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Foundations in Resilience


11 September 2017

Foundations in Resilience

Foundations in Resilience

At 98 Years of age, Scotch College possesses a deeply storied history. Many of these stories reside in lived experiences and Founder’s Day was a celebration of our past, present and future.

At Assembly, it was a delight to hear Old Collegian Sandy Nelson speak of his years at Scotch. Coming from his supportive Loxton community to a bustling, unfamiliar boarding house, his transition to Scotch was a classic example of what Dr John Newton likes to call a ‘discomfort zone’.

Sandy’s is a story of resilience and achievement. A story of putting yourself into new and unfamiliar territory, often succeeding, sometimes failing, picking yourself up and trying again. As he regaled us with stories of Cricketing and Footballing triumphs, along with fond memories of other Scotch Legends in John Tillbrook and Jim Rosevear, it was clear that the bonds of this community played a significant role in his development.

Like many characteristics of Wellbeing, Resilience is context specific, difficult to quantify and deeply personalised. For almost 100 years, each and every student at Scotch has their own stories to tell. Many are deeply rooted in resilience and stepping outside one’s comfort zone. It’s certainly true that Resilience is a challenge to define and even more challenging to produce.

As we consider the Wellbeing needs of generations to come, we know that Resilience is hard to gain. We know that it can’t be developed without putting oneself into a situation where resilience can be built. Scotch have created a suite of initiatives and educational programs that permit students to enhance their responses to discomfort and develop resilience.

Our 9@Scotch program provides an exceptional opportunity to live independently. They budget, cook, clean and stick to a schedule as a cabin group of 3 or 4 students. I’ve heard first hand that the experience can stretch even the most robust students. This is especially true when the second week of the camp takes in some of South Australia’s most rugged and beautiful terrain at Wilpena Pound. Getting outside your comfort zone is the ideal way to achieve personal growth. I’m excited to see our students step up to the challenges and further develop into young, independent adults.

Would you take the opportunity to board in an Indian school for a semester? This is exactly the opportunity that 2 courageous Year 10 students experience each year. It can be a challenging start – though with the right supports, a positive mindset and a degree of optimalism – the challenges can be overcome. You can read about Clare and Mackenzie’s experience in the attached article.

Theoretically, we can prepare students to best negotiate the challenges they face. Our Year 7 students complete the Optimistic Kids program, which draws on elements of cognitive behavioural therapy to assist young people in identifying and changing thoughts, feeling and behaviours. Optimistic Kids looks to teach students to look for facts to back up thoughts, reduce worry, take control of their behaviours, perform under pressure, manage anger and frustration and boost self-belief. It’s the ideal preparation for the start of a student’s middle schooling years.

This week, our Year 10 students will undergo a ‘Life Design’ masterclass with professional coach Dr Laura Carocci. The session builds on the work we have completed on Mindset with our Year 10s and looks to assist students to uncover their purpose, map their future whilst considering change, challenge and failure.

Our year 11 students have just returned from Leadership Week, where they’ve been learning about what it means to set the example for the College community. Their trademark of “Make our Mark” serves to guide and define their leadership style. They’ve also been actively prepared by the Heads of House, who have been running a Strengths Coaching program with them, helping then identify strengths and how best to help themselves and their younger peers negotiate perfectionism and comparanoia, whilst promoting self-compassion and gratitude.

Social supports are critical to our Wellbeing and this Week on Thursday, our middle school students will host RUOK day. The event promises to promote authentic connections, genuine understanding and collaboration between all students – not just your immediate peer group.

As has been the case for the last 98 years, attending Scotch is an ideal avenue to develop a foundation in resilience. It is only fitting as we look to the Centenary and the 100 years to come – we’re turning to the community to co-create a Wellbeing and Sports Centre, underpinned by the ground breaking Live Well program, encompassing Years 5-9. If you haven’t already registered I encourage you to join us, shaping the way to prosperity for future generations at Scotch.

In the words of Sandy Nelson, “You only get out what you put in” and I look forward to seeing the Scotch community continue to give it’s all.

Shawn Kasbergen
Director of Student Wellbeing

That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!