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Holly Designs for every man and their dog


18 September 2019

Holly Designs for every man and their dog

Holly Designs for every man and their dog

A Scotch College student’s daring design for dog walkers and their canine friends has earned her a national award.

Holly Hyde, 16, was the national Year 11 Wool4School competition winner after her weighted garments – aimed to reduced strees and anxiety – impressed judges.

Holly, of Netherby, decided to include glass microbeads – which provided the weight without bulk – into her design, which had to contain at least 80 per cent wool and have a strong focus on technology.

“When I was younger, I always wanted to be a dog walker so that inspired me but I was interested in the science behind it as well,” Holly says.

“My main idea was including the glass microbeads which help with reducing anxiety for both humans and dogs by weighting the garment.

I wanted to hit the market with mental health and talking about embracing advanced technology.”

It was her fifth year entering the competition, and Holly wanted to wow the judges with a unique garment. Holly’s design included a bum bag and moulded-wool sneakers to match the weighted dog and human jackets.

The jackets also include an integrated GPS system to help direct the dog walker. 

“This competition has been an eye-opener for me because it’s really shown me that I love so much more than just the fashion side of it,” Holly says.

“I love coming up with those concepts and designs and being smart with fashion.”

As the Year 11 winner, Holly will undertake a week-long internship in Sydney with fashion designer Dion Lee. She also won $1000 cash and a new sewing machine. 

Holly says she is excited to observe the design process and learn more about the industry during her internship.

“I’m definitely interested in fashion but I’m most interested in the design aspect and considering who you’re designing for,” she says.

“I love design and writing so I’d really like to get into graphic design or even working for a magazine one day.”


-- Original article by Kaysee Miller appeared in The Messenger, Wed 4 September 2019. Photo: AAP/ROY VANDERVEGT