allow them to enter the new WWCC scheme smoothly. For most people, this means they don’t need to do anything to be ready for the new law starting on 1 July 2019.

For more information, visit the DHS Screening website


Daffodil Day Initiative

On Friday23 August our school participated in the Cancer Council’s Daffodil Day appeal. This appeal was our opportunity to donate to ground-breaking cancer research. Families at our school had the opportunity to buy fresh daffodils. The daffodil gives us hope and the money raised from this day helps pay for research that is saving lives.

Daffodil Day is an opportunity to bring our Scotch community together. Some of our students played an important part in this appeal by coordinating the selling of fresh daffodils. 

We started the morning at school by meeting Mrs Kaesler, Mrs Wallace and other Year 6 students at 6:10 am. When everyone had arrived, we caught the bus to Tony’s Wholesale Flowers and picked up the daffodils. After we got the flowers we drove back to school and unpacked the daffodils. We then had breakfast. It was yummy! After that we sorted the flowers into classes and year levels ready for everyone to take home.

It was such a fun morning! I feel so grateful that I could be support this day and help towards having a cancer free future. I am so proud of our school. We raised over $400 for this very important cause.

Imogen Kopias
Service Learning Year 6 Action Team Member


New animal enclosures for the MC Science Room

We would like to thank Mr. Nick Hart, very much, for the amazing new enclosures for our Science Room. The donation from Pet Stock is much appreciated and will help lots of kids learn more about the animals that we have licenced at Scotch. The enclosures are bigger, and allow the animals to move around, as well as help us to create even better environments for the animals.

Sammy Steele
Green Team Captain


Holiday program opportunities

There are still places available at the Code Camp hosted by Scotch these coming school holidays. More details are available online at


Important Dates: Term 4

Date Event(s)
Sunday 29 September First XI Cricket Tour commences
Monday 30 September School Holiday Program commences
Tuesday 1 October Code Camp commences
Thursday 3 October Code Camp concludes
Friday 4 October First XI Cricket Tour concludes
Sunday 6 October Year 8-11 Berri Rowing Camp commences
Monday 7 October Labour Day Public Holiday
Wednesday 9 October Year 8 Berri Camp concludes
  Year 7 Rowing Camp commences
Friday 11 October Years 7, 9-11 Berri Rowing Camp concludes
  School Holiday program concludes
Monday 14 October Term 4 commences
  9@Scotch Camp 5 departs
Thursday 17 October Mitcham Campus Tour, 9.15am
  Sounds of Scotch Choral, 6.30pm
Sunday 20 October Year 11 OE Expedition departs
Tuesday 22 October Torrens Park Tour, 9am
  Performing Arts Parent Support Group meeting, 6pm
Thursday 24 October STEMNation Competition, Yrs 10/11
  Year 10 Drama Performance, 6.30pm
Friday 25 October Mitcham Campus P&F meeting, 8.45am
  Year 12 Final Assembly, 11.35am
  Year 12 Luncheon, 12.45pm
  Torrens Park Senior School House Student Presentations, 2.15pm-3.30pm
  9@Scotch Camp 5 returns
  Year 11 OE Expedition returns
Monday 28 October Year 12 Swot Vac commences
Wednesday 30 October Year 10 OE training
Friday 1 November Goose Island Maintenance Weekend departs
Sunday 3 November Goose Island Maintenance Weekend returns
Monday 4 November SACE Exams commence
Thursday 7 November Year 11 Drama Performance, 7pm
Friday 8 November Junior School Fair Day
  Years 8-12 Orientation Day
  Years 7-11 ID Photos
  Technologies and Visual Arts Exhibition, 5.30pm-7.30pm
Saturday 9 November Christmas Pageant
Monday 11 November Remembrance Day – Centennial Park
Tuesday 12 November Year 10 Exams commence
  Mitcham Campus Tour, 9.15am
Wednesday 13 November ELC tour, 9.15am
  Year 7 Immersion Day
  Torrens Park P&F meeting, 7pm
Thursday 14 November Thank You Drinks, 5.30pm
Friday 15 November Year 10 Exams conclude
Saturday 16 November Goose Island Camp 1 departs
Tuesday 19 November Year 8 Drama Performance, 12.30pm
Wednesday 20 November Goose Island Camp 1 returns
  Goose Island Camp 2 departs
Thursday 21 November Year 9 Drama Performance 6pm
  2020 Torrens Park Leaders Induction, 6.30pm
Friday 22 November White Ribbon Breakfast, 6.45am
  White Ribbon Day
  Year 7 Orientation Day
  ID Photos for visiting Year 7 students
Sunday 24 November Goose Island Camp 2 returns
  Goose Island Camp 3 departs
Monday 25 November Year 11 Exams commence
  ELC Parent Teacher Interviews, 4pm
Tuesday 26 November ELC 4yo Graduation, 5.45pm
  ELC Family Christmas Function, 6.15pm
Wednesday 27 November A Taste of Christmas, 6pm
Thursday 28 November Goose Island Camp 3 returns
  Goose Island Camp 4 departs
  Year 6 Rowing Day
  Year 7 Drama Performance 2pm
  Joint P&F AGM
  Year 11 Exams conclude
Sunday 1 December Basketball Tour departs
Monday 2 December Goose Island Camp 4 returns
  Goose Island Camp 5 departs
  ELC Fraser Transition visit, 4pm
Tuesday 3 December Junior Primary Nativity Play, 9am
Wednesday 4 December Year 11 Exams returned
  Mitcham Campus End of Year Ceremony, 9.15am
Thursday 5 December Middle School Fair Day
  Boarders High Tea
Friday 6 December Middle School End of Year Ceremony, 9am
  Middle School Term 4 concludes at 11am
  Mitcham Campus Term 4 concludes at 12 noon
  Senior School Speech Day, 1.15pm
  Goose Island Camp 5 returns
  Principal’s Graduation Dinner, 6.30pm