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International Mindedness


24 August 2018

International Mindedness

International Mindedness

At this week’s assembly Scotch focused on the theme of International Mindedness. This idea builds on, and is supportive of, the Global Responsibility pillar of the Live Well Programme.

This assembly had two goals. Firstly, to celebrate the numerous things Scotch College does well on an international scale. We celebrate another successful GAIL conference, this time in the United States, where our students once again reinforced the idea that Scotch College is the driving force behind Global curriculum and service learning projects. Our nine students represented the school with pride. We celebrate the ongoing Year 10 exchange with our GAIL partner school Woodstock. We listened to a message from our current students in India as well as a message from the Woodstock students we are currently hosting here. We celebrate the great work that Tracy Wallace and Shannon Davey have done with our service learning experience in Laos. We celebrate the increasingly multicultural growth of Scotch College as a school welcoming students from all over the world. We celebrate our Scottish heritage with another outstanding performance from our Caledonian Corps.

But we know we cannot rest on our current and past accomplishments alone. The second, and just as important goal of the assembly, is educating our students about some important current issues on an international scale that require our immediate attention. We were lucky enough to have had Jess Louise, from Doctors Without Borders, speak to our students about her experiences in Syria as well as two representatives from Welcome to Australia who spoke about the importance of their organisation while encouraging our students to get behind the “Walk Together” campaign.

There is no better way to end an assembly than providing good food. Along the theme of International Mindedness students welcomed three food trucks – all with different cultural cuisine choices – to the College.

What a great assembly to both celebrate our wonderful achievements and explore new possibilities and opportunities.

Shawn Kasbergen

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