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It's all about the journey


3 April 2020

It's all about the journey

It's all about the journey

When I was younger, I had no idea what I wanted to be… correction… I had no idea what I could be.

I lived in a small rural community of about 150 people on a farm 45 minutes from the nearest regional town in northern NSW. My bus trip to school was 85 minutes meaning that in the middle of winter I left home in the dark and arrived home in the dark. Some may argue I’m always in the dark (but I digress!) 

It would be fair to say that I had a fairly limited view of the opportunities in the world and so it seemed only a natural thing to do was to move into teaching. A career that would let me grow as a person, had great holidays and the opportunity to travel. I saw my ticket out of town and it was an easy decision to make because as much as I loved the farm being a farmer was never my life ambition – that and it would inevitably have to be divided between 4!

What a momentous decision this was to be. Life seemed relatively simple then and basically it was because the choices you made were pretty unrestrained. Sure, the world was changing but we had the freedom to explore it to our hearts (or wallet’s) content! Although I never wandered to far from the land down under it was easy to find so many amazing experiences and opportunities. Becoming a teacher enabled my drive for adventure. And the adventure was not restricted to my travels it was actually the challenging and rewarding experience of working with young people.

I honestly view each day as a great journey and a privilege – though I suspect some at home may be finding that not quite there thing right now! 

In my career I have had 18 different roles across 6 schools. I have, seen a lot, learnt a lot and I remain open to the curve balls and fun that come with the gig. 

Through all of this the most important thing has been the people. It’s not about the problem it’s always about the way forward. 

Change continues apace into the foreseeable future in what has already been an extraordinary term. Yet it has been the words, the thoughts, the actions of the people in our community that have meant the most to make it all doable. TPC teachers got off the phones after Parent/Teacher nights with renewed enthusiasm and knowing that their hard work was not going unrecognised. Our admin teams have been working hard behind scenes to support and help us transition to a different way of doing things. The constant has been the kids – resilient, engaged (mostly) and just getting on with it. They get it. It’s not easy but it will come to an end and we will have all been on an adventure and we will all have grown in amazing ways. For me I’m not sure about the extra inches around the girth, but I am sure about the ability of the Scotchies to make it all worthwhile.  A huge bouquet to all TPC families and staff. 

We will finish the term well and I can’t wait to share with you the exciting initiatives associated with Scotch ConnectED as we prepare for Term 2. 

Take care.


Old Collegian James Lines joined us recently as a guest speaker with the Year 10 Agriculture class, discussing ewe