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Getting It Right


17 November 2017

Getting It Right

Getting It Right

Today I have spent time with both Year 11 and Year 9 working together on understanding and setting expectations around two key events.

For Year 11, we prepared our White Ribbon Day of Action (Fri 24 Nov) with presentations from our White Ribbon Advocate, Alex Johnston (11St), Tina Gatis (teacher), Ben Nelson (OC) and myself.  Together we aim to develop a good understanding of the complex issues associated with breaking the silence around men’s violence against women.

The students collaboratively made banners, posters, white ribbons (1300!), and collection cans. They are now ready to hit the streets of Adelaide and feel proud that they are raising awareness by being upstanding and willing to take action to address an issue that results in over 50 unnecessary deaths and the numerous devastating ripple effects of domestic and partner violence in our society. Year 11 students have also had the opportunity to explore the small actions which may happen in our school, our homes and our workplaces which may contribute to inequality between the sexes. As part of our conversations we also look at men’s violence against men and women’s violence against men… wouldn’t it be great to actually live in a perfect world?

I am hopeful that by raising consciousness and empowering our students to think and act, and to call out and support victims of violence, that they will continue to grow as good people and realise the adage of, “being the change you want to see in the world.”

Working with Year 9 was an opportunity to establish strong relationships moving forward ahead of the transition to Year 10. Key to this was acknowledging where we are now, and where we would like to be over the next three years. We explored the nature of key relationships with family, teachers and peers and how they might set themselves up for success.

We also workshopped ideas about the upcoming “summer of discontent”. This is my phrase for holidays where Year 9 and 10 students struggle with many issues. Year 9 wanting to grow up and test new boundaries around the party scene and Year 10 a little worldlier and needing to realise that it’s about their personal identity and not the group that matters, as they too explore independence and actions which define character. As parents, we may be asked to trust and accept changes about that we may not feel certain about.

Now is the time for us to support our young people by engaging in opportunities to discuss choices and actions.

Always remember the golden rules:

  • Teens listen even when they look like they’re not (they may not agree but they are listening). Talking in the car in useful (without the headphones).
  • Discuss issues and your stance via observations about other’s behaviours (not their friends!). For example, lots of topical conversation is generated on the radio or offhand observation of others.
  • It’s great to trust, but all teens will lie or omit the full facts. Do not catastrophise an issue when it happens. A steady and firm approach serves us well. It is often useful to check in with the friend’s parents as well – united we are strong.
  • Be alert to warning signals and remember we all have the right to say no. Teens still like boundaries – they just don’t show it.
  • You can’t win everything, but make sure that as parents you discuss and set limits. It’s easier to say, “Dad and I will have a chat and get back to you,” rather than, “ask your mother/father.” This creates a void.

I apologise if I have offended or this advice is all too obvious. I just know that over the long break our children need to explore, make good choices and take time to rejuvenate. With our support they can get it right and set themselves up well for future success.

Dr Sharp hosted 89 Year 6 students on Thursday as part of their transition into Year 7 and the start of their secondary schooling.

There were many excited faces, and the Immersion day was a great opportunity to get an authentic feel for how we do things. Thank you to the staff who assisted in this activity.

I believe we get transition right at Scotch and that is due to the efforts of many. Our students feel well supported and have a good understanding of what next. They will still be nervous come January, but they'll be aware that they will be enveloped in a community of care, and day 1 will be awesome.

Year 12 finish their exams early next week and we hold our Leadership Induction Service on Monday night. The preparations for a successful 2018 are well and truly in place as we commence the end of year routines.

Kelly and I look forward to seeing many of you at these events. Let’s finish well together and keep communication strong.

Hoping for some typical late spring weather this weekend… forever hopeful.


That's a wrap on Term 4 and 2019! Enjoy the summer break and have a happy and safe Christmas!