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Getting on with the Business of Learning


29 July 2021

Getting on with the Business of Learning

Getting on with the Business of Learning

A lockdown to start the term has been a curve ball that none of us would want, but we must play the hand we are dealt and make the most of the situation.

A “can do” attitude matters. I had the opportunity to speak to many staff as we transitioned and was heartened when, in the first conversation I had with a member of the teaching team was, “don’t worry, we got this one.” Last night I had the pleasure of reading the feedback from students about their teachers, which was compiled by College Captains Jed and Imogeone.

The teachers have been amazing at adapting to online teaching. They all arrive with positive energy and make being at home enjoyable.”

“My teachers have been incredibly supportive throughout this process, by ensuring that we have the resources to learn efficiently and effectively online. They have also been super flexible when faced with technology problems and the learning curve that comes with transitioning to online learning.”

The student reflections were also insightful: “I liked it in mentor that we could show our pets and we can eat in class!” (A habit not to be encouraged back on campus  - DB) Many were conscious of the opportunities created: “I’ve completed at least an hour of exercise every day and created a healthy schedule to follow during lockdown.”Personal achievements often reflected time spent with loved ones: “Cooking a good breakfast every morning for the fam! Exercising every day and playing card games with the fam.” I’m sure we all want this little treasure!

We were most conscious of our Year 12 students, and though anxious with uncertainty, they now know that they have a fantastic team of teachers, family and friends who will be there for them through the ups and downs of the year. Also, a big call out to all our boarding families. We loved that we could support the 57 students who opted stay on campus for this time period. I know they were well supported with additional staff in place and online academic support during prep as per the usual homework study time – one of the many great reasons to become a boarder! The kitchen staff made sure that those on campus were well looked after with scrumptious treats!

Many in our community were left feeling apprehensive about whether the musical would go ahead or not after 6 months of hard work. We have over 100 students, staff and volunteer parents working on this production and although tickets have been refunded, we are determined to get on that stage and bring Beauty and the Beast to the good people of Scotch. Your support of a possible pre-recorded online streaming of the show next weekend would be greatly appreciated. Watch your email and if we do have this opportunity, please get around our students – they deserve a gold medal! 

The student body have been so wonderful with the distancing and mask wearing expectations. They get the importance of these actions, and we continue to be grateful that we enjoy such a supportive community. Isabel Jantzen our Community SAT leader and Toby Cawson from the Media Team put together a fantastic thank you to our Frontline workers and sent this off to our inspiring SA Health leader Professor Nicola Spurrier which may be viewed at here.

Like you, I look forward to the easing of restrictions and remain feeling blessed that we live in this great state. The vaccine rollout continues apace and we are encouraging our staff to get vaccinated, so please understand that at various times in the term we may have staff on leave doing their bit to keep us all safe. The final words this week come from Year 7 student Clementine, who reflected about her teachers when learning from home.

It has been a lot of fun, but I’d rather see them in person!”  

You’ve melted our hearts! Schools are strange places without the buzz of amazing young people, and we hope that we may stay open for the remainder of the year.

Have a great weekend!