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It's a Wrap!


29 November 2019

It's a Wrap!

It's a Wrap!

What an amazing year we have had on Torrens Park Campus and what an incredible journey it has been for our students. Scotch is a dream machine and the land of opportunity. I sometimes feel like I’m in a movie where the plot twists and turns come apace. Always intriguing and never dull. A recount of the year for the Campus will be captured in the Cluaran and so this article will highlight three simple life lessons.

Firstly, understand what it is to be nice to yourself.

I know it sounds cliched but how do many of us actually understand what this incorporates? The definition I arrived at during my Long Service Leave at the end of Term 2 was simply this:

Stop, pause, reflect and declutter your mind. Once you give yourself permission to do this, you then have the capacity to start appreciating what it is you bring to the table of life. The beliefs, the attitudes and ways of being which are the very essence of you. Take them and let them grow, let your true inner self shine. Follow your motivators and pursue the things that give you flow. Stop the charades and be vulnerable to the world. You will soon find hitting the reset button enables you to once again enter the foray of life with renewed purpose and mission. Be kind to yourself because if you rely on others for that you are missing the opportunities of this one precious life.

Secondly, we each want the best for this community.

Sure, we can be disgruntled, we can have the odd spat and we might find ourselves at odds with each other. But that to me is a healthy relationship because inevitably at Scotch we do work it through, we do challenge ourselves to want the very best. We are an expectations school. Our expectations are high and more often than not we achieve and exceed them. Why? Because we care enough to care. There is no room for “them and us” at Scotch there is only “us”.

Finally, learning is the elixir of life.

Find the teachable moments and draw upon the learning that helps you take the next bold step. Don’t hold back. Don’t wait for others to invite you into the moment – create the moment. Working with adolescents and young adults is truly a blessing. I do not fear for the next generations - I am in awe of the world they will create. I see their potential every day as they explore the boundaries of learning. We just need to make sure that we don’t stuff it up for them. At Scotch we can have the “bubble” as long as we know that within that soft cocoon, we are nurturing and empowering our students to continue the quest for what it is to lead a great life. 

Over the break I hope you have the opportunity to contemplate your life lessons and to share them with those that matter. In the spirit of Christmas let us all find the opportunity to be kind to ourselves, care for those who need our love and support, and be open to the opportunity to learn something new with those very special young people in our lives.

I look forward to seeing you all at the various events next week. We are finishing on a crescendo – get around it!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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