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Keeping You In The Loop


28 February 2019

Keeping You In The Loop

Keeping You In The Loop

Our aim is to give Scotch College students the most sophisticated preparation for their lives beyond school that any school can offer.

We have a unique reputation not just for the warmth of our community, the success of our academic results and the breadth of our co-curricular life, but for the relevance of our offer to world needs and phenomena. Our history of innovation and of being one step ahead in terms of educational provision have inspired us to make the most of our current strong position and Centenary. We are taking up that challenge with both infrastructure and program developments that will move us to another level of community and educational impact.

In the coming weeks, we shall formally commence the planning approval process for the Wellbeing and Sports Centre (or WSC – a working title). This is in addition to plans that we have recently submitted to Mitcham Council for an improved maintenance facility and the redevelopment of our East Lane entrance and car parking. Before the WSC submission, I intend to engage in discussion with our community and neighbours as part of an informal pre-submission consultation process.

However it is important that you as our parents are aware of these developments before the public. Therefore in short, what we hope to present to the planners is:

  • An improvement to vehicle access, car parking and pedestrian safety at the  east end of the Torrens Park Campus as well as improvements to the Muggs Hill Road entrance to the Junior School and the linkage between the two campuses.
  • Creation of a modern Agriculture Precinct including replacement of current old buildings and improved pedestrian access and connectivity from different parts of the College. (This includes the Future Farm Skills Centre funded by the last two Annual Appeals).
  • The Wellbeing and Sports Centre with its aspiration not just to replace old with new, but to replace old with bold and different. It will include:
    • Two indoor courts (to replace the one we have already)
    • Learn to swim pool and 25 metre pool (our current pool is end of life)
    • Renewed outdoor courts
    • Small gym and fitness suite
    • Teaching and presentation facilities for our Wellbeing program
    • Consultation, break out, conference, function rooms plus meditation spaces
    • Medical facilities (school nurse)
    • Café / canteen
    • Car parking
    • Outdoor auditorium and gathering spaces for our students

The eastern half of the Torrens Park Campus and the entrance to the Junior School is therefore proposed be transformed over the coming years. The facilities will not just increase, for both Junior and Senior School students, what we offer in terms of sport. They will enable us to take to another level the Live Well Programme (offered from Year 5 upwards) which is already in its second year of delivery. They will also enable us to provide student services that reflect the growing needs of our young people as they face the challenges of their future lives.

You will hear much more detail from us about our plans. For now, I leave you with an overview document of the campus as we hope it to be, and the graphic that describes the detail of the Live Well Programme (see below). If you have any questions, you are most welcome to ask them.

Dr John Newton

Sometimes in the archives, you unearth some gems and learn about what our OCs are doing now! Scotchies of the 2004