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The Future of Agriculture


3 September 2020

The Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture

On Monday the 24 of August, twenty students were lucky enough to have an opportunity to attend an Ag day to talk about the future of Agriculture at Scotch. 

We had members of the school community, including current parents and old scholars, come and talk about how the program at Scotch can help prepare students for a future in Agriculture. As well as bettering the opportunities given to students at Scotch. They all have a career and/or experience in agriculture in many different areas. 

The main point of the day was that you do not have to have an agricultural background to be involved in the ag program at Scotch and pursue a career in this field and looking into the future of agriculture and how improving the Agriculture program at Scotch we can get the best opportunities to set ourselves up for an agriculture-based future.

The guest speakers were able to give us as students an insight to the broad range of careers available in agriculture and how the future of ag is changing using more technology and becoming more sustainable. We were able to engage in conversations with people who have been able to make a career in agriculture. It was very beneficial hearing different perspective to improve the future of the agriculture program here at Scotch College

- Emily Lines


On Monday this week we had a conference with many successful Agriculture related businessmen and women whether they ran their own farm, or they ran a business, or they were just very high up in an Agriculture related business. 22 students who study Agriculture across Years 10-12 attended, and contributed to discussions around Ag-related topics of Careers, Economics, Sustainability, Ethics, Agtech and Technology. 

This conference was about what we would like to change about the Ag course at Scotch and what it will look like in 10 - 20 years’ time. There were many discussions, about all the different careers paths you can follow in agriculture, and how we can make a career in agriculture in the future once we have completed school. We touched upon the subject of building a stronger relationship between “city” and “country” kids to encourage kids from the city to pursue a career in an agriculture related career. The expert panel included John Fargher, Kate McBride, David Williams, Angus Barrington-Case and Professor Tim Cavagnaro from the University of Adelaide’s Waite Campus. 

- David Mumford

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