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Farewell the Class of 2018


21 October 2018

Farewell the Class of 2018

Farewell the Class of 2018

At the end of this week we will bid farewell to our Year 12 students in what is sure to be a poignant and moving farewell assembly.

Of course, there will be the usual celebration activities during the week. One of the highlights for me will be the reading with the Preps on Thursday morning who in turn will come to the assembly and present the medallions to signify the end of formal classes.  The next three weeks will be all about examinations and there are some tips and support strategies for parents available at School TV – check out the article in this week’s Enews.  

I was asked the other day what is it Scotch aspires to? The question came out of an observation that we often tell our community a lot about what we do but not necessarily about what we aspire to be.

As the Class of 2018 prepare for their final farewells I thought the best way to respond to the question was to look at this wonderful group of young people and measure the attainment of the aspiration through anecdote and achievements. I know each of the 104 graduands reasonably well. I also know that other staff have deeper relationships with those they work most closely with because I see this in daily interactions – it is always genuine and looking for the positive. The quality of relationship between staff and student is empowering in our community as we foster the adult to adult relationship that is vital in the development of young people. 

The Year 12 student leadership and behaviour at school has been exemplary. They are by no means perfect but not have they had to rely on rules to make them good people. 

Individuals have flourished in a range of pursuits - there are national sports people in cycling, kayaking, hockey, swimming and football. There are students who have topped the state in academic pursuits and competitions. There are amazing musicians selected for participation in state and national programs. There are passionate individuals who have become ambassadors for causes and have rallied others to fervently support the change they want to be in the world. There are the silent achievers who have faced and overcome adversity and challenges be it health, learning needs, biculturalism or living away from home. And there are those who have always just got on with the job at hand giving their best effort driven by high expectations and a healthy appetite for self-improvement.

I reflect with pride on the manners and respect that this group display to each other and others. They are good people. They are the best of Gen Z and they know how to celebrate life. They have taught us about what it’s like to be a digital native and to work in disrupted environments. 

In summary we aspire to a connected and engaged community. We are committed to our students being confident in themselves and recognising that their worth into the future will stem from their ability to contribute to the lives of others. We want our students to seek to continue to learn and to know how important relationships are in shaping that learning. We need them to live fully and love wastefully in a world of opportunity. 

As I reflect on each of our 2018 graduands I do so proudly noting that they realise and indeed extend our aspirations as a College.  I’m going to miss them, and our world is richer because they are travelling in it.


That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!