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Global Issues, Local Actions


19 June 2020

Global Issues, Local Actions

Global Issues, Local Actions

With one week to go for Term 2 it seems that for many aspects of campus life that it is business as usual and indeed it is in many regards. The one constant that does not change in our environment is the importance of advocacy and action from our students around matters of importance.

Last week Mathew Guerin our Sustainability Action Team leader hosting a range of activities to promote awareness and actions around sustainability. This included recycling plastic containers and planting activities, visiting the farm to get to know the sheep, clothes swap and organising the big emu parade to tidy up the grounds of TPC. Unfortunately it was needed and student diligence about picking up after themselves has greatly improved this week. 

Today in our student led assemblies we were reminded of the power of empathy and responsibility that we have to ensure that we challenge norms. Ben Weirsma and Isaac Gosling Heysen our Global Action Team leaders put together a comprehensive program to explore several key themes for action to remind us that even though the recent months have been about locking down now more than ever it is about opening up and questioning how we view the world and our relationships with others.

Winter Birkett and Emily Davies provided a commentary on the Black Lives Matter movement and how it is revealing inherent bias and disadvantage for Black Americans. Yalari Captain Chey Baker gave a powerful insight into indigenous deaths in custody and systemic racism and a thought-provoking challenge to question and understand that the conversation is not yet done noting that once the trending on instagram ends there will still be the need for action and awareness.  

We also had brief presentations on Refugee Week with over 130 students opting for a Syrian Refugee week meal at lunch instead of their usual fare. 

Increased Family and Domestic Violence has been a disturbing trend in lockdown and today students were able to wear a touch of purple to acknowledge that we do not condone behaviour which means others are mistreated or feel vulnerable.

Finally, our International Captains Yitian Chen and Lily Wu presented their perspective on the life of International students at Scotch. They noted that eight of our students are still overseas in China and Thailand and that it would be great if students could get around them during class time. Sandra Wu played a beautiful piece on her Ruan – a Chinese traditional guitar – most students will not have seen the instrument or heard it played and we were privileged to see this performance. Yotian and Lily hosted a chopstick challenge with staff versus students. India Wilson won the Senior School and Mr Hay won the Middle School competition, each taking the coveted prize of a Chinese bookmark home. 

A seemingly loose collection of actions, awareness raising and activism brought together by the concept of Global education. Global issue – Local action. It was great to have students assume the leadership and use their agency to present on the ideas that matter to them! 

Over the last two weeks we held trials for winter sports. Our Netball, Soccer and Hockey teams are looking good to go. This weekend the final trials for Basketball and Football will be happening. We will be welcoming parents back to the sidelines come Term 3.

This coming week we have the Performing Arts show and tell celebration on Tuesday afternoon.

Years 10 and 11 will be having exams – so no excuse for them not to be studying hard on this wet weekend!  

The students have been working hard and most assignments are in. We will finish well I am sure.

Thanks for your support this term together we have made all the difference. 


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