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GAIL Conference 2018


27 July 2018

GAIL Conference 2018

GAIL Conference 2018

The 2018 GAIL Conference at Kimball Union Academy (USA) was an extremely rewarding experience for myself and every student involved as we explored this year’s theme ‘Leadership & Ethical Decision Making’. The Scotch contingent of 10 students, Mr. Albano, Ms. Kemp and Mrs. Fromholz have been on an extraordinary journey.

To prepare us for the experience the team held weekly meetings discussing the itinerary, logistics and activities that were to be undertaken. The primary goal of the group was to gain a global perspective and understanding of not only the United States but also the other schools attending the conference that came from six other countries (New Zealand, South Africa, India, Scotland, China and The United States). 

The first week of the trip was spent touring Los Angeles, Washington DC and New York. We all thoroughly enjoyed the cities and the challenges of being in another culture there were some unexpected learnings such as visible carrying of guns by people other than Police and security. Personally, I will not forget seeing a priest who could barely walk protesting peacefully in front of the White House being put in handcuffs. Seeing Wall Street was a rousing experience for me as I am fascinated by the world of finance. By the end of the tour section of the trip we had grown together and we felt like brothers and sisters – we became a family.

We arrived to Kimball Union Academy (KUA) and instantly we were warmly welcomed by their staff and students. The conference was to see various collaboration and interactions between us and 40 other students from around the world. Not only did we gain a stronger global understanding but also a further understanding of ourselves and our perspectives. KUA provided us the opportunity to tour Dartmouth College (a prestigious Ivy League College) which was incredibly interesting. Beyond the friendships gained during the week, we gained and developed the soft skills needed for the work of the future in workshops and understandings of working environments that we visited. We grappled with the scope of our personal ethics and saw that not only individuals, but different cultures have distinctive ethical guidelines. Scotchies led in the discussions and displayed the true colours of Scotch College learning and making mistakes and truly enjoying the challenges placed before us.

Now upon return, we aim to promote the GAIL message throughout the younger years growing the GAIL family, and hope that they take full advantage of what the GAIL program may offer them in the upcoming years.

Samuel Subramanian

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